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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...


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More Ember! This is perfect!

Ember: *Comes back for more*


There be more shrill, terrified screaming :trollestia:

Hmmm, who could the black and yellow coloration belong to then? Has to be flier of some sort.

I'm going to guess griffon.

That pic along side that description had me double check the tags just to make sure a "Dark" tag did not get added. Worried me for a second. :P

Yay, more Ember:moustache:. And Bugbutt is on the move too:yay:. I wonder who or what finds Anon next? Just have to wait....:pinkiesmile:

I assume the pendulum has started its return journey, and we're going to see a lot of familiar vaginas faces before ending up inside the candy horse. :trollestia:

Oh, just when I think Leech has no surprises left...BAM!

As he rested a hand on her shoulder, peeing up at her face, something peculiar caught his eye.

Didn't see that tag for this story. :derpytongue2:

Oh god, anon! You just started a war!

Darn Anon's hyperactive bladder - to be fair, and to quote Star-Lord, "There's a little pee coming out of me right now"

Fixed the typo, btw

“That’s my hyu-man, you slutty salamander!” Chrysalis blared, coming alongside them.

A war between dominatrixes? I would laugh so much if it ends up in threesome.

Time for some daring do I see

*whip crack*

START A NUCLEAR WAR :trollestia:

Saw the cover image here and looked up the artist thinking.

Oh hey this looks real nice. Yeah that Ember is really good I like the color and the oersoective being centered on her tail makes sense in proportions

Then I saw the rest of their work and I was like, gross.

Oh well still mans gots skillz

You've actually got me wanting Anon and Ember to be a thing

My first thought upon reading the description and seeing the cover image is: Yes, that is how I want to die.:rainbowdetermined2:

All things considered, there are definitely worse ways to go XD

That ending...Lightning dust???

So is Discord just screwing with Anon or?

I thought it was daring do myself.

The title reminds me of a song from a singer called Voltaire.

I'm here for the plot

Anon dastardly adventures continues. In a world where sex is an entirely new thing and every creature seem to spawn from a couple only with love. Uh... "the reproduction by love" would explain why Equestria is so...colorful, love is magic after all. The changelings steal the love from others, to feed but also reproduce? Is that why, now that they are "reformed", they now behave like everyone else? Kirin is a union between dragons and ponies. Once upon a time a pony and a dragon loved each other and then *poof* the dragon laid the egg or the pony spawned the kirin and the rest is history. Same thing with Hippogriff is Griffon and Sea Ponies, probably.

It makes you think... what sort of abomination equus can spawn simply by loving one another?

I think the beings on in this world are learning to be... fond, of Anon's approach.:pinkiecrazy:

This was a beyond awesomly wild.

>It makes you think... what sort of abomination equus can spawn simply by loving one another?

*looks sideways at Discord*
"Who knows pal, who knows"

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! I wanna read more!

I love these! Ember was amazing❤

Autumn be like "who stole my tub?!?"

Black and yellow.... hm...

Oh the story that will come from the next chapter will either be epic or Anon will have to really bargain extremely well to deal with Daring Do!

I absolutely dig deadly domineering dragons, that deems dick delightful.

Verily the vehement vengeance of a vexed virago is as vivacious as it is invigorating!

probably why the no sex curse exist in the first place.

Lol based on that ending i think his life on the run will soon coming to an end. If both Ember and Chryssy found him again. Soon the ponies and I think Gilda are close behind and does that also mean Rain Shine is going to seek him out again too?

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