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Don't think I've ever been this early for a new story.

She's hot off the digital presses!

I really loved this one!

That was incredibly fluffy, even the sex scenes were fluffy

Wow, I am loving this first chapter; a fun and gentle beginning that leads you nicely to the more saucy and juicy chapters afterwards.

I was wondering why this fic seemed of such high quality for horse fucking. Well done leech

I think Celestia inadvertently channeled her inner Aladdin for a moment there. ;)

aww you cut the photo off, poo. grin i have the full version. :trollestia: :facehoof:

Can't have NSFW cover's, my dude.
I would if I could, but I can't so I won't :trollestia:

Hot damn, there are few porn stories I’ll put into my favorite’s folder but this is one of them, the scenes are perfect and the fluff was awe inspiring, I’d be fine with this as a series even if theirs no more sex if only because you’ve fleshed out the relationship so much I cant help but want to read more about it, especially as it develops between the two even more

I love stories like this, a pony and a human exploring the bond between rider and steed. The relationship between the two is very well done as well. It would be fine as a standalone piece or as part of a seiries exploring thier relationship further, maybe have them become parents.

As soon as I encountered that image, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Comment posted by Auron Solaris deleted Apr 23rd, 2020

Very well done story, left me both wanting more and the tenderness and setup to feeling, everything was a part of the story and the whole. The clop was well done and the story enriched it to new hights.

I wish you would continue this story and see where it might lead. There is a severe lack of stories with Celestia as an main character.
You seem extremely capable of delivering a very detailed story and props to you and your skill. Heck at some point there could be some more Clop stories with some magic involved in the mix.

Would love to see this expanded so much. Heck even him becoming a stallion for her to join her fully and raise a family. I have been searching for some such stories for a while.

Definitely a story that earned its upvotes. I enjoyed the fact that you kept it short, sweet and believably paced. It's leagues ahead of the fics that stretch their sex scenes to the point where believability goes out the window.

Wonderful job all around!

I commissioned Etheross just for this story.
I don't do it often but sometimes I'll buy custom art for my stuff. Having art to go with a fic is like having peanut butter with jelly.

I was thinking Falkor the luck dragon.

Over the sound of his paramour’s heavy breathing, a steady Plap Plap Plap filled the air.


🎵 I can show you the sun
🎵 Glorious, succulent, tempting
🎵 Tell me, human, when did you last let your loins decide
🎵 I can undo your pants
🎵 Show you wonders down under
🎵 On my back or perhaps side
🎵 Won't you give this horse a ride?

Okay ! I was expecting the story to show up. Was not disapointed ! I havn't read all of your stories Leech but, I can tell this one is very well written ! Sex aside even the backstory felt good to me, especially "the flying scene". As a kinky man, I was expecting something a bit more sinful especially with the great pic you asked from etheross, but that's just me. Great story it is on par with anonymous pegasus

I gotta produce some good 'ol vanilla clop every so often.
Can't have all my stuff being exceptionally depraved and/or kinky! :trollestia:

This was lovely. Good job.

Hehe, a mare and her man. The press will be on uproar!

Considering the cover art and your reputation Leach, I was expecting... I don't know? Something kinky? But instead, I got some sweet, sweet, vanilla love'n for my favorite princess. I am not disappointed. Thumbs up, this is an instant favorite for me.

Will there be a sequel? It would seriously be a shame for all that lovely tack to just sit around gathering dust, especially after Celesia looked so lovely wearing it. Maybe delve into some light bondage or other bedroom curiosity while still keeping things vanilla?

I patiently await the 2-4 follow up "sequel" stories

Am I really that infamous for kinky stuff? :fluttershyouch:

Oh riding princesses is tight

Of course they are!
Writing this was super easy, barely an inconvenience!

That looking away at the end kinda diminished the impact

That flying scene was beautifully written.

I want to be mad, but I laughed and now I'm even more mad.

Contrary to all of the wild speculation, I can write non-lewd goodness =w=

Dude, you are beyond all Chads.

“ Knight ,” Celestia repeated, as if testing the word. “Well then, since I have no doubt that you’d leap to my defense, I may have to give you a new title, my little knight …”

I'm not too sure the title works as well when the loyal steed ridden in service of royalty is also the royalty served. Oh well, it's framed as a foreign word and concept, so it's free to be defined however.

Thank you!
I try to write stuff that everyone can enjoy, publishing stories every week, so I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” she sighed, remembering how small the capital had one been - what felt like eons ago.

“One been”. should be “once” presumably?

Beautifully written flight scene. It reminded me a bit of that scene in The Prisoner of Azkaban where Harry flys with Buckbeek.

That one slipped through the cracks.
Thanks for the save =w=

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