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Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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I don't have the first clue what I just read, but I enjoyed every second of it. You nailed the dissonance between her words and her tone, and Anon getting progressively more frustrated was just fun. "Dick based friendship cannon" is going to find its way into my lexicon somehow. Haven't figured out how yet, but my friends will just have to suffer until I do.

This was well done!! Can't wait for more stories!

Ha, this was sweet!

“Anon I need your help it’s an emergency!”


“Maud? The one that lives in a cave like a bat and is friends with that commie terrorist?”
“Starlight isn’t a terrorist, Nonners.”
“She absolutely is.


This is what I wish the show was more like.

Unfortunately? Maud Pie is great. Not as great as Limestone, but still great.

The following comment is sarcastic and just poking fun.
I liked the clop but you really dropped the ball in the writing department. You introduced a Chekhov's gun (Maud saying that you can fuck an earth pony mare intensely and they'll come right back and ask for more) and there wasn't even an epilogue of Anon relaxing again in his lazy boy the next day before there was a loud crash and it turns out to be Maud doing the very thing she claims earth pony mares do. The story also didn't follow up what happens to Maud afterwards and if she even feels better after having the best sexual encounter of her life.

You could have not only have had her thank anon for feeling better but her going back to Mud Briar and them getting back together. Explaining that she expects and hopes that he can occasionally fuck her whenever she needs the hard poundings she craves. I really hope you take these suggestions and think about them in the future when writing stories. -end of joke post-
But for real though good job. I liked reading that.

I loved the story but also agree with your points about this needing followup.

This. THis right here. I would love a follow-up chapter or even a just an epilogue with a similar event. Please and thank you.


This but not sarcastic.

More please

pony cannot hope to match human stamina

That human must be Colby Covington. Raw American steel and twisted sex appeal. Pornstar cardio, baby!

Oh no, Maud looks so sad in that cover picture. I just wanna give a pony a hug :3

“I swear to god if this is like when you asked me to help with that Saddle Arabian queen I’m gonna--”

We need this story now...

Or even a 'friendship problem dick-cannon' story where you couple many oneshots similar to this together...

I honestly laughed at each joke Maud made, and then laughed more when she explained them to Anon since he was sitting there like a rock.

I like this representation of Maud Pie very much.

This was really cute, I know it's a one-shot and I may be the only one thinking this, but I wouldn't mind a follow up to this. Also, to hear more of Mauds Superiority fetishings.

He made her squeak!! Imagine that amount of pleasure on one who more expressive!

So awesome, an extremely well captured Maud!


As always when it comes to your fics, it was amazing. Can’t wait for your next big project.

Hah, that deadpan-but-doubtless-ecstatic call for "Anon"!
That's a real blast from the past.

And your Pinkie was very Pinkie.
Good read.

“I swear to god if this is like when you asked me to help with that Saddle Arabian queen I’m gonna--”

This sounds like a funny sidestory.

What an interesting story. Who knew Maud had that kind of sexual side to her. Keep up your wonderful writing on future stories.

Another great little one-shot.

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