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Now that's a wholesome sequel.

Debating making more little shorts to chronicle their relationship. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I hadn't initially intended for this to be a series but, as I've worked on it, I've grown more and more fond of these two.

Hot, funny, and cute...that’s all I’m gonna say:heart:.

“You’re being a bit of a cunt and it’s none of your damn business what Redheart does in her spare time so kindly piss off,”

Well fuck me sideways with a rusty fire pole... I did not see that coming. :rainbowlaugh:

All in all, a great little sequel—well done. Definitely deserving of an upvote. :rainbowkiss:

I'd say it might be worth a try if you enjoy writing these characters.

I always have enjoyed Redheart ever since I read little big pony. Comes off as one of the sexier mares, especially with that picture as a helpful guide. This is a great pair of stories, and delightful and wonderful. Thoroughly enjoying these two. And I'd be all for any sort of series you might do. You're one of the best clop writers on this site(not to mention one of the best writers, period), and anything you do more serious and intensive would be totally welcome.

As long as there is still some wonderful wonderful kinky sex(or even vanilla, who am I kidding) involved, I'm going to keep reading your work.

If you enjoy writing about them, then i'd say go for it. I've enjoyed both these shorts so far. So I'm bound to check any future ones:twilightsmile:

This site needs more Redheart love.

AJFox #9 · May 24th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Nice, but the fact Berry just gets away with all that shit is annoying. Physically assaulting someone, insulting their species, then sexually exposing themselves? At the least they should've been arrested.

I wish there would be more, I'm not even asking for you to make a full fledged series but snippets like this. Seeing them from time to time, to watch how far they've developed as a couple.

I don't typically read all of the Redheart stories, mostly because they're very cliche. But this one was different, I actually had to stop myself from smiling too much sometimes. What you made here was definitely a masterpiece.

If you're looking at the comments to rate the story, go read the fuckin' story mate. It's not gonna kill ya.

Maybe all she really wants is someone to talk to...

Well she was drunk and ponies are very friendly, I wouldn't be surprise that tomorrow morning she will sober up and rush to her house in order to apologies for her action and with a blush, for exposing herself.

For the looks of things maybe she is jealous and hurt because her colt friend might had or cheat on her, or break out with her

Well blank flank maybe its just a story

I hope you make more of these. you have quite the talent for it. love both of them by the way.

This is good, although I'm not sure why the fetish tag was put there because at most the sex is slightly kinky.

Nice work. Your style is easy to read, as everything just flows smoothly from one scene to the next.

Thank you for posting.

Thanks! I really do try to make my shit flow well and, most importantly, make sense. Hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of my works or at least the ones in line with your tastes!

Would you have any tips on Writing? I'm currently writing a story (taking a break due to reasons) and I'm wondering if you'd have any advice on writing a specific thing...details to be precise. Is it always necessary in a new area or is it just like 'Write it when you feel like it'?

Well, another sequel would be nice. Specifically on the romance angle. Sex is nice, but I'd like to see them getting along without bringing sex into it, and more fluff.

Though this one wasn't as well made as the original, I think. I recall a line or two being messed up, and the wrong word being used here and there, as if spellcheck and/or a thesaurus was improperly used. Still, like I said, another sequel wouldn't go amiss.

I'm honestly giving more and more thought to making these two a running series of shorts.
At a clopsmith it would behoove me to include some smut, if only a pinch. It's kinda my kick although, I will admit, I might just make a few cutesy ones just for the hell of it.
Thanks for the input!

Well, I didn't say no clop, just more emphasis on the romance ^_~ Like, say a 20K word story with maybe 3K words of it being clop or something? That sort of ratio.

D'aww, this is just plain cute. Great writing there mate!

Thanks! I'll more than likely make more of these so hopefully you'll stick around ^^

Oh I will, definitely.

You should make this into a full story clop and all. I really hope you make another story can't wait to read what happens next too.

“Oh please ,” Redheart facehoofed, “it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Now come on, be a good patient.”

Uh...only human in Equestria???

She's seen it previously, in the prior story with the two. :trollestia:

Hmm figured...
Still seems a bit like a cause of habit.
Used day in and out to calm patience

Well, bear in mind, she is also a medical profession and, as such, is used to dealing with stallions who have reservations of a cute mare inspecting their bodies. :raritywink:

So is anon gonna get rabies? since they didn't clean the wound properly? :ajsleepy:

Fortunately none of the ponies have rabies. That we know of


That was a heartwarming ending.

This is really good. I do hope you continue this.


So is anon gonna get rabies? since they didn't clean the wound properly?:ajsleepy:


Fortunately none of the ponies have rabies.That we know of

The thing I would like to know is, will Redheart have babies? I hope the answer is yes! Eventually, of course.:pinkiehappy:

And, thus, Anon and Redheard sired an army of Centaurs which conquered Equestria

Read this story with My Snowy Mare (Scraton) playing in the background.

Short but pretty well written! :twilightsmile:

Very good read. Great follow up from 'Scratch and Sniff'. Is there a chance for a continuation?

There may be one in the works. Just gotta wait for all the pieces to rattle into place! :yay:

Holy shit. Leech you're alive. I legit thought you had died, good to see SnS got a sequel. Keep at it man

When did I die again? My good lad/lass, I've been dead inside since time immemorial!
I've been putting out work every week to quell the seething masses!
in best meme voice
Smash that like and subscribe button!

I have no idea when you died. I kept checking feed but you wouldn't show up, I'm still glad to see you

Well, you know, you could hit that follow button. That way you won't miss any of my awful and nonsensical scribblings captivating stories of intrigue and suspense!!!



I really do try to make my shit flow well


Got to love all the details in your storys :rainbowkiss: Damn fine work :raritywink:

Probably? Honestly, I've been trying to settle on an idea for it

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