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I draw smut, and I code stuffs, I am not good at writing stories so don't expect much (if any) literature from me :Y


Hello, I am ZippySqrl.
I am not a writer, but in time I might have a go at writing something maybe probably.

I may not write, but I art! You can find my art by googling my username.
I'm also a game designer, programmer, Animator, 3D modeller, and other things, but that's another story.

Favourite pony is The Great And Powerful Trixie

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it's explained numerous times in the comments of the story.

Hello there I just finished reading Can you give me a sign and now I'm trying to find the artwork for it but am unable to could you help me please and love your art by the way

Comment posted by iloveportalz0r deleted Jan 15th, 2015

You. You are the one I find when searching rule34, right? If so, I love you.

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