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    Sign has had a really tough month. Since she and Charcoal hooked up with Anon, school, schedules, and princesses have kept her and the human from hooking up. She won't be able to take much more of that: don't stand between a horny mare and her stud!
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I wish there were more fic with these OCs.

>no romance tag

I'm surprised you did a college students clop but not another milf one like you did with windy. Oh well maybe in the future. Like with fluttershy's mom.

I want more of these two

Whew 💦💦💦
Lets see if i can draw something from this

One tiiiny detail, charcoal is a pegasus, her wings are just inside the hoodie

Oh wow, you had fun at the end there.

That was a lovely read for sure. Ironically, I enjoyed the build-up more than the actual smut, but it was a pleasure to read regardless. Good job!

Also what 8920291 said.
I might just be tempted to write something of my own one of these days.

Oh? owo
If you do, their fetish is public exhibitionism.

Not so tiny! I'll fix that up.

Would very much like a sequel. Perhaps one where they're dating and they meet Celestia.

The myth and legend returns with some gold.

I gotta say, i love these characters- Sign in particular was something i don’t see pretty much ever in concept.

I would also like t’see a sequel if it could happen.

Woah. This is a lot better than the one I'm writing. xD You did great! :rainbowkiss:

Thanks, I actually kinda created her by accident, thanks to PonyTown. She was originally just a literal ponification of the wooden sign in the center of the map.
Her development was gradual over a few weeks or so, she wasn't originally a unicorn, mute or able to do the writing thing. The first change was making her a unicorn (master race), after which came the writing ability. It took a little while for me to decide whether to make her completely mute or not, but it gives her a good excuse to do the writing thing, so it fit. Her personality is still being developed, and I've an ask blog for her that I try to update once in a while.

The writing ability isn't really a new or unique concept, there have been movies where people have been able to manipulate tattoos on their own body and people they touch, and there's one pony OC who is mute because shes' an animated doll, and communicates via a whiteboard and marker, known as "Raggie". Neither of these were considered during Sign's conceptualisation though, I was reminded of them after-the-fact.

Overall, I'd say she turned out quite well, I'm glad people like her.
(fun fact, her cutie mark isn't a real cutie mark, its just illegible scribbles she puts there when not using the space for anything else, same with her freckles)

Ç͓̖̖͕̦̻U̳͉͚͈͈M̷̖̱ ͈͔̟̩̞I̷͍͉N͖S̭̤͖̖̣I̟̟̻ͅD͠Ḙ̷…. M̙̻͟E̤͎̟̮͞ ̮̲͔̺̤̟F́I̮̣̰̩͕̫L͙̫L̗̪̘̬ ̮̺͙̬̗͍M̪̫͈͇̱ͅE̫̮̣̰̳̞ ͇̞͈͓̪̠͍U̞̮̜̟̟P̧̣̲ͅ/b]

Seems there is /b] after UP. Other than that, whew, it's was awesome one shot.

Thanks tank! I fixed that and also the bit about charcoal being a pegasus.

As I mentioned, it was very lightly edited.

University pussy is always hot! Great job!:moustache:

Hey Clopfic, really liked the piece and there's some decent writing here, but I just felt like you missed an opportunity for a really interesting series here. There's a wealth of questions that come with a pony with such a strange ability, and I feel like if you had delved further into the questions that I'm sure we all were asking as we read this, it could lead to something with a little more substance (not that there's anything wrong with clip, mind you).

In any case, I enjoyed it for what it is and hope to see what else you have in store for us

I wouldn't say that's CFITC's job, that's kinda what the ask-sign tumblr is for (nsfw)(asksign dot tumblr dot com).
People have asked many questions about her abilities, and I'm working on answering those questions, developing her character and giving her a backstory and such.

He's welcome to write more stories involving sign though :^)

Gotta say I Iike her!
Clops did great portraying a new character. She strikes me as sassy, but also very caring. She definitely doesn’t let her inability to vocalise hold her back.

I will say I kinda wished she could vocalise, even grunts and whines, letting the reader (at least in this scenario) know he was pleasing her. Not every female clenches up on her lover. But, that’s just me, Clops.:raritywink:

Well of course it's not "his job", he can do whatever he wants in the end, he's the writer. I was just making a comment on how much more susbtance this piece could have contained if he had in fact explored such avenues. I also didn't read the comments before posting so I didn't know the character was yours and had an actual blog dedicated to it. A lot of authors here on fimfic use images from the net and create their own characters based on those images, so my assumption was that he had done so.

I apologize if I came off in any other way other than a friendly pointer to new paths.

He had put it on hiatus while working on the other stories, and the idea ended up getting rather stale for him, as things that get put on hiatus tend to do. Newer, fresher ideas always take precedence...

Had he not been working on other stuff, it likely would have had a fair bit more.

That's fair, I've been in similar positions many a time. I'm not shitting on the piece or the author, honest.

Who knew Zalgo could be sexy as hell?


Thanks for the feedback! You're right that there is a LOT of interesting exploring that could be done with Sign, both for her character and her talent. There's a bunch that could be done with Charcoal too!

As I mentionedvin the a/n 5his was always gonna be a shortfic.

Zippy, I had actually put this project aside with a lot of the other work I was doing. I had sketched out the idea in my head, but had so many others that I was about to shelve it...

When I told Perppe this the other night on Shino's stream though, he was SO nice and good-natured about it that I changed my mind instantly - I didn't want to let such a nice person down.

So I wrote it fresh over the next two days!

This is pretty much what I wanted to do with the pic and the character, I leave the rest to you as the owner of the OC.

I would love to see more art of course!

Don't worry, I didn't feel that way at all.

Thanks Bled! The scenario was a fun one!

Hehe, I had to find some way to try to visually show in a story that her writing was corrupting (which I think is super hot, hope the artist uses that) zalgo was a great fit and I liked how it turned out.

More of these two please?

The clip was hot, but now I want to see the relationship evolve, how have you make me become emotionally invested in characters from a clip fic?!

Suddenly, she pushed you forward with her magic, a strong impulse on your behind making you almost stumble forward as the naughty unicron used her telekinesis to lign you up with her friend’s still quivering pussy.

Accidental Transformers reference, heh. Might wanna fix that spelling...

Let Charcoal get creampied in the sequel!

holy shit. by far this was, from all that ive seen this year, the most descriptive writing of 2018. please be more

This story was great. Love the concept of Sign and the way she speaks. The descriptive writing and details were top notch and I would love to see more stories with these characters, clop or not.

this is something i'd read long-term if it were to become a full blown story

that was hot, hopefully more like this are in the future?

This was cute. And lewd.

A winning combination. :rainbowkiss:

Before you lost consciousness, your last view was of a grinning Charcoal, who was still dreamily riding her sex-high, looking down at you.

“Awww… I wanted a creampie too! Well, I’ve got dibs on the next one."

Is it wrong that I want to creampie Charcoal now? :rainbowwild:

Would it be too much to ask for a continuation of this? I'd love to see how he handles life at the University now with these two mares

Normally I dont like to request sequels or demand more, as its kind of rude, however I urge you recieve permission from the OC's creator to continue writing with these characters.

I agree with Explosions above.

This was a great fic. The personalities of the two were perfectly conveyed. I really am curious as to "what happens next."

Does Princess "large butt" Celestia approve?
Will they start dating?
Will they ultimately "get along" or will Sign's forward personalty be to abrasive?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And thank you for posting.

Anon has been commanded to attend university by Celestia, so he'll make friends. She probably didn't mean for him to get quite so 'friendly' with a pair of attractive young mares, one of whom has a unique talent, and the other who is a unique beauty

Presumably adult human goes to college and knocks up a bunch of younger students without consequence. Got it.

I'm with dude3 on this, I'd like to see where this would go. This doesn't sound like a one time thing for them. great one shot though, definitely going into my favorites.

This was good. Rare to see flop like this.

I apologize for this in advance. Ahem.


If you don't mind me asking are you going to make a sequel to this or no

Easy everyone. I haven't said no sequel. It's just that I'm going to wait for the characters to catch up a little first!

Wait for Zippy and/or other writers to flesh Sign and Charcoal and friends out a bit!

I have plenty of fics on the go :)

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