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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Vaine #1 · Dec 4th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Thanks a lot, because I saw this on my feed I squeed like a prepubescent girl. At my job. Next to my boss.. Just finish the job and kill me now...

P.S. Totally worth it.

Comment posted by Clopficsinthecomments deleted Dec 4th, 2018

Haha, glad to hear it my man. As long as you don't read and uh... use the fic at work.

I'm not liable for your job loss.

The kirin speak only through blowjobs.

Yes! Finally a story that has cinder glow/summer flare in it

If this were true I would send them all back into the spring of silence immediately.

Fast forward a few years later and young Yak ventures into the nearby forest on a whim and runs into Autumn Blaze. Ironically he had been living among the mute for so long he forgot how to speak.

Nice read, keep it up.


LOL, of course not. I just read these for the articles.

But in all seriousness I just have a lot of fun reading your stories, even the bits that aren't steamy. You're one of the few writers on this site I can count on to write something worth reading. So thanks.

And also twin foals following along beside her with suspiciously familiar mane coloration.

Awww, thanks a lot dude, that means a ton to me! Comments like these are why I write!

I have decided to keep the location and nature of the Kirin village a secret, at least until I am able to return next summer.

Greedy bastard...

I know, right!? Good thing applejack and fluttershy will reveal the location in the meantime.

I giggle because I knew exactly which picture this was based off before even looking at the link.

Though I almost wanted you to reference the other picture too On head technique (SFW)

But how do they talk?
Come on I gotta know!

Dear Professor Yak Hoofteau

The council has been making inquires as to the rest for the continued trips to the wild lands to the south.

We wouldn't ask this of you normally, but why have you requested several gallons of lube for each of your trips after the first, plus your grow ing number of dependents are beginning to raise some outside interests.

Sinserly your curious friend.

Engulf and Devourer

Kinda makes sense - with that much isolated place, their must be in alarming need of genetic material, they know about it, hence the reaction of male Kirin. No pony wants children with defects, right?
If I recall corectly, Kirins are just another race of ponies, in the show at least, so they should be compatible enough to have children.

Nice story, good read, totally worth it. :)

i like how you captured the ponys stupidity in alot of stuff

Yak Hoofteau you've made a major contribution to the scientific community and I sincerely applaud you. Although in the future you may want to bring contraceptives for any further expeditions lest you wish to fundamentally alter the genetic makeup of the native population wherever you go. Otherwise carry on.

NSFW PIC OCCURS HERE (delete space): derpibooru.org/ 1895899

I got this

Schrödinger's Pony

At some point in time, the brightly colored horses that you should be seeing on this page were locked in a laboratory room with a gas syringe filled with hydrogen cyanide and a block of radioactively decaying plutonium we scraped out of a hillside. (We're not sure why.)
Prior to your discovery, the ponies on this webpage simultaneously existed and did not exist, but your attempt to access this webpage has forced the superposition to collapse.
In another world inconsistent with this one, the page may still exist and you may be enjoying an image of rainbow-hued equines staring gleefully at each other, or a lovely, carefully-written paragraph about how friendship is magic.

That level of mouth hugging may be too intense.

Dear professors,
Come with me on my next trip. Don't tell anyone. Especially your wives.

The incidence level is much lower than you think. Even with a small genetic pool lots of species can rebound very successfully. You may get a very small fraction of issues that are then selected out of the pool.

Not sure why you caught a down vote though!

Kirin genitali are too hot for protection, it melts right off!!!

Another advancement for science!


Wow. Um, this worked a bit more than it should have. I did not think I'd enjoy this as much as I ended up enjoying it.

a message from one outside of the simulation

Writing a clop fic that grabs my attention these days is hard, as my tastes have changed quite drastically, so good job getting my attention with this one.

I will need to leave for civilization as soon as I regain the ability to walk… I have been heavily weakened by the previous 4 day’s activities, which were non-stop.

I have decided to keep the location and nature of the Kirin village a secret, at least until I am able to return next summer.

I can only hope that Kirin and pony are not biologically compatible… Celestia help me and my child support payments if they are.

Oh I don't think you need to worry about that Yak:ajsmug:, (I seriously thought he was an actual yak:rainbowlaugh:!) the fact that they just offered you with no concerns or worries or protests, tells me that they weren't in estrus:ajsmug:. Also, they seem pretty open, if not dare I say it...very none shameful when it comes to public mating:pinkiesmile::rainbowlaugh:.

All that aside, very well done story:scootangel::heart:!

Nah, that's just the second simulation, you have 26 more to go.

Clop, you keep this up your cute moments are going to give me a heart attack before the part of your namesake even starts.:rainbowlaugh:

One of your best works right here, despite how short it was. Once again you pull off that logic-defying ability of making a 2.5k word story seem well-paced. To make that even better, you wrote about Summer Flare/Cinder Glow/Best Kirin, so you get bonus points.

Who knows with Kirin culture, it's a total mystery... Except for one crazy cute one that loves musical theatre.

Maybe they have a very hardwired biology to submit to alpha males in rut, and females ovulate when they sense those males, which leads to natural harems.

RIP Yak Hoofteau's bank account.

Awww TBO, always so nice to get positive feedback from you! Means a lot man, you rock!


RIP Yak Hoofteau's bank account.


True, but also I believe there is matter how long village is so small. After all, we saw... 10? 20 Kirins?
And truly, don't care about downvote. ;)
I just like stories that are both fun and... educating (I lack of proper word here, tbh). You know what I mean. ;)

I always loved mute Vinyl stories, just because it made my heart melt for some reason.
This, was a fantastic throwback to those memories, thank you! :yay:

That last expedition log was hilarious. Thanks for the fun. :yay:

One question: Yak Hoofteau = Jack Shaftoe? It's a pretty slim connection, but...

Supposed to be Jacques Cousteau.

I had better ones, but other explorers aren't as well known

9333566 Oh, of course! Been so long since last I heard his name that I forgot. Nice reference. I have to wonder what he'd think about the role of his alter-ego, here. :rainbowlaugh:

I smell the potential for a series here...after all there are no shortage of diverse non pony cultures in Equestria to visit. A story where he winds up in Griffonstone would be hilarious! But either way have a like, one must always support the arts, smut included :ajsmug:

I can only hope that Kirin and pony are not biologically compatible… Celestia help me and my child support payments if they are.

Kirin are half pony, half dragon hybrids...his are going to be 75% pony, 25% dragon hybrids.

Hahaha, well maybe a seapony one someday.

I’m . . . I’m not sure what to say about this story. It was nicely written, but so odd at the same time.:rainbowhuh: I like it, but it was kinda odd. Especially the ending. Nice, but odd. :rainbowhuh: You have a way of making em funny things for things I know I should like. :rainbowlaugh:

I try to keep things light. Glad you, uh, sortah enjoyed it?

Rather funny, this one. But you know what it needs? A new chapter, this time with him being a Yak and speaking/narrating like one :rainbowlaugh:

Origin of inspiration aside, Happy Birthday to me~
(figuratively as well as literally)

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