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A fic done for B_25's anthology. The whole is done as a birthday celebration for the excellent artist NCMares. I personally adore his art, and was happy to do a fic based on one of his pictures (though I'm by no means a macro expert).

Twilight and the girls are preparing to do a little cheerleading routine for the School of Friendship's hoofball team. It was a challenge that she'd made to the bunch of jocks to motivate them to achieve excellence in their academic studies.

They pulled it off.

And now that they had, our beloved mane six mares are sitting in the tunnel before the halftime show, getting ready to execute the most motivational routine of all time!

But Twilight has a spell prepped and ready to steal the show from Rainbow Dash... will everything go to plan?

Does not contain any sex - but does contain some description of lewd outlines in clothing.

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Trixie Lulamoon is still a lonely mare.

Sure, she learned the error of her ways, made a close new friend in Ponyville... became an integral part of that community... even ended up having her time in the spotlight when she helped to save the whole nation from Chrysalis's return!

But the ponies of Equestria are slow to forgive, and the life of a showmare on the road is a lonely one. She's watched her friends find love and start families of their own, all while she consoles herself with a glass of cheap wine before slinking into her hammock in her cold, lonely wagon.

It's even worse when she's on tour. Especially worse when she's in Manehattan. The city is tough, and even tougher to former villains. She wasn't looking for love while performing there, just looking to close out her summer tour and get out, keeping her head down in the process.

But love would find her.

A handsome, hard-working reporter, Bawdy Jot, has been assigned to do a story on the blue, boisterous showmare... and he's been surprised by the depth of Trixie's character that was revealed to him as he did his background work. And when he actually meets her, despite a rough greeting, he discovers that they get along quite well!

But love never makes things easy. It isn't long before he's stuck between a rock and a hard place - his editor has instructed him to make his story as negative and accusatory as possible...

How will he manage to do such a journalistically unethical act... against a mare he's falling for?

Will this show fail before it's even started? Or will Trixie and Jot overcome their star-crossed start?

There is a version of the story with NSFW chapters HERE
(Should be uploaded within 24-48 hours of the SFW version, if the above link isn't active)

Includes art by

Editing help from:
Snu from the Barcast
and others!

Cover-Art By annielith

Contains: Romantic lovey-doveyness of Trixie and an OC

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This story is a sequel to Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

Delta had a particularly rough winter holiday.

Not that they weren't always rough, what with all the emphasis on family, happy-times, and love... while she spent most of her holidays bar-diving and drowning her loneliness in booze... but this year was especially bad.

Things had seemed to be getting better for her - she was connecting more with her daughter, was starting to cut back on her drinking (admittedly, only a little... but still!)... and then the dreaded day had arrived and left her feeling alone, unloved, depressed... devastated.

Dragging herself out of bed on New Year's Eve a few days later, she prepared for more of the same...

But perhaps a certain yellow filly can turn things around for Delta, and help her to start the New Year on a high note?


CONTAINS NO CLOP - Only innuendo, coarse language, and implied sexual themes.

Featured on 01/06/18!

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