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A fic done for B_25's anthology. The whole is done as a birthday celebration for the excellent artist NCMares. I personally adore his art, and was happy to do a fic based on one of his pictures (though I'm by no means a macro expert).

Twilight and the girls are preparing to do a little cheerleading routine for the School of Friendship's hoofball team. It was a challenge that she'd made to the bunch of jocks to motivate them to achieve excellence in their academic studies.

They pulled it off.

And now that they had, our beloved mane six mares are sitting in the tunnel before the halftime show, getting ready to execute the most motivational routine of all time!

But Twilight has a spell prepped and ready to steal the show from Rainbow Dash... will everything go to plan?

Does not contain any sex - but does contain some description of lewd outlines in clothing.

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Great to see I wasn't the only one to repost their gift oneshot

I really enjoyed reading yours :D

And somewhere in the Castle of Friendship, Spike is enjoying his day-off during all of this mess with two favorites.

profile pic is perfect for that comment XD

How do I add videos to a fimfiction story.The same way with photos?When I go to photo gallery to choose a photo,It only shows photos.

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