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Trixie Lulamoon is still a lonely mare.

Sure, she learned the error of her ways, made a close new friend in Ponyville... became an integral part of that community... even ended up having her time in the spotlight when she helped to save the whole nation from Chrysalis's return!

But the ponies of Equestria are slow to forgive, and the life of a showmare on the road is a lonely one. She's watched her friends find love and start families of their own, all while she consoles herself with a glass of cheap wine before slinking into her hammock in her cold, lonely wagon.

It's even worse when she's on tour. Especially worse when she's in Manehattan. The city is tough, and even tougher to former villains. She wasn't looking for love while performing there, just looking to close out her summer tour and get out, keeping her head down in the process.

But love would find her.

A handsome, hard-working reporter, Bawdy Jot, has been assigned to do a story on the blue, boisterous showmare... and he's been surprised by the depth of Trixie's character that was revealed to him as he did his background work. And when he actually meets her, despite a rough greeting, he discovers that they get along quite well!

But love never makes things easy. It isn't long before he's stuck between a rock and a hard place - his editor has instructed him to make his story as negative and accusatory as possible...

How will he manage to do such a journalistically unethical act... against a mare he's falling for?

Will this show fail before it's even started? Or will Trixie and Jot overcome their star-crossed start?

There is a version of the story with NSFW chapters HERE
(Should be uploaded within 24-48 hours of the SFW version, if the above link isn't active)

Includes art by

Editing help from:
Snu from the Barcast
and others!

Cover-Art By annielith

Contains: Romantic lovey-doveyness of Trixie and an OC

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This was sweet, and I'm glad Trixie was able to find happiness. She's deserving of it, despite what a certain pink princess might think. More like Princess of Spite.

I liked the OC as well. It's hard to have a new character match up to the hamminess and charisma of Trixie, but I was able to relate a little.

Well done!

She clicked through the history of denied opportunities that she’d already cancelled for the magician. Starlight Glimmer. Sunburst. Snips and Snails. Maud Pie. Twilight Sparkle (as if Cadance would ever let that ship sail).

Holy shirts, Cadance is EVIIILLLLL :pinkiegasp:

This story has been percolating for some time, and I'll be posting the NSFW version of the story as well shortly after the SFW version has gone up.

This still going to happen? Just curious...for reasons >_>

Oof, journalistic integrity in this day and age can't be easy...

A story from Clops that isn't clop? I'm utterly confused yet intrigued at the same time.

God these two are adorkable idiots xD

Good thing they have three spare hooves with all the times they stuck their hoof in their mouth!

Wow. This is amazing.
I honestly don't know what to say. Just... wow.

Oooooh, nice picture! Got that good facial hair going on

Those two cute pones are probably headed back to Trixie's wagons for some smooches. Now if you're looking for the 18+ version of what could happen... click HERE.

D: 404? It was deleted?!


“Well Trixie, enjoy your twins … no…” Cadance cackled evilly, entering a new command into the laptop, “...your triplets from your first evening with Mr. Jot… I may not be able to prevent you any more from getting a happy married life… but at least you’ll have one heck of an eleven-month back-ache!” She slammed the execute command on her edit, blessing (dooming?) the blue-unicorn to her fated motherhood.

Jesus, so much fun you can have with such a device...and Cadance acts like she shoved the alicorn amulet up her cooter and hatefucked Chrysalis disguised as Sombra with it.

Ah well, at least we got Jot out of it!
but man, evil Cadance really takes the wind out of my sails.

Okay really hope Candace get's some karma for basically ruining Trixie's life a lot.


Don't mess with Cadence's family - she's a tigress! NSFW version should be going up soon.

Suuurrreee, we'll go with Tigress.

Also yay, looking forward to it! Icing on the cake of the story!

Rather an adorable tale with a believable and likeable OC. Personally I thought the Cadence bits severely detracted from the overall feel of the story, but otherwise fantastic!

They go a bit more with the NSFW version of the story. But, as they are prologue and epilogue, they are meant to be goofy little bookends.

Thanks for the like and comment!

Lol, don't worry NSFW version will be coming out shortly. :)

Aaaah I gotcha. That would explain it! :rainbowlaugh: And you're most welcome; well done!

How did I Predict that "YAAAAHOOOOOO" lol. (Btw Loving this fic)

Ya boi Jot is Risking his whole Career to make her trust him again gahdamn, This chapter was GOOOD:applecry:

A 'T' Rating? Do my eyes deceive me? O.O

Now I have to read it.

this story is one of the best trixie Fics ive read 10/10, Favorited

This chapter on its own could make a cool spinoff story.

Candace doesn't realize her spite move has no power to it. Trixie is smart. She would have Starlight, Maude, Discord and Thorax as her brides-creatures attendants who naturally would want the best for her. Cue Pinkie, Party Favor and Cheese Sandwich.

Combined with Trixie's story, Thousands of ponies no doubt would want in. And that doesn't even include her fans.

I foresee Discord best creature-zilla, a catering/dress making/wedding location fight and a mini swarm of flower fillies and colts since Trixie never does things small.

Lol...Trixie's wedding no doubt would overshadow Candace's own! Serves the manipulator right! No doubt Trixie also would have an alicorn baby at the least.

As for Candace I want her computer found by a pony who Candace thought unworthy of love, ponies who want a colt/filly and Lyra.

Hmm...I wonder if pregnancy combined with magic surges would create a new alicorn...or two...that would really get the manipulator back....

Looking forward to the next part!

Trixie had already saved the world upwards of a dozen times

Should this be 'Twilight'? I'm not 100% sure, from the context.

absolutely adorable, great job!!

Well, thank heavens for Flurry Heart, then.

Twilight made it all look so effortless, but what did she know? She’d lived in privilege all her life, always told she was destined for greatness, groomed and tutored by Celestia herself.

You know, Trixie's got a point here. I wouldn't go as far as to say she was spoiled, but Twilight has had it good pretty much all of her life. She's very rarely had to deal with a life less than that like Trixie here, and the rare times that she does, it's usually temporary and fleeting. Trixie certainly hasn't been so lucky. Most aren't, pony or otherwise.

“Paper’s owned by FlimFlamCo, you know.”

And they haven't driven it into the ground already?! :rainbowlaugh:

I'd take t with a grain of salt. The life of high expectations comes with its own pitfalls, stresses, strains, and neuroses.

The grass always seems greener.

Cadence, you fool-filly. You just made her the Great and Powerfully Fertile Triplets Trixie.

“Eh… that’s probably not gonna fly.” Hard Copy sighed, setting down his cup and rubbing his temple. “Paper’s owned by FlimFlamCo, you know.”

Of beeping course it is. Why the beep wouldn't it be? Owned by the two scam artists... Meh...

Nothing against authors choice, but I don't like them as people, sorry, ponies, I do like them as characters, though.

Something inside him, perhaps a spark of Princess-intervention

Accidental, Princess-intervention. Because she would never intentionally help Trix, even if it meant harming the other one in the pair.


“W-why!?” The word died on Trixie’s lips.

Was it really so hard to predict, though?
I mean really. Please at least try to make it a little bit unpredictable. Please? I like it that way. So my story sense can't act up.

And yes, I have a story sense. It is something some people just have, and I am one of those people. Able to see a plot twist or an event coming from a mile away, but unable to see a pen five inches in front of his face. Story sensor packages also often come equipped with faulty standard sensors. IE eyes. I have good eyes, but for all the verse I can't notice something five inches in front of my face.

Edit: I am truly sorry. This was a good story, until this point. I just can't stand knowing exactly what is going to happen further on. I need a story that I read to be unique, or to be unpredictable, I can't stand it when it isn't. I am sorry, but I must take my views and go. Au revoir, and have fun.

A sweet little story. I really like Cadance's bookend appearances in particular.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this little romfic I put a lot of time into it.

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