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Welcome to Canterlot University, where we reach for the stars. You have now entered a zone of good-looking babes.

Thanks! Wait...what?!

This story is about a boy named Dice, who learns that having friends really isn't a bad thing after all. He faces a lot of drama with the girls and their arch enemy, Trixie, who wants to have him to herself. He also faces challenges with bullies and might have a crush on his roommate, Applejack. Who knows? This might happen to you in the near future...

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 65 )

:fluttershyouch:Um well not to be rude but your desription says canterlot high and you title says university. And i like paradoxs as much as the next doctor who nut but still.

Fr-fr-fr. I know abously nothing in french other than the fact that they have a wacked out nummerical system. Not to mention confusion between us and french , and . I like numbers not words ok.

Srry. Probably was thinking about something else. :twilightblush:

3071273 Oh yeah forgot to say first oc fic Ive liked in a loooong time.

Um woah youre twelve in november im 14. Oh and great story lawl you are somehw makin Applejack good. Which doesn't on average add upp on my head.

Thank you! Thank you very much. I dunno how I'm gonna write stories when school comes. Maybe I can try on Friday and on the weekends. :applejackunsure:

Breaking the fourth wall now are we

can't wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Working on next chapter right now. And I know it's going to be so awesome! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

It was................................................. Thats the amount of most likly periods. :rainbowlaugh:

3069978 its a univerasy where you get high

*reads about derpy saying "Pirates"*
you play minecraft, dont you author *spongebob face*

Needs to be longer but its good.

I still like it. And also deleted thoughts( Applejack:" Ah don't want to share a bed with someone im not married to!" Dice: "With that acent are you serious?")

3090080 nope just that ur be drunk who one drink of 90% vodka unless ur Russian or a achaholic (JK I respect the Russians)

3090587 how do I know this I do I read I'm not a alcoholic thought I'm only 16 :) :pinkiehappy:

3090622 I also got accepted Ina collage a year ago but they didn't know I was 15. Back then and I have a IQ of 159 but I have no common sense very guillible and suk at grammar lol :pinkiehappy:

3090815 yeah I think it was the time when my teacher didn't know what she is saying in history class during freshman year so I just took over and taught 27 kids about the Cold War which I already knew :pinkiehappy:

Laughed so hard when AJ got drunk:rainbowlaugh: I LOVE THIS STORY

"With this vodka, everyone will be very drunk! Even Dice! Muahahahaha!"

Knew it and here we go :rainbowlaugh::moustache::rainbowlaugh:

It just had to be vodka

I'll try to post more chapters. Its just the faxct that my parents have been keeping me sooooooo busy... next chapter might come this Saturday so be warned!!!!!

Uh wouldn't RD have a date with like a basket ball?:rainbowderp:

Oooooooh... That's sooo not me even though youre saying "you" I'm to preiduce against southern accents.

Future advice for second person fics, make 'our' backstory as fauge as possible, seems lazy, and in reality, it is, but it causes the reader to personalize the story a bit more.

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