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This story is a sequel to Truth or Scare

The girls are at it again! This time, the slumber party is at Rarity's house and things are really getting out of hand. The girls dared Rainbow Dash something so big and dangerous, she might as well be thrown in jail right at that moment. Only, this actually might just throw her in jail.

What's to expect when it's unexpected?

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The Main Six are, well six. They go on fun adventures and imagine themselves in the future. The best part...


Humanized Ponies, no shipping, and Twilight was already their friend here. Also, there are some YouTube video parodies here. Enjoy!

Cover art by flyingcatsandglitter on deviantart.

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The six are back in an adventure filled comedy, where they meet Twilight Sparkle from the human world. They go on quite an adventure, but nothing you've ever seen before. And yes...there is romance.

Humanized ponies...again.
Cover art by uotapo

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Twilight Sparkle is new to her high school. It's not like a very sophisticated school she thought she would attend. As a matter of fact, it has a low rating. So low, the core of the Earth is at least 3 yards higher. There are athletes, party freaks, fashionistas, bad-ass students, and more. And the girl who rules it all is one of the most hottest girls in school.

Just craptastic.

Twilight hates it here, but she meets 5 girls who hate it even more. Together, they might just turn that school in the right direction. If only the dark side doesn't get in her way.

Humanized Ponies (of course). Have fun!

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Phineas and Ferb create a new invention: A portal to travel to another dimension. Little did they know that it was a world full of ponies...with happy lives and sunshine almost everyday. They meet the mane six and explore Equestria, not realizing their portal has been destroyed. Will they ever return home?

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Phineas and Ferb...I wish I did though.

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When Rainbow Dash invites her friends over for a slumber party, things start out great. Truth or Dare, eventually starts out as their first game, but even the smallest dares can turn into something disastrous and uncalled for...

Little AppleDash/ Soarin Dash except the AppleDash is not romantic...Okay, not too romantic. more like blushing, staring, and gawking (coughcoughsexualthemesincludedcoughcough) at each other. Soarin Dash is a different story...

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Welcome to Canterlot University, where we reach for the stars. You have now entered a zone of good-looking babes.

Thanks! Wait...what?!

This story is about a boy named Dice, who learns that having friends really isn't a bad thing after all. He faces a lot of drama with the girls and their arch enemy, Trixie, who wants to have him to herself. He also faces challenges with bullies and might have a crush on his roommate, Applejack. Who knows? This might happen to you in the near future...

Chapters (10)
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