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Phineas and Ferb create a new invention: A portal to travel to another dimension. Little did they know that it was a world full of ponies...with happy lives and sunshine almost everyday. They meet the mane six and explore Equestria, not realizing their portal has been destroyed. Will they ever return home?

I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Phineas and Ferb...I wish I did though.

Chapters (4)
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I figured that somebody was gonna write a story about this sooner or later. Might read later - looks interesting enough.

:rainbowkiss: yes! Yes! Oh god yes! I :heart: you! But don't leave this.

Oh, you clever little person.


I'm so glad there are more PnF crossovers

Well, personally, I don't like the idea of leaving Perry out of the story, because he is an important character in the show, but again, that is my opinion; I would recommend you not to write so fast, this chapter should've been at least three time larger, and a pre-reader will help a lot, other than that, it is good; the characters are enough well represented, I'll give you that.

Srry. But my parents didn't know I was on fimfiction. So I kinda had to hurry it up. I'm going to edit as soon as my laptop works again though.

Soooo many chances for random comedy.

You have my attention!

Hope to see more soon.:twilightsmile:

3306825 I'm not sure what you mean, but try to write comfortably, if you was somehow in a hurry, you could've wait a couple of days until you had something solid, no one is pressing you to write, take your time, we prefer wait a week or more if that means we get to read somthing well made (or I do at least).

P.D. I recommend you to have an end already, that will make the structuring procees smoother, and also good luck with the croosover, this one is a little bit tricky and difficult.

Comment posted by RavenGuardian17 deleted Oct 6th, 2013

This is so AWESOME!:rainbowkiss: Please do more! I do have one story suggestion. You don't need to use it but you can if you want. I suggest that you put Perry in there as a part. Maybe he could have been sucked in with Dr. Doof!

So Perry isn't going to team up with Angel to fight Doof and Chrysalis?
Still going to watch this, sir, so have a mustache :moustache:

As long as the next chapters on this are longer, I'm excited! Can't wait to see more.

An overused idea being GOOD?

Holy shit! Have a like and favorite!

I... Oh my god I love you so much. Phineas and Ferb is such <3

i love it and RainbowJack2000 when will more chapters for this story come out

Even if you don't like switching from scene to scene for Perry and Doofenschmirtz, You should consider throwing in the occasional chapter about them now and then. Just little bonus chapters that you can crank out if you're stuck, ya know? Phineas and Ferb just ain't the same without everyone's favorite, completely incompetent, evil scientist and his Beaver tailed, duckbilled rival.

I feel like you got this idea from the movie, where the kids help doof make a portal to another dimension where he is the ruler and then they have to run away from his more evil self into many other dimensions to get home because you cant travel backwards, you have to go in a circle.

Um...this Saturday.
I'm thinking of adding them in the story for the next chapter. So readers BEWARE! !!!!!!!!

My Thought's when i saw this:"Hmmmm" *Scroll Scroll Scroll* "Hey Fer-" O_O

3318057 Fuck yeah dat profile pic bro :P

ya know when i saw the title i was like

but when i saw the picture i was like DAMN they look awesome as ponies than in the real show

My only question is, shouldn't Ferb have a purple coat?

Well this was quick.

"Why do you have all the answers?"
I like this line. I also find the Buford shipping to be funny.

Alright, credit where credit is due, this story ROCKS! I'm actually thoroughly impressed that you managed to pull this off! Keep writing this!

Applebloom finally notices the six stallions and the two mares

Don't you mean 4 colts, two stallions, and two fillies (or one filly and one mare, depending how old you think Candace is)?

Anyway, awesome, can't wait to see more!


He saw those two had a special flare, but he couldn't quite put his han- erm...hoof on it. Phineas's stomach started to growl louder than a Timberwolf. He taped on Applejack.

I can't be the only one who pictured him winding tape around AJ's torso.

Liked the chapter. Short and funny, much like P&F.

Waitin' patiently for more. Nice work. :twilightsmile:

This is far too perfect! Have a Fluttershy.


Nay. Considering the fact that they are older than AB and her friends, I made them like that. Its weird though because I was having the same thought.
I meant tapped...back to the drawing board!

Will that recipe really make apple pies?:trixieshiftright:

Haven't even began reading the story love it already

Actually, it does. I just got it of the internet. I would ask my mom, but she would ask me what I was up to.

3321490 but if Phineas and Ferb are about 13 in the show (their official age is somewhere from 10-15), then the Crusaders are the same age or so. I'd say they started off at about 8-10 years old, and a little more than three years have passed, making them anywhere from 11-13... but it's your story, I guess. I dunno, I expected some PhineBloom or FerBloom by the romance tag. Dang. But still way awesome!

Nice story. Probably better than mine.:rainbowderp:

Comment posted by NightmareKnight deleted Oct 12th, 2013
Comment posted by RainbowJack2000 deleted Oct 12th, 2013
Comment posted by NightmareKnight deleted Oct 12th, 2013
Comment posted by RainbowJack2000 deleted Oct 12th, 2013

Dont listen to him, your stories are honestly the best stories I have ever read, I wish I could write like you and you should continue! :pinkiehappy:

3329638>>3329652 Okay Guys and Gals break it up... Okay (1 there's no need for mean comments like that (2 Hes right atleast he gave you a reason (3 GRADE AND AGE DON'T MATTER GROW THE FUCK UP...Sorry i didn't mean to yell ill go away now:fluttershysad:(4 Everyone has their own opinions that's why they are their own opinions cause their their OWN opinions (5 No im not trying to take sides im trying to get both of you to stop fighting and come together to hate me or be friends (Either way it will still make for a good relationshi- WHAT I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING) (6 Writing stories is awesome, good thing you have the guts to do it unlike me (7 Don't ya hate it when people don't get sarcasm... (8 NOW KISS AND MAKE UP...

I think it's great! Look: 113 likes! And only 11 dislikes! Please make more!

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