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I'm a time lord. Whoopee!

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Kero! Kero kero kero kero kero.... One two three GO! Heh uh follow button pressed:pinkiehappy:

I came here to fuck bitches make a Doctor Who joke.

Guess I won't now.

I lose more followers like that...

Ha Ha! Banhammered!

Why do I always find out about these things so late? C'mon Theater, you ought to have gotten it through your head that doing the same stuff you did last time would not work out for you.

*SIGH* You really need to get your head examined.


I don't know. He kept it up for a month, and only made it slightly obvious. I pointed out a story where the author called him out, then, being the naughty little mynx that I am, notified a few people that don't care for him and he doesn't care for himself, then just kind of laughed.

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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