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Luminous Paradox

Hmmmm... What should I use this space for? I don't know.

The stories that I tried to write out

Aims for Fimfiction:

Have 1 follower (x)
Have 5 followers (x)
Have 10 followers (x)
Have 20 followers (x)
Have 30 followers (x)
Have 40 followers ()
Have 50 followers ()
Have 60 followers ()
Publish a story (x)
Publish 5 stories ()
Have a friend in real life on fimfiction (x)
Complete a story ()
Do a comedy fan fiction ()

I need to achieve alot

I am no longer going to be active on this account! Sorry, but I feel that I want to start anew! Thanks to all my 42 followers! Also, none of my stories will be updated~

So... hello everypony!
My name is Luminous Paradox but feel free to call me anything else~
I am a brony that likes to write and draw. I have deviantART and Wattpad where I practice my skills. I fell in love with MLP in 2012 (I was pretty late) and after that I was drawn to the fanfictions and joined FIMFiction, hence this is why I'm here.
I don't tend to write a lot so most of my stories are on hiatus. But I am rather active so if you wanna chat feel free! I also do free commission art too! So just ask if you want some done~
Also if your a newbie I will be happy to act as a guide!
I do a lot of shipping in my free time and I listen to Vocaloid music. I like anime and I read A LOT of manga. So... that's about it.
See ya everypony!

My DeviantART

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