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After Pinkie Pie almost drives Twilight to the brink of insanity, the unicorn decides to attempt a new spell to try and 'fix' things. Only afterwards, however, she notices some of her other friends exhibiting some rather... strange habits.

Now with it's own reading by the chivalrous and all-round awesome thisisausername2004 which can be found right here!

Special thanks to Mr101 for giving me the idea and to several other anonymous users including Black Cloud for proofreading.

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Now, this isn't a half story! :moustache:
What a surprise coming from Vexy! :trollestia:

Seriously now, this is very amazing. Your comedy stories are absurdly fun, and always have those twists to not get boring, congratulations on another job well done! :pinkiehappy:

Whoo hilarious best comedy story I have ever read! I love it! Yay! I am so faving this!

I was amused enough to add it to several groups.
And I have the Beatles stuck in my head, which is a good thing. :twilightsmile:

The Sugarcube Darling part reminded my of Pinkies torture method in The Last Roundup.
:pinkiehappy: Pickle barrel kumquat, pickle barrel kumquat.. At least I read it like this.^^

21 Darlings were killed during the writing of this fanfic.

I was almost disappointed that Fluttershy didn't show up, but then I remembered that she's the quietest of the Mane Cast and doesn't have a catchphrase.

Well, maybe except for *whimper* :fluttershysad:

Great story!

:twilightoops: : Fluttershy! Please tell me that you're okay!

:yay: : ...yay?

:twilightoops: : Is there anyone in Ponyville that has NOT been affected by my spell...?!?

:eeyup: : Nn'nope.

:facehoof: : ... Are you sure...?

:eeyup: : Ee'yup.

:twilightoops: : But what about-

:eeyup: : Nn'nope.

:unsuresweetie: : Oh come on!

:facehoof: : augh...

:trollestia: : Twilight Sparkle, my prized pupil...

:twilightblush: : Princess! Thank the stars, you're here! I need help with-

:trollestia: : Twilight Sparkle, my prized pupil?

:facehoof: : NOOOOOO...!!!


Having that bit with the very lightly-touched Applejack & Rarity 'ship/flirtation [portmanteau'x make my eyes twitch.] was a good comedic call, that part definitely added a lot to the humor of the story.

And now I'm imagining Twilight in her pith helmet, stalking the wild Rarity. She sticks a decoy call out of the tall grasses, and blows on it.



Oh dear. Twilight had not reckoned on coming face to face with a herd of wild Applejacks.....

How about YES!!
Also, happy 200, bra.

faved and like!
Author: What you liked about it?
faved and like!
Author: Why?
faved and like!
Author: Dear god what have I done?





A Wild Sugarcube Appeared!
:flutterrage: Go! Darling! I CHOOSE YOU!
:raritystarry: DARLING DAR!
:applejackconfused: SUG SUGARCUBE SUGAR!
:flutterrage: Darling, use Frou-Frou Fancyspeak!
:duck: What a most eloquent endeavor we have invoked this evening under the twilight sky, my darling Applejack!
Wild Sugarcube fainted!

3718806 That made my day almost as much as this story, haha. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

OK, that was hilarious. Yeah, "Two fucks up a spell" is old hat, but here it's executed hilariously.

how would she tell with mac though? 80% of his speech consists of only two words already...


Exactly the pun/joke. :raritywink:

Well that definitely happened.
:trollestia:My little ponies
:scootangel:Rainbow Dash
:applecry:Cutie mark

Talk about your monkey paw wishes

:duck: Darling.
:ajsmug: Sugarcube.
:fluttershysad: Um.
:trollestia: My most faithful student.

And so, death by despair.

How amusing it is to let reality fall under nonsense.:rainbowlaugh:
Quite intriguing indeed...

Excellent work, dear Author!:pinkiehappy:


Oh god the nostalgia.

...I wonder if there's an Urusei Yatsura/My Little Pony crossover.

3721985 No. But I have read a good deal of Urusei Yatsura fanfiction.

If you want I could show you some.


By a good deal, I suspect you mean "All of it" much like I have.

Seriously, Urusei has almost no fics. Ranma and Inuyasha are still getting fics written to this day, but nobody writes for Takahashi's first work anymore.

3722040 There's about 88 fics, but some of them are amazing; truly amazing.

“Of course it’s a surprise! A good surprise, too! Normally, something always goes wrong by this time. You know why? Because it’s a Saturday, and you know what always happens on Saturday?”
“No, Pinkie, I don’t. Now can I just—”

Not gonna lie, I thought Pinkie was gonna say something about a new episode premiering on Saturdays, once again breaking the fourth wall. :twilightsmile:

This story was pretty hilarious, and I can only imagine what Rarity's and Applejack's conversation translate into. :applejackconfused:


Whatever it was, it reminded me of this image. :rainbowwild:


88 counts as almost no fics in this day and age, since only about 10% of them will be worth anything.

3722118 That's true...but that 10% are incredible.

Squee, Squee, squee-CHI!

I have no idea what I just read, but whatever it was, I just read it.

dunno if somebody posted it already but

But for Applejack should be apples, she talk only about apples, apples apples applessadasdae


In the words of my ancestors. Thou hast won the pony express

Albeit it didn't belong in the group I found it in but hay worth it


Which group was it misplaced in?

I apologize for any confusion caused. :twilightsheepish:

3726421 I already fixed it and you weren't the one who put it there any ways


Much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

I agree, it is more of a quarter of a story.

It's still more amazing than some stories with 50 chapters of 12k words... :twilightsmile:

Congratulations! This story has officially been deemed a Ruby by The Gem Hunters!


Thank you very much! :twilightsmile:

Do you have any advice on how I could improve this to diamond standard?

3727775 Make it a little bit longer. I hungered for more, and maybe draw out the pacing a little but more.


Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated. :twilightsmile:

I really like this story, but.... :facehoof:

I don't think the final line spoken by RD realy works for me. She only said that once in the show, plus it's not really adjective/noun like Darling or Sugarcube, but an idiom. I can't see RD repeating this over and over in any sensible way, nor even in a ridiculous way.

Moreover, there Is (IMO) an adjective very overused by RD that would work much better, and that make this story AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh:

This is just my opinion, I just think "Awesome" works better than "20 percent cooler" as the final line for RD. :pinkiehappy:


The whole pun of the story relies on Rainbow Dash saying that line. The point is that she said it once in an episode, but bronies made a big thing about it regardless. Twilight's reaction is basically my own reaction to the meme.

This story was hilarious, darling. :raritywink:

I think Twilight was somewhat out of character in intentionally casting such a spell on Pinkie without her approval or even knowledge, but otherwise the story was really fun :rainbowlaugh:

I can't believe someone actually made that happen in a story.

Anyway, that was a really funny satire about how everyone keeps making these ponies saying these "catch phrases" so much on their fics. In fact I think the latest season has those two saying that a lot now. ^^;

Edit: By the way, congrats on making the Popular list.

Me: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

:raritydespair: Darling? Don't you like it, darling?

Me: Of course, it's just...

:applejackconfused: Sugarcube? Y'all didn't like it, sugarcube?

Me: I did, but you're getting really...

:rainbowderp: Twenty percent cooler?


:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Perfect, just perfect! That Darling/Sugarcube thing was just awesome. :rainbowkiss:

Twi, you bucked up! :twilightsheepish:

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