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Rainbow Dash has been dating Dumbbell for a while now, and everything's been going just peachy. The only problem is how exactly she's going to tell Fluttershy that she's dating the same pony who made her foalhood a misery…

A Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash friendship fic. Tagged romance as well because there is a relationship somewhere in there.

Written for this contest and for this amazing person.

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Tears shimmered in Fluttershy’s own eyes. She lowered her voice. “I mean… are you sure this is best for you, Rainbow Dash? Are you that this… that this is what you want?”

"Are you that this... That this is what you want?"
Shouldn't there be a "sure" there?

Fluttershy blushed. “My mother used to braid my hair all the time.”

Hair, shouldn't it be mane?

Anyway, this was beautiful, I loved to read it :pinkiehappy:


Thanks for pointing out those errors. I must have got confused because I was intermittently switching between "braiding the mane" and "wrapping hair around each other", etc.

Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

The competition has stepped up :trixieshiftleft:

I noticed a few things:

“No, I’ve been fine,” Dash quickly interjected. She sat up straighter to make a point. “Just been, well, busy… with stuff, heh.” Fluttershy didn’t appear phased by Rainbow’s questionable explanation. She blinked once before nodding sagely. “Well as long as everything is fine.”

This looks like two paragraphs combined into one.

“I-I get that. Rainbow gulped

Missing quotation mark.

, however;

Flip the punctuation.

I’d go see him.

Another missing quotation mark.

Great story. I enjoyed every word, and was pleasantly surprised with the lack of a love triangle. Good friendshipping, and good luck with your contest.

Oh man this was so sweet and sappy. I think my taste buds have died!
Lol the way it ended was awesome. Yeah, everything with Flutters needs to be taken slow.

I would say #cutestficever but ugh, hashtags...

Anyway great job!

huh. It is a nice fic to read. But...Rainbow Dash and Dumbbell? Really? :applejackunsure:


It's interesting to see how much certain ships can really repel readers. :rainbowlaugh:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.


It's not exactly repelling. It's more like...why? To quote Fluttershy: What has Dumbbell ever done to deserve Dash?
The only thing canon seems to know that he is a bully - which is adressed. But nothing more. No date, no one-in-a-million-situation, no nothing. The whole pairing seems kinda just put there to upset. Which it does. For all intents and purposes you could have Dash adopt Dumbbell due to shenanigans and still would have gotten a very similar story.

But I digress. It is a nice story. Rainbow being able to read Fluttershy that well is a nice touch, though Shy seemed to...I don't know, be a bit too accepting to come over the whole thing naturally? If my childhood bully would date my best friend, I'd definitely have more issues with that. I guess I'm not Fluttershy though.


It's my favorite pony pairing and Vexy half wrote this as a gift for me.


This story would rejected from EQD without even a glance. It's not the kind of story they would be interested in.


I understand what you mean. I did try and show that Fluttershy is still struggling to accept it, but I wanted to empathize that isn't for her own sake, but because she thinks Dash is going to hurt herself.

I didn't put the pairing in there to upset. As 4591152 said, it was gift for her. I wanted to write a story about Rainbow Dash telling a friend she's in a relationship with somepony that friend would struggle to get along with. Dumbbell fit the bill perfectly. I deliberately chose him because it ushered along the conflict I wanted to explore. Call it contrived—I imagine most people did—but it was actually intentional.

And no, it wasn't to upset people. :derpytongue2:

Can I ask for a sequel? :fluttershysad: Please?

Anyway, cool story bro, I personally don't like Hetero Dash, but for this fic, it worked pretty darn cool.
This is perfect for a... serie (?), I can't remember how you say it in english, but no pression, is just a observation :pinkiesmile:.

Written with my best friend in mind—the kind of friendship where everyone swears to God you're a married couple.

"Man, I love you—
—No homo."

Dat feelings bro :fluttershyouch: I need my insuline.


I'm really glad you managed to put aside your dislike for hetero Dash enough to read the story. I think most people were put off by the ship. :raritywink:

As for a sequel? Well, I don't really see where I could take this any further; I've already explored everything I wanted to explore when I began writing this story.

Take Dash, take Dumbell, take Fluttershy, put them in a mixer, and shake it like there is no tomorrow!
Then you got a sequel!!
I'm not being clear, right? Ok. You can bring a LOT more of troubles from this relationship. Altough I put the


part because I already knew that is hard (If not impossible) to do a sequel of a story like this.


Oh, it is nice to have a fic written for you. And I'm not saying that the pairing is bad. The only beef I have with it is that I can't really see them falling in love for any reason from what I know from canon. Well, except in some nightmare of Fluttershy or something. But I must admit, the focus of the fanfic seems to lie in Flutterhy's and Rainbow Dash's friendship and not the pairing itself.


It does sound contrived - 'I wanna show a conflict without bringing up the problems that come along with it' - kinda thing. I can see Fluttershy believing to be okay with that couple but still being reserved about it. Maybe even spiteful, in her gentle, quiet way. A way seemingly only Dash seems to understand. I also predict problems for Dumbbell with the rest of Dash's friends. He doesn't seem the type of pony to get along with many of them (Rarity especially comes to mind) and his brash and direct art seems to get him into a lot of unneeded trouble.

Only...I can actually see you adressing any further problems like these along the line if the pairing was to be the focus of the fic. But for the snapshot of life that it is (it was just one day after all), it portrays a perfect picture. It conveys the problems of Fluttershy and even shows a glimpse of the pairing's talk, it even shows a bit of character growth in Dumbbell.
Even with him being seen for this short time he apologizes to Fluttershy of his own accord. He does that because even he realized that Dash is uncomfortable with Shy being afraid of him. He comes off as half-assing the issue but from what I understand the bully often sees his or her actions as 'not that bad' and sometimes even as 'normal' and often won't understand how the victim feels simply because the perceived actions aren't as hurtful.

pretty good story in the beginning-middle. but the end wrapped up to fast and unrealistically. uses realistic thoughts and decision influence. pacing seemed to change often. score: 6/10

such a cute story :heart:

:unsuresweetie: wait who is dumbbell?
is he the one from that episode... wait hold on i got it here
if it is then I got a different picture on who the pony was(thought it was Bulk Biceps:derpytongue2:)
:facehoof::facehoof: God I don't know pony


Yes it is.

You're not the first person to mistake Dumbbell for Bulk Biceps. :rainbowlaugh:

4686489 Oh thank Luna i'm not the only one
id feel like Rarity on her worst days:raritycry::raritydespair:
but the story was pretty awesome :pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy:


The focus was on the Rainbow Dash / Fluttershy friendship, and that's what I was hoping to get across: friendship is awesome, no matter what.

I can agree no matter what happens were all friends
(here and forever out to the world)

Hmm.....mane braiding...
That gives me an idea! :pinkiegasp:

Also everyone has that one friend that makes everyone else question their sexuality. God knows I have one... :pinkiecrazy:
Things get weird sometimes, like, random bouts of hugging, touching and stuff. No homo.


Yeah, you wouldn't believe some of the weird stuff me and my friend do which sounds so weird. Like I've got majorly sensitive muscles, so he really enjoys poking my side because it gives me spasms. :rainbowlaugh:

Like one time he jabbed me in the side with a blade, I spasmed and almost impaled myself on it. I wasn't impressed, but I did get a small scratch. Hopefully that won't scar… :unsuresweetie:

4789787 Oh...so he's also your psychopath friend? :twilightsmile:

Also can we give Dashie a braid? I think she'd be cute with a braid...
Maybe incorporate the Fluttershy scene into our fic?


He's not a psychopath friend at all, but he likes his blades, and he gets way too hyper on sugar.

And yes, this Fluttershy scene was inspiration for the Fluttershy scene in the collab. :twilightsmile: I will have something similar, perhaps not exactly the same.

4789880 It's ok, everyone think my friend is a psychopath! But they don't know the truth :pinkiecrazy:

Can we still do the braid? :fluttercry:


Hmm... I suppose we could, it's just that this could end up being a 6k+ word chapter or something like that. :rainbowlaugh:

4790411 "......that's a bad thing?


6k words takes a long time to write. We don't have a long time.

4791778 Oh yeah...only 4 days...

I love how the same people are all commenting on all the Rainbow x Dumbbell fics. xD And I agree with that author's note. #deep


I think DashBell has a very specific audience. :rainbowlaugh: Still, it's nice to see the same faces everywhere.


Ok, even though there's a few others that I really like with Dash - Soarin(especially), Thunderlane, Quibble, & Big Mac, even Braeburn - I actually find the thought of her with Dumb-Bell ta be both amusin' & kinda adorable in a way. Not sure if you'll ever do anymore, but I hope there will be more fics with this pairin'.:twilightsmile:

Well this was a very interesting story and a very rare shipping as well so rainbow wants to tell Fluttershy about her relationship with dumbbell and from her history him and her are not in a good time with each other especially her younger years and understandable she doesn't like the idea but she wants her best friend to be happy and it was a nice conversation between them and Dumbbell try to apologize even though it's not his best it will take a long time for Fluttershy to open up but sooner or later she well well this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

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