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Eevee wakes up in a part of kanto he doesn't recognize. But later finds out that humans don't rule this world and that Pokemon aren't here either what makes it even weirder that ponies are the dominate species. Will he ever get back to kanto or will he learn to accept it and live in equestria.

The romance begins around the 8th chapter

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The story has potential. However, you need to fix a lot of basic grammer errors. These include capitalizing names, missing commas.

It definently has a great idea and potential, but maybe do something about the run ons a little?

2302943 thanks for the tips anything to make the story better

Man that was a good chapter, a couple miss spelled words and stuff but great all the same

You will add sylveon, right?

2304004 yeah I will but I want you guys to vote for eevees evolution

2306611 sorry it's just that I kind of don't have time to check things with homework and all

I think I get it, eevee will become Umbreon

Please evolve into Umbreon, please Eevee

Pick a new one particular to Equestria. Like a dragon type. :rainbowkiss:

You're in a new world here. Not being bound by the same rules of the pokemon universe means you get to chose what you want Eevee to look like. Who says there isn't some element only found in Equestria that unlocks a new eeveelution? It's just a thought. :twilightsmile:

2328498 oh okay I didn't really think of that but don't worry I might add another Eevee or new character

eevee is my fave too:twilightblush:

I enjoy the Eevee family so much potential for amazing Pokemon for one adorable little Pokemon. My personal favorite eeveelution is the Flareon. (Eeveelution is a play on the fact that Eevee has as stated in the Pokedex "Unlimited Evolutionary potential.")

For some reason I thought luna would go ballistic because she has pokemon game and pokemon appear and such

I need an editor anyone want to volunteer pm me.

The premise of the story is interesting but you really need some proofreading. I mean, I'm not a perfect English speaker but the missing words etc are making it harder to read. I'll keep following but I hope you find someone able edit and fix the errors.

Sorry if my message seems harsh :fluttershysad:. I really enjoy the plot line and the story has great potential but the errors keep distracting me. Hope you keep working on this one too.:twilightsheepish:

2306640 ah so you've met my enemy, homework.

nightmare moon and darkrai would get along juuuuust fine :twilightsheepish:

I woke up under a tree with a blistering headache man how do I get myself in these types of situation I thought to myself.

I think you meant "I woke up under a tree with a blistering headache, "Man, how do I get myself in these types of situations." I thought to myself"

Normally I dont point this stuff out, but that almost made me stop reading the story then and there.

2384061 sorry about that I'm having an editor edit out the previous chapters to make them better

2427002 thank you for saying that I've been having some writers block so chapters might come much later.

2427411 No problem Im sure the others and I can wait!

I posted 12.5 for the teaser that's about to come on chapter 13 something that envolves the mane six and cutie mark crusaders.

i had an idea why don't you put in another eevee so theres a leefeon or something

2441531 that's what I'm thinking but I don't know if people would like the idea.

2450567 she's a Eevee not fully evolved. Hence really young.

Would you please add the missing apostrophe to your title?
It bothers me every time this thing shows up under "Latest Updates".

damn you darkrai gonna use the hidden blade on you


I keep reading all eevees lines in catbugs voice


"How old are you?" She said with curiosity I giggled no one truly asked me how old I was because they'd be afraid of the outcome.
"Well I'm about 1,546 years old. How about you."
"I'm 8 years old." She said smiling

you can put in another eevee if you want. Its your story do what you want with it

I went to find out what cat bug was so friken adorable.

sex talk with two princesses. what the hell type of chapter name is that :twilightangry2: change it god damn it

2466795 I honestly had no idea what to call the chapter so I was like fuck it.

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