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Sunset Shimmer is finally canon to FiM. I am so happy. · 2:58am Oct 14th, 2019

Hi, everypony. It's been such a long time since I did anything on this site, but I found out that Sunset Shimmer makes a brief cameo during the last episode of FiM. For six long, stressful years, I've desperately wanted Sunset to make an appearance in FiM, even for one episode. And it finally happened.

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Comment posted by EldritchNexus deleted Feb 12th, 2019

2416333 sorry for the late reply. but anyways, that's a good suggestion too :twilightsmile:

anyways, here's some others things I will try to do:

first off, I know SaturnStar14 is doing the Past Sins fanfic in comic form, and the way she does it on her deviantart account is that in her main gallery folder shows where the comic is on the left side, and then she divides each chapter into sub folders, so that is what I will do similar to when I adapt Sunset Eclipsed and Sunset Rekindled into comic form, by having the comics in the main gallery folder, then adding each chapter in the sub folders to let people know which one to go to. I will even put a To Be Continued... in the bottom right corner of the last panel at the end of each chapter.

secondly, since in the description of Sunset Eclipsed is the only one which shows the Arc of each chapter, and it's hard to know which Arc is which in the description of the sequel, after I finish making the cover, I will put in a Red and Yellow Background (in reference to Sunset Shimmer's hair/mane color) with white letters saying the Arc name, along with the number before putting in the Arc name.

thirdly, I'm trying to decide how I will do the panels, either horizontal (Up to Down) or Vertically (Left to Right). also I'm trying to decide how many panels I could try to use.

lastly, since I will be adapting Sunset Eclipsed first, I will look back at that fanfic for the following things: backgrounds, character placements, and most of all, dialog.

sorry for the late reply :twilightsheepish:

2416227 I was thinking about something like that. How about this:

Split it in the middle. The left side is the human world, while the right is Equestria. At the bottom, have the pony Sunset looking right, and the human Sunset looking left. The pony Sunset is facing Changelings, while the human Sunset is facing the Chrysalis Syndicate. Use the picture of the Chrysalis Syndicate soldier on my deviantART account for reference.

so anyways, I'm working hard on reading Sunset Rekindled! I'm currently in the Saddle Arabia arc.

btw, I'm trying to think of a good cover for the comic adaption of Sunset Eclipsed and I was thinking of this for a comic cover: since Sunset Eclipsed is the only one outside of the prequel (which I have yet to read) to it that shows both the Human World and Equestria, I'm thinking of showing the Human World with the Chrysalis Syndicate on the left side, then on the right side it shows Equestria with The Changelings and on the bottom right corner it shows Sunset's friends, Trixie and Lightning Dust. and then in the Middle it shows on the Human World side: Sunset Shimmer's Human form, and on the Equestria Side: Sunset Shimmer's pony form. I haven't figured out yet how to stylized the title on the cover yet, but I will let you what I will try to use for the title on the cover. I'm not sure if the cover that I described to you is not final yet, but I let you know if you think of that suggestion for a cover :raritywink:

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