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People expect the star of the story to be the hero, to make the right decisions, to have great people to support them. That's not me. I'm the one who gets shit done, whatever it costs. I will survive


A small modification. · 8:02pm May 9th, 2014

So this is going to those very few of you that have favourited 'Dark Lights Shine Bright'. I am just making a few minor adjustments to the introduction and thought that I should just list them here so that you don't think "WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT COME FROM?".

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'Browse all 1 stories' - Great grammar for a website about stories

Future stories (That I have planned now)

All You Need Is
So this is the direct Prequel to 'A Change Of Scenery'. It will go back to explain Vinyl's actual college life with Rainbow Dash. It also will focus on Rainbow Dash's relationships.

The Lifelong Game
Ok so this is just a completely random story about Babs Seed and Button Mash. It is about (once again) college life. This willl probably be my next story or going at the same time as my infection/apocolapse story as I have already started the opening chapters of both

Dark Lights Shine Brighter
So I am trying my hand in an apocolapse/The Last Of Us kind of story. I have already chosen one of the few most of the main characters ready but I am still searching for one very important mare that will fit the role I have left open. Their also may or may not be some new OC to capture another aspect of myself
It won't just be a rewrite of the storyline of The Last Of Us. As in it won't be they have to smuggle some imune pony. None of that
It will just be using the idea's like quarantine zones and types of infected along with some of my own.
I know it is a very hard topic to master and I could fail miserably but I want to give it a try and show you people my writing in a different genre to romance and college life stuff.


Hey pony peeps from all corners of the magical internets. My name is PandOracle and if you are reading this than you most probably types in the wrong thing while looking for panda's but regardless, you are here now.

To put it simply, I'm an average writer at best (or at least I hope?) but I'm gonna give at least each and every type of story there is a go. I'm not exactly the best at keeping on schedule, and my fics will probably change an easy 10 times before I settle on one final plot. If that is good or bad has yet to be shown.
I am definitely more of a speech-based writer. I can do a lot of speech and make it seem at least remotely normal and like a completely normal conversation with ponies digging at each other at random moments and doing bat-shit crazy stuff when with their friends, yet not so much that it becomes a story in which I 'tell' you rather than 'show' you what happens. However I do feel I am getting better at the normal description (note 'Getting'. Meaning I'm probably not near it at all yet).
Anyways, that's the basics of my writing in a nutshell...hopefully. This is probably the moment that anyone reading this goes "Fuck are you wrong? There is this and this and this and this and that's not right."

But yeah. That's all. Bu-Bai............I'm never saying that again.

Other writers which you should visit:
Comet Burst

Favourite mane 6:
1. Rainbow Dash/AppleJack (Also favourite pairing)
2. Twilight
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Fluttershy
5. Rarity - I just don't like her much...She's kind of a bitch

Favorite author: Ruirik and Ezrienel
Favorite fanfic: Fire and Rain, Curveball, Left With A Kiss
Favourite movies: Stars Wars (because it's fucking Star wars) - Jason Bourne original trilogy - shooter - forces special.
Favourite games (Where do I start?): Red faction series - Star wars battlefront - Battlefield - COD (Mainly Treyarchs part but extinction looks good) - Two Souls - Xcom - The Last Of Us - Basically every single game that is a shooter and also need some tactical thinking (Search and destroy in COD).

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Thank you for favouriting "Child of Order". I didn't think anybody was still reading that one, but its nice to see that somebody is enjoying it.

Thank you for the fave on Party of Two! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for faving "I Am Not A Maniac"!

Oh. You actually favourited it. I was joking. You didn't need to.

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