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After being coerced by Sweetie Belle to use a real Hearth’s Warming tree, Rarity finds herself to be in quite the dilemma. Because of how late in the season it is, there aren’t any Hearth’s Warming trees left in town to be sold. Frustrated, Rarity vents to her friends during their weekly lunch date. Unfortunately for her, all of her friends are busy, and are unable to help her with her problem. Applejack, wanting to help suggests enlisting the help of her older brother Big Macintosh to help Rarity get her Hearth’s Warming tree. Spending the day with each other, the fashionista and the draft horse soon develop a friendship.

As the holidays approach, could this newly formed friendship turn into something greater?

RariMac one shot written for the Hearth's Warming Romance Contest in the Unloved Couples Group.

Special thanks to metallusionsismagic and saloony78 for their assistance in the pre-reading/editing of this story.

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A very good story, very cute and in the spirit of hearth's warming. All about the time spent around friends and family and the bonds between them.
I only noticed a few very small errors, but they didn't detract from enjoyment of the story. I can give you a full appraisal some other time if you wish?

Thank you very much for your kind words.

If you to do an appraisal, then by all means do, but only if you want to do it, I could even pm you the GDOC if you want to use it.

Honestly I think this had one of the best characterizations of Rarity I have seen. Yes she is prissy, yes she acts like a lady, but she is a country girl at heart and away from the stress of the boutique we can see her shine as a regular mare. Very well done my friend

I dunno... Spelling and sentence structure is A+, but there's a bunch of filler like Rarity's morning routine, and it feels like something's missing from most scenes - though I'm not sure what. Internal dialogue? Timing? Character awareness? Hrm...
Mac being more talkative is a good way to go for such a fic, but it should give him some trouble - stumbling over words and such awkwardness - if he's not usually one for saying much.

Very well done.Cute story and a very enjoyable read. The only thing I can pick at is I do believe it is called a garland not garish.

I won the contest!

Thank you to all who liked and favorited this story!

Congrats from "Unloved Couples" on winning our "Hearth Warming Romance" Contest

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Very good story I enjoyed it

It may be silly, but I always thought of Big Mac and RRity as a perfect couple.

3729943 Good for you! :pinkiehappy:

"Fluttershy got a nosebleed." Nice touch. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

If nothing else, it was worth reading this story to hear Applejack call Rarity a yuppie. XD

Hey bud, just listened to this book on Youtube. I really enjoyed it. I feel a little sorry for Spike but if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be. Loved the dialogue between Rarity and Big Mac.

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