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After the events of The Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity is re-thinking her relationship priorities. When all the ponies are helping out at Sweet Apple Acres, she contemplates attempting a relationship with Big Macintosh. There is a problem. Rarity is a creative unicorn with dreams of fame, celebrity, and life as part of the upper crust in pony society. Big Macintosh is a simple earth pony who is content with the quiet, peaceful, hard working life of the farm. Can the two find enough of a common ground to have a successful relationship? Or will their world views just be too different for it to work out?

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We don't get much RariMac these days, I look forward to seeing more.

Hmm, not sure why you're receiving downvotes for this story. There are a couple of cases of missing punctuation, and your formatting could stand to be touched up, but I noticed nothing glaringly wrong with the story in terms of mechanics. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that in regards to the technical stuff, this is pretty damn excellent.

That said, the story does feel a bit dull at the moment. I'd like to see more showing, versus telling. Consider expounding on the events that are taking place; the cut between harvest day starting, to Rarity giving Mac the basket, as well as the cut from that scene to Rarity's conversation with Applejack, happen with absolutely no segue. They feel more like flashes of scenes than a single, flowing narrative. I do like that you didn't resort to the tired cliche of "Ermahgerd what is this feeling why does I think he's cute?" That seems so prevelant these days. Definite points for that.

In summary, I think the story and characters need a bit more meat to them, but you have the makings of a good story here. Colour me intrigued.

Cheers! :moustache:

Probably because the paring isn't RariJack

2738537 True. That, and it's not that "forbidden love blushfest" fuckery, either.

2738604 Got it in one, man. There's only so much contrived, subtle-as-a-brick pigshit masquerading as romance that one person can take.

...Hmmm, that was pretty strongly worded. Let's just say that blushing =/= insta-love. These cats watch too much anime.

I've seen UST-Hate=Wuv used as an excuse to pair mortal enemies (who might or might not swing that way) far too often elsewhere so I agree with you.

Bad anime at that, or bad fanfiction or bad romance novels.

Good, now don't rush them together.

Very nice. Has the feelings of a slow paced romance. We need more of these as opposed to the "Hi, we just met and let's fuck because I think you're cute" stories that littler the net. Quick suggestion though, space out your paragraphs. Just hit enter one extra time and it makes the story look better. Right now, it seems to be a well done wall of text. Space it out and it will look like a professional story.

Genuine D'aaaaawwwwwwwww moment there. Perfect.

Oh Mac you dumbass. I like how you have him handle that stallion, times just holding your ground works as well as throwing the first punch.

Short, sweet, but still gets the point across clearly. Well done.

I reached the end and I;m like, "Is this the end? Please let there be more!" Then I went to the cover and saw the Completed tag.
"Darn it."
Epilogue? :applecry::applecry::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::scootangel::scootangel:

Their choosing to stay friends was intended to be the epilogue. I really don't know what else I could add to the story to require another chapter. If it helps, imagine it taking place during season two, specifically between "Sisterhooves Social" and "Sweet and Elite." It also gives the opportunity to keep the canon events that occur in "Hearts and Hooves Day."

Has anyone else had this problem? I ask because I set it up with indentations for new paragraphs, and it appears as such for me.

Wonderful story, though I couldn't understand why you needed to make the scene with the other stallion. May I ask why you did so? Also I liked the pace as well. Lately it's been way to fast on other stories. However I think you could of gone a little bit slower. As I said before wonderful story.

I needed something to emphasize that their was conflict between the two personalities and it was what came to mind. I don't recall what it was, but something had reminded me of the "Nice guy"/"Friend-zoned" issue some guys seem to have in regards to rejection (think it might have been a comic where Fluttershy met a unicorn called White Knight that was similar). I did not like it, but could not really think of anything else.

As for length, it's actually longer than originally planned. It was supposed to be short, about the length of the episode. Just... didn't seem to work out that way :raritydespair:

Figures, after so much time without a Rarimac fic, one appears and shoots it down. :applejackunsure:

lol implied future SweetieMac.

I liked this. I'm a little sad that they didn't end up actually together, but it was really the best. The way Rarity was treating him, while not bad, wasn't good. But yeah, excellent story.

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