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The Notebook


Mac has a quiet life. A few tussles, a few turns and bumps, nothing majorly crippling. So when he gets asked to go on a date, with Rainbow Dash he agrees. Seeing no reason why not agrees to walk her home, only to be trapped there for much longer than a few hours.

Thanks for the cover art goes to Flint Sparks (Who I forgot to mention for the entire 4 hours 48 minutes and 19 seconds I waited to be approved.)

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Ahem. Dat cover art. Dat cover art that took someone at least an hour to draw. A certain someone who would like credit for their work. Credit for work requested in this thread. As in their profile linked to the picture or in the description for their hard work. The artist won't take it personally this time, because forgetting does happen, but the artist would appreciate it if you fix this issue and remember in the future.

It was a very cute story, but there was just one thing wrong.
Rainbow Dash lives in a cloud house. First, she would have to fly a fully-grown stallion up there, which, despite how strong she might be she simply could not do. Secondly, he would fall through as soon as they landed, because only Pegasus Ponies can walk on clouds.


**** sorry bro...

(I knew I forgot something... Crediting.)

Surely you cannot call this complete? I must see this develop to its fullest extent. And of course, there is the ubiquitous PinkieMac that must be expounded upon! Please, sir, give use more!


Suck it up. You have the rein over developing something from this. I however, (and would actually I would go farther if it weren't for the fact of) already have another story in the process.

Awww Mac is so oblivious, he doesn't know Pinks has a crush on him


Speaking of Big Mac's character did I do any good portraying a story through him.

3676222 how am i supposed to know? The show doesnt really show much of Macs character. Its up to your own interpretation.


You win... Minor problem though. I didn't really think of that all while writing that. (Mostly why I skipped talking about the trip to her house.)

'Griffon the Brush off', 'Party of One', also, I'm pretty sure they're below it in 'Wonderbolt Academy', as well as probably a few other times. Or, if you don't want to go look up the episodes:


You proved your point it's staying as it is though, especially now. Non-descript.

Well, I wasn't telling you to change it anyway, just pointing out. :twilightsmile:

EEYUP! I figured as much. I just wanted to stat that I won't.

I saw a lot of mistakes in grammar... Dash do lives in a mansion made of clouds... but if the weather team need some clouds, she can put it on ground level (acourding to the comics), but i doubt she will has the need to do that, given the fac that is a mansion and most have to many levels.
cute story... next please!



Fine Alternate story line it is then damn it!

lol, Nah, I don't particularly care; but hey, there are a dozen other people who probably would take you up on that offer - just put it out on a forum and you're sure to find someone. Or don't, it matters not to me. Besides, I'm actually working on something as well, though it's not nearly as nice as your piece.

ah-HA! May I present to the jury: The interior of Rainbow Professional Danger Dash, as seen in Season Four, Episode Four, of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic. Too fucking bad I can't find the image on the web and can't add an image from my gallery but It shows clearly that Rainbow Dash's house's interior is stone and not at all cloud in any way, shape, or form. It's at the end of the episode at 21:30, I believe.

I've never actually commented before so I don't know how to do the arrow name thing and I'm on a phone so my last comment towards everyone, I guess... It's very late, HAPPY HEARTHSWARMING EVE EVERYPONY!


This a bit late but I could find just as many errors in that post I bet. ~bets five yaoi pictures~

3893942 Yes, but english is not my birth lenguage, and even that, I just lack the writing experience, not the reading one. :derpytongue2:


I was messing around. Sarcasm is fun. But seriously I was just playing around no need for you to do anything.

3894396 Sorry, even in spanish I can't understand sarcams. I mean to write more in english for getting better, But I still don't understand the english grammar and sintaxis, no luck yet.

Thanks for clarify that.


Your welcome just remember ing (unless you are are doing southern American accents in which it's: in').

This is good. Creepy, but amusing. My wife is crazy from time to time, but I think that's because she's Italian... >.>
Anyways, this is my favorite of the two chapters. This pairing is fun. Nicely done.


Hey I was told to write a sequel. And while MacDash is my OTP it's fun putting him in different situations. Sorry if I offend.


Oh no don't worry, I wasn't offended in any way, a lot of authors do this to mix things up a little


That's good. I planned on doing this every fifty followers.

3914466 macindash is great but its probably hard you know everyone wants a piece of big mac

4252516 True, but none can handle him as well as Rainbow :raritywink:

4253168 yeah but you know he gets some attention from some other type of "ponies" too you know

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