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This story is a sequel to Any Landing You Can Walk Away From...

Delta had a particularly rough winter holiday.

Not that they weren't always rough, what with all the emphasis on family, happy-times, and love... while she spent most of her holidays bar-diving and drowning her loneliness in booze... but this year was especially bad.

Things had seemed to be getting better for her - she was connecting more with her daughter, was starting to cut back on her drinking (admittedly, only a little... but still!)... and then the dreaded day had arrived and left her feeling alone, unloved, depressed... devastated.

Dragging herself out of bed on New Year's Eve a few days later, she prepared for more of the same...

But perhaps a certain yellow filly can turn things around for Delta, and help her to start the New Year on a high note?


CONTAINS NO CLOP - Only innuendo, coarse language, and implied sexual themes.

Featured on 01/06/18!

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Thanks for taking the time to write this one, Clops.

Is Delta a Pegasus or Earth pony?

Talk about heartwarming! :scootangel:

I honestly don't know what else to say besides that. It was a cute, heartwarming fic about Delta, and I loved it!

Thanks for the (late) New Year's gift, Clops!

(Also, Apogee is possibly the naughtiest filly in existence, teasing her father like that while having a heartwarming moment with both of her parents.)

(Also, please ignore the copious amounts of the word "heartwarming" in this comment.)

That was wonderful! I seriously had the stupidest smile on my face while reading this. I've said it in chat, I'll say it now - Apogee is a master planner. I mean, that ashtray with her own cute face is quite the deterrent against smoking.

And then the scenes which came after... they were adorable.
And yep, when Apogee snuggled into her dad's lap, we know what happened. How the hell did Delta not notice again? :rainbowlaugh:

And then the explosion. Well, their year certainly ended with a bang, that's for certain.

Still, great job! And I see that this is incomplete, so unless it's a bad tag, that means more good stuff is about to come.
As for the more descriptive, graphic continuation? I'm definitely in on that!

I switched it to complete a little bit ago... Always forget to so that, sorry if i got your hopes up.

On the plus side, I managed to stack you and terrorizer in the comments! I always confuse your avatar pics, so this is a great accomplahment for me!

to see a what looked


Delta could she how she continued


Hmm I'm still a bit perplexed by HOW the cosmos works in this universe...
I mean Celestia and Luna ACTUALLY move the sun and the moon. So... for it to APPEAR as a real world Solar System there must be a LOT of strange things going on...


Awww. Oh well, there's still stuff to look forward to, so I'll settle with that.

And you can easily recognize me by being edible!
... get your mind out of the gutter, you perv.
... ... or don't, senpai~

First story in this account not rated M, and what a story it is! I’m a sucker for character development and good storytelling, this one did not disappoint in the slightest. I hope Delta’s at least a little happy about it too.

Oh, the feels. I did not expect the whole ApoJet universe to take things this far, the evocative power of these images keeps on surprising me even more. Delta stole the scene once again with her love-hate relation with the rest of the family; she’s such a complex and interesting character, I’m glad we got to see more of her by Clop’s pen. Apogee is growing quickly and showing a maturity I didn’t initially expect of her, which makes her even more interesting for the future. I second everything 8650321 said. Jet tries to play it safe, but even himself can’t deny that he still believes every last word of his journal.

Initially I wasn’t too keen on the family ending up back together, but now I find myself re-evaluating the idea and rooting for a happy reunion. I still have some serious doubt about how the whole “incest” thing could be sorted out, but I guess that’s for Shino to decide in the official blog, if he ever decides to go back on his words and address it directly.

This family, wrecked by fate, naivety and lust is starting to stroke some cords I last felt on something both similar and very different, I’ll leave this here if somepony wishes to walk down memory lane.

As far as non-clop stories go, I’d gladly take more from where this came from. Not that I’d complain about new smut either, but I like a diverse variety the most.

Being able to help refine this story has been a great pleasure for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever thanked enough Clops and the whole space ponyos crew for the opportunities they offered me and the great times I spent with them. You guys are Awesome!

I also want to thank 8650404 for catching something I missed in my first reading, every contribution towards quality matters!

*snealiky follows xRei*

I'm so glad that they enjoyed some real family time together. The "black dog" of depresson is a real thing and clearly written by someone who understands it's not just a simple case of "being happy". The explosion is also a great narrative excuse to have Delta stay with Jet and Apogee for a while. In either drama or Clop form.

Shame about that mail mare. You would think she would be excellent at her role.

I've read every fanfic since you started writing about Apogee (kinda new to fanfics so yea, hehe...)
And so far you're doing a brilliant job in my opinion. And this one is no exception, it even made me chuckle sometimes.
Keep up the great work and I'd love to see a follow-up clopfic :3

Love seeing stories where Delta can enjoy a bit of happiness; as much as I'd love to see her and Jet reconcile, Apogee's shenanigans would probably throw a wrench into that...

She’s too cute. Had about 10 heart attacks. I wonder what Delta is going to do as she continues to read Jet’s journal. Also, I wish Shino would do more to clarify what exactly happened between those two.

The part where Apogee was the pony connecting her parents gave me fuzzy feels. Well written part. ^_^

This storyline keeps getting better and better. Maybe you'll merge all of them together? Because everything's Canon with Shino right? Anyhow looking forward to More Content From you ~ClopFicsInTheComments~. You never Disappoint

Delta blinked, working her jaw around and making*MAWP*sounds to try to clear the ringing from her ears.

"Damn you tinnitus, you're a cruel mistress!"

Why is her mom so depressing?

Oh that was good! So very good. Seeing into Delta’s head, how she feels, it’s really nice. And I certainly liked Delta’s sporadic revelations about how she feels about her daughter. In fact, this seems like she ran from Apogee for fear of being a bad mum. And now she’s finding out being a mother to the little filly really wasn’t something to be so concerned with.

As far as the side clop...I think it would take away from this. I mean we can imagine what Gee and Jet did, but to have a side story on exactly what they did would take away from the emotion of this. I think it would actually cheapen this.

I really really agree here. I thought it was all so cute and didn't even think about anything in that route. It was cute and then I saw the author's note it really hurt the story as a whole. It cheapened the whole thing like they said.



I actually lean your guys' way: it was one of the reasons I did it non-clop in the first place. I felt like the fic really shouldn't be about that.

Of course I got nervous and threw in the possibility. I'm probably not going to do it unless a huge portion of commenters sart to riot... There's plenty of other ongoing clop in the universe!

Nein #23 · Jan 7th, 2018 · · 1 ·

This story has proven that you are great at non-clop as well. I liked the characterization and developement. Also this is the first story I read that disagrees with the incredibly moronic canon that Celestia and Luna control the moon and sun. I have the exact same head-canon as you, that they use illusion to make it seem that way to enhance their political power. A huge plus for me!

Hahaha, that's actually Shino's headcanon. We've had some fun debates/ideas in discord chat about it.

I'm a Royalist at heart: long live the princesses!

That being said, it will be 'fun' tying to explain/write a cohesive physics system that involves omniscient princesses 0w0

This was great but, definitely hoping for the clop from it.

That was very good !
Since chapter 3 of Any Landing You Can Walk Away From... it became more than a good (and a bit funny) clopfic.
Love the character devlopment and with all the things i read about this universe, now i realy hope for a good ending ^^

I want Jet and Delta to have THE. HOTTEST. SEX. When they make up and get back together. Like THE. HOTTEST. SEXIEST. MESSIEST. SEX. EVER. It’s gotta make up for all those years apart of each other.

That's an okay bonfire.

It'll toast your marshmallows alright

That was heartwarming and funny at the same time:heart:! Also...

“…ooo fireworks!”


This was a beautiful, heartwarming fic that I thoroughly enjoyed.

If you're going to write stories about space ponies, please get the basic astronomy correct.

Basically in a few minutes, we’ll hit the winter solstice… which is when we get furthest away from the sun.

Seasons are not caused by the distance to the sun. They are caused by the change in flux received by a portion of the surface as a result of the planet's tilt as it goes around the sun.

You were closer when you said:

"See kid, there's this thing with our planet, a tilt… like this…” Delta had sketched out a rough 2 dimensional version of the planet, with little dotted lines from each pole to a nearby Sun she'd drawn, clearly demonstrating the axial tilt with her diagram.

“And as we go around the sun… like this…” Delta hastily drew another diagram with a large elliptical path around a central dot. “…This tilt ends up wobbling to the other hemisphere… I'm sure you know about all this from school and you've probably seen it yourself with the seasons changing and the shorter days during winter.”

But the tilt doesn't wobble on timescales of a year, the precession rate is closer to 25,000 years. It's the fact that the tilt is fixed relative to the reference frame of the Earth's orbit that allows for such consistent seasons.

If you ever want a science advisor, please let me know.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the fic!

You are absolutely correct in your description of the axial tilting of the planet. But I don't think I'm off when I say that during the winter season a particular point in the northern hemisphere is likely to be more distant from the sun - the tilt of the planet absolutely moves a point on the sphere further away from the sun. I know that most of the effects of heating and the like are due to the oblique angle of incidence of solar energy meaning more is dissipated in atmosphere, the amount of solar footprint, the time of daylight hours etc... But for literary purposes and the metaphor, distance was well suited.

Next, around the wobble bit... I know there's no 'wobble' in the axial tilt (or add you mentioned only a much much longer term one) but when it comes to describing it for a child, (or readers) wobble is a good term to use.

That said, if love to have someone as interested as you in the science be able to advise on future pics! What is your speciality? I particularly would love to have someone with keen understanding of various rocket and engine types (closed cycles, fuel types, etc).

Adorable and heartwarming. Love Apogee coming to check up on her lonely mama.

Thank you!

It's so rare to get comments on this story, really appreciated.

Your welcome. Also, I found that journal scene interesting because it touches on a little noted part of Delta's trauma. She regrets the distance between herself and Apogee, but doesn't know how to bridge it because Jet used her own motherly instincts as a way to control her-which is supremely evil actually. So, not only did Jet's actions ruin her career-it also tainted her relationship with her daughter leaving her with nothing to really hold on to. No wonder she drinks.

(Unless I've misinterpreted that scene.)

Pretty close.

My intent was to show her perspective, which would naturally be biased in one direction.

Really there's no heroes and no villains in this story. Jet did some not great things that sparked into bad things, and Delta let those become an excuse to be a very terrible pony herself.

I think what it really wanted to convey is that characters should strive to heal - we've seen Jet doing that, and it was time for Delta to do the same.

One of the things I actually like about Space Ponyos is that the community supports both sides so stridently. It tells you just how these things can happen in the fall world too that people take sides.

In the end, for healing to happen we have to swallow those hurts and try to cross those chasms.

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