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I want nothing more than to bring a smile to your face with a light-hearted clopfic! If you want to bring a smile to mine, leave a comment!

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Buncha lowercase "quibble" names in there, and one lowercase "dash."

why was she making suc ha big deal

Anyway, good dramatization.

Thanks!!! Making those edits now!



...that was good...

I knew, I knew, as soon as I saw the cover art that it had to have been you who wrote this. When comparing your writing speed to Rainbow Dash's flight speed, you're somehow faster then her. :rainbowlaugh:

Also I gotta say, the cobwebs in terms of style, exacution, and interesting ideas were nonexistent, my friend.

i kinda want to see the after math of this

Incoming top score

This might be the most awesome clopfic here, well with the exception of mine of course.

Any chance of a (cl)op-tional aftermath? Just Quibble and Dash, maybe sexing it up, maybe not, and dealing with the aftermath? Maybe foals, maybe not. Slice of life, or sexfic extraordinaire! Either would be welcome.

In short: please sir, I want some more.

Is Daring Do jealous that she can't get laid?

Bravo exultant righting.

I'm pretty infamous for being pretty one-shotty and/or tied to inspiration from pictures.

That being said, I like Quibbledash , I may very well write it again!

I imagine she has her pick of stallions, but she might be a bit jealous after seeing quibble's performance!

Let's not quibble.

Let's not, Quibble.

Punctuations save pregnancy!

I do not regret this half-assed joke. Good day! :pinkiecrazy:

Yep, you got the pun! Lol, was hoping it wouldn't go over everyone's head!

Yay! I m smrt. =D

Good sir, do we need to have a conversation between those two on who's faster?

I know this was meant to be clop, but this was both cute and funny! I liked it!

this one is hard for me to like or not they clearly didnt want to be tied together and then they forced rainbow into estrus to have foals when she wasnt ready and maybe quibble wasnt ready to be a father yet but on the other hand after getting untied and finding out the ruse they didnt stay mad for very long

While I agree the NC is kinda IFfy, I think the "bind" aspect of the story would add a BDSM tag or maybe shibari (kinda), but definitely not vanilla. Regardless of its the eventual outcome it is essentially erotic torture, complete with (brief) orgasm denial. Also depending on who you ask impregnation might be considered an "extreme" fetish. Tags aside, well written and excellent expansion of the brief scenario presented by the inspiration artwork.

This concept is interesting, but I don't see it much. I guess it's very niche.

I somewhat agree.

Though how can impregnation be extreme? lol. It's like the most natural / moral outcome of sex according to your more conservative viewpoints, kinda funny to hear that.

Can we have a seven months later epilogue?

I'd say it's more the idea that it's a forced impregnation than anything. That's the only thing I can think of that makes it extreme in this case.

Damn...mixed feelings here. The ending...errr, not the ending ending, but when she says "I love you too, big guy" was surprisingly powerful. I feel going into funny-mode and treating the whole thing as a joke at the end kind of ruined a surprisingly powerful moment in what could have been a surprisingly powerful story.

EDIT: Actually, I take it back. My feelings are not mixed. You almost wrote the best clopfic in history but then you had to ruin it with that ending. I hate you.

Hmmmm.... only one big creampie scene. From you I expected at least 3, and a bunch of other cum covering situations. And no love for Daring. It seems I'll only be able to fave and like this.


That ending was incredibly fucked up on so many levels, but hilariously so.

Can we have that discuss/race in 8 months? I just have a really good feeling about that specific time frame, given the circumstances. :trollestia:

We shall see. Still waiting for you to take the offered torch to join us in having updated.


Ah yes, Rarity and Daring Do committing rape by proxy, that’s in-character for sure. /s

In truth this story could’ve had some strong emotional appeal, but this ending actually just took a more sickening direction. Not to mention there’s several syntax errors scattered throughout.

Love it, third favourite ship. 10/10
Know it’s not really your thing but would love to see a sequel where they try have an actual date after this before getting lewd

Quibble groaned. “I said sixteen and a half inches OK!?”

Rainbow Dash whistled in awe. “Woah… and how about around?”


“Tell me or I’ll kick your flank later for that crack about my teats.” Rainbow glared, her promise deadly serious.

Quibble sighed, completely defeated. “Fine, fine… it’s 10 inches around.”

41,9cm and 25.4cm*


overall not bad, like always. can't wait for the next image that inspires a complete story.

This is fracking amazing!!

I'm not sure if the 'german' accent was intentionally off or not (ex. 'vun' instead of 'und' or 'unt'). The comment about it being a "HORRIBLE fake german accent" implies that it was, but at the same time it's also very Indiana Jones.

Hahaha touche.

Daring is canonically asexual... Her AK Yearling persona is a massive sexaholic though.

Exactly, I wanted to do it somewhat badly... But not TOO much!


I always wanted such fic!

I love this story, and enjoyed the comedic quips between RD and Quibble, and love their romance popping up to the end.

And the ending Rarity what have you done !:pinkiegasp:

I would love to see a small sequal seeing the events after this story. This story going to my favorites.

Quibs. You better get a ring.

My one and only complaint is AJ. Oh dear god what did you do to her accent?

But that aside, I loved it. I always look forward to your work.

Yeah, as I tried to mention through Quibble's diatribe at the end this was all pretty contrived just to get to the setpiece. I agree with you as well that it's a bit out of character for either Rares or Daring to do such a crazy thing...

But thaaaaaats clopfiction! Thanks for reading and commenting anyway!

I'll try to spot some of the syntactical errors, I was missing several pre-readers yesterday.

Can mares get pregnant outside of estrus? Pretty much every pregnancy 'fic I've read involves estrus, and I'm not a veterinarian, so...

Just have her take some mare cock and then it's all good.

This was actually a very clever way to do clop. Well done.

this needs a revenge sequel, maybe two.

I really enjoyed this clopfic!

Quibble sighed, completely defeated. “Fine, fine… it’s 10 inches around.”

Do you have any idea how big around ten inches is? Get a ruler, go to the 10" mark, then spin that in a circle. That wouldn't work very well, even with a stretchy mare...

Other than that, I liked the fic quite a lot, enough to warrant it getting into my 'fave fics' library, along with several of your other works. Keep doing what you're doing, it's great!

This was a good read, loved the relationship between the two of them, hope this will lead to something more from this.

Think about baseball, Quibble!

I'd love to see Rarity in a similar situation!

one way he could write a sequel is to have rainbow pressing charges, and have celestia make them breed with some lucky guards as punishment

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