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Ok yeah this is a lot more normal.

Gonna be honest, I never thought I'd say that about one of your stories.

And this is why Liquid Pride wasn't updated.

I approve.


Expect the same when Father's Day rolls around.

8922740 This one was the well-thought-out, good Mother's Day story.
Dash's First Apartment was the result of too much alcohol late at night while on Derpibooru.

Happy mother's day! Don't forget to give your mother the best gift to get, motherhood!

If you have an erection lasting for more than four hours seek immediate assistance from your maternal figure.

Just. Fucking. Adopt.

Equestria's Dumbest Mother and Son Award goes to...

This is going on my read it later. but i will defiantly get back to it when im feeling Groovy

> TFW you find a clopfic so good, you need to specially prepare your fap hand first:

Oh that's easy to answer, my good fellow. Scroll over the spoiler if you've the courage to know the response.

It's because I'm British

A Mothers' Day fic from the legend? Pardon me while I pick up my jaw from the floor. :yay:

8923113 I'm surprised that you are surprised!

Do you really have a gif prepared for everything?


Well, you've been not too talkative for months. if that's what you mean. Anyway, I'll need to give this fic an R&R. Alas, I don't have an installment of Velvet for today; it's going live in a week, though, because I'm on a schedule. Gonna be a mother-son scene in it again at long last.

"What he lacked in experience, he more than made up for in enthusiasm."

Hey at least this time it isn't for blowjobs. I swear every single blowjob scene I read where it is someone's first time in oral I read this line. I should hold a class or something on how to avoid this sentence.

Made up for it with the alliteration though, that was fucking classy.

I killed the bastard with my bare hands. Just like I will do to Mandopony when I learn his real identity. And then your childhood hopes and dreams will be raped.

I killed a rabbit with lead paint when I was 8 because I wanted it to look like Bugs Bunny.

Dude, you've taken over the box.

....aaaaand now I'm into mother-son porn.

...where did I go wrong?


Nowhere, there's no fucking like motherfucking. That's why it's the only kind of fucking that gets its own compound word.


This calls for bigger celebration.


Shakespearicles never ever disappoints us his followers on this holiday.
awesome story.

In not reading this sooner.

Speaking of which, I should really get to reading this m'self... In the morning.

I will get you one day, Shakespearicles! I swear by Twilight Sparkle's glistening triceps!

This is good... and hot... but... needs more cummies. :rainbowwild:

HA! No GIF that time asshat! I defeated Shakeaspearatamonkey or whatever your name is! I'm an asshole, and I'm out! Peace out, Gadget!

This was a good read keep it up.

there's a Stellar Flare tag now

hmmmm maybe it isnt you? naw its just you and everyone else here who likes this incest story xD we are all fucked up somehow but its a good kinda fucked up :P

Busy doing something naughty good read damn that was fast though xD

Thaaaaaank you for writing this! It was a travesty one hadn't been written yet!

You rock Barbarian Bard!

this is the first time I've read a fic like this (incest) and I have no idea what I'm supposed to think and/or feel lol

I haven't'd lunch yet and here's some free bait so here I go!

If every meme were stored as a gif it'd've a similar result to dithering about 80% of our own genetic code; you'd've something that could remotely resemble your original source material but the constraints now in place make quality a very inconvenient goal to achieve. You can have only up to 256 different colors in a gif and while they can be animated, the file size of the gif becomes exponentially gluttonous with length. Essentially, the point I make is that calling someone out for not having a response gif but another image format is akin to saying one's car being ugly, yet his car yet has more features, safety, handling, performance, comfort, and everybody else loving it too.

Shakespearicles has more memes than anything could possibly fathom. I wager that even a neural network would undo itself into an infinite race condition of death because his memes are infinite in power.

We've'n't seen a single decent meme from you: playing with knives doesn't make you a cook.

Your bait needs less salt, it makes me thirsty.

No... Where did you go so R I G H T?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Now I want a fathers day story with starlight and her dad.

8924996 Okay.

[Adult story embed hidden]

You can't make us fuck our moms, you monster.

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