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Applejack and ass massages...do want:rainbowwild: Like it alot. Really good detail and examination of both characters. Also AJ is best pony. Look forward to seeing what happens next.:scootangel:

Huh, you would think I would have realised that. Spike is older than he looks.

This was nice. Now I want to read a HeartSpike story. Go hands!

the Mature tag should tell you what happens next.


1896092 Thanks for the suggestion.

1896119 You know, before I clicked on the link I was expecting this, myfacewhen.net/uploads/3025-if-you-know-what-i-mean.png

Very well written... I will stick around to see what happens.

…"To be continued…"

1896422 How about, "To be continued within 24 hours?" Does that sound good? In the meantime please enjoy this masterpiece: Against The Wind

Comment posted by Deathpony360 deleted Jan 3rd, 2013

"How old are you fer one?"
"Eighteen." Spike said nonchalantly.
"Really?" she cocked her eyebrow, surprised.
"Yeah. Eighteen." he replied.
"Huh, I just always figured you were younger. You know, like a-"
"Baby?" he cut her off, a little miffed.
"Well, yeah I guess." She admitted, feeling a little silly now with this new information.
"Well," he started to explain, "Dragons do live for centuries. So relatively speaking, eighteen is a 'baby' dragon."

See normally I don't like aging up Spike. But then I did the maths. Then I saw your logic. Now I am enlightened. :duck: Don't ask me where I was going with this.
I feel like I want to write a fanfic, based entirely on this logic. Dammit why am I still up at 8am :rainbowlaugh:

AJ took a deep breath. This was it. "Eighteen... is also the age... of consent." she whispered

Haha, 16 in my country, bitch :raritywink:

But then I reached the end... How dare you leave me hanging like this!

A good read. I think I shall be upvoting and faving this and keeping an eye on it.

Also: badonkadonk. This is actually a word! :duck:

…Much. My anger is appeased. And now I'm sorry.:fluttershbad:
Aaand that's why they're called, Cliffhangers! (Sorry, Between the Lion reference, from back when the show was good.:pinkiehappy:)

@Shakespearicles- I just followed the link. You shameless plugger!:pinkiegasp:
... Hehehe... At least there's more to read. :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:

Wow. This was quite good. I couldn't have done better myself. Please continue! You must continue! And curse you for leaving us all hangin'. I knew a story like this would pop up, but I wasn't expecting it to be so good unless TAW wrote it. Great job!

Wub a dub dub mother F####R!! Yeah Spike! Tap that like a barrel of cider!

Damn, ya just had to cliffhange it.

Dammit! In the best part!

1897411 Thank you. I'm honored at the comparison. I'll try not to disappoint tonight when I finish proofing it. dis gon b gud!

Spike Gives Applejack a Back Rub.
the Mature tag should tell you what happens next.

the Mature tag should tell you what happens next.

Mature tag should tell you what happens next.


Heh, I'm definitely enjoying this story so far, so many things can happen because of that one gif, I love it! The build up was great and I love an hate you for that cliffhanger ending just when it was getting good. You magnificent bastard! Ah well, the more AppleSpike, the better! now to wait for the next chapter where Applejack will rock Spike's world. Let's just hope his hips are ready for it.

I see that I wasn't the only one who read the same subtext in that scene!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Spike_lolface.png
Have a moustache for a great story. :moustache:

i bet at least 12 people went ooo! to this story :rainbowlaugh:

After the horrendous cliffhanger, then there's no sex!? I'm sorry to say I'm very disappointed. Now I'm stuck having to write the second chapter myself (which will remain unpublished I might add. I don't steal others' work.). Or of course I could just start over from scratch. But then again, fitting this in without making it look like "fuck me slave" is really impossible except for the direction you took with it. And we don't need a clone of your story floating around. But maybe I'll think of something else. I dunno. But I do know that I'm not one for strange plot twists. No pun intended.

1901568 No sex? Did you read the second chapter? Just because there wasn't classical intercourse does not mean 'no sex' Look at all the F/F clopfics! I'm just saying, you need to broaden your limited definition of what you consider 'sex'.

Anyway, I'm actually really surprised there aren't more "Spike give AJ a backrub and then sex happens" clopfics after that episode. By all means, make your own version. I'd read it.


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Stamina is right!

Jeezus Christ, he got his entire arm in there?! Ahahahahahahahaha!

This was both hilarious and sexy! As I expected, she totally took him around the world all the way into Magical Fun Land. This will be a moment that Spike will not soon forget. I give it a thumbs up! More AppleSpike is always a good thing.

1901826 Well, when you look at how small he is, his arm is about the size of a stallion's... stallionhood. :twilightblush:

Well, that is true. You gotta point there.

Still, I just can't help but picture Spike thinking, "Holy fucking shit, I think she's eating my arm... and it's so hot."

The best part is that he gets fucking stuck, that was a great touch. Ahem, and excuse the potty mouth.

I fucking support this!!!:moustache::trollestia::yay::twilightsmile::raritywink:

Bah, the first chapter was better. Their attitudes completely changed

The only thing I thought when she said more the first time I was instantly like 'oh look, fisting.' then you took it to an extreme. I fucking love it and the only face I can make is Me Gusta.

I get what you mean about the lack of back rubs leading to sex fics after that episode though I do hope they're on the way. I'm also hoping for a fic where Spike uses the power of back rubs to become the harem king of Equestria.

I love the ending! Thanks for posting!

1902509 Yes. Story. Now. SOMEONE!!!!!

Whats going on in Applejacks mind when she realized he's stuck.

Spikes actual reaction to this predicament

Twilight's take on what shes witnessing

Fantastic! And totally laugh out loud hilariousness! Well done my friend. Well done. :ajsmug:

Remember how I said I'd tell you when we're in too deep?

That . . . was . . . awesome!! The last line under the picture is a bit of a coup out though.

I love that just one scene in the episode has inspired so much.

I knew!

Everybody fucking knew!

Knew that this would happen when that part came!

And that's once again another reason this community is so hilarious in a good way.

1902215 Well to be fair I had to go from 0 - 60 from the canon episode to... well that. There was bound to be some character shifting in thier attitudes.
And some of it can be... a lot to take in? YEEEEEEEAH!

1902808 DO IT FILLY!

1902330 I don't write anything half-way. Glad you enjoyed it.

1903048 To be honest, I really had trouble with an ending at all. I didn't want to bother with them having actual sex since his tiny dragon... tool, would be grossly undersized compared to his stallions' counterpart. Maybe someone will write a sequel to this later when he grows up years from that day and comes back to 'give her a back rub' for old times....

... maybe it'll be me. Maybe. If you're all good.

excellent work. everything flowed brilliantly.

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