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This story is a sequel to Impermanence

When Discord told Fluttershy that he loved her, he meant that he loved her forever. A beautiful, if fanciful sentiment to most. To a being like Discord, it's a very real promise. For one of them, forever is a very real thing, and an impossibility for the other. But Discord is a master of the impossible. It's his gift. And his curse.

Written for Muwun.

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Princess Twilight Sparkle writes letters to her former mentor.
Her friend, Spike, would rather she didn't.

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Jinglemas 2018 For Aragon

This Hearth's Warming, Bonbon wants to finally introduce her parents to Lyra. And also to make a happy announcement.
Now with an extended ending!

Chapters (1)

Shining Armor is a complicated stallion. One would not believe that a pony of the Royal Guard would have such refined taste beyond simply 'food'. Unfortunately, his parents do not share his palate for the exotic.
But as chance would have it, his parents are going away for the weekend, leaving him with the perfect opportunity to eat something that he really loves.

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While running a Wonderbolts' message to Rainbow Dash, Soarin runs into his old friend Big Macintosh. To catch up on old times, Big Mac invites him to his regular game nights with the other guys. During his visits to Ponyville, a certain somepony catches Soarin's eye.

Being the old-fashioned gentlecolt that he is, Soarin feels obliged to ask her brother's permission before courting her.

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Starlight Glimmer has gotten her hooves on Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Journal and she realizes that she could fix everything with time travel...

... So she does.

Starlight Fixes Everything
In Thirty Seconds or Less
( Or the pizza is free! )

Featured on Equestria Daily!
The collaborative group project from Starlight Glimmer Fixes Everything
Authors' credits can be found at the end of each Season chapter
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Reviewed and Recommended by PresentPerfect

Starlight Glimmer has gotten hold of a time-travel spell and the Friendship Journal, and she's gonna fix some drama, friendship lessons be hanged!
So here's a first: not only is this technically incomplete, but I'm about to be reviewing (in no particular detail) something I wrote! Or had a hand in writing, at least. Holy shit, there's 54 authors in this. @_@ As the season 8 chapter was just uploaded, I feel the time has come to throw the spotlight on it, incomplete or no. What will you find in here? Hilarity. Not every installment is equally good, but this is a celebration of everything that makes Starlight Glimmer the overpowered psychopath we all know and love. The problem with fix-fics tends to be a lack of drama or conflict, but when your starting premise is "we're going to short-circuit all the drama, and it's gonna be funny", the field is ripe for shenanigans. There's lots of pizza, lots of shipping (and the thing I did in S8 where Starlight's getting old, which I don't think actually works, but whatever); this is a real good time and you could do far worse than pull up a few of its episodes now and then for some laughs. You never can know what someone will come up with to short-circuit an episode, after all! Trust me, I wrote the non-canon sequel. :V

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"Life is suffering." - Buddha

Decades after leaving Ponyville, Spike is consort to Dragon Lord Ember, and father to her children. Settled into his role as her diplomat, relations with Equestria have never been better. His life as a proper dragon is going well.
Until one day he receives a letter, a summons he can not refuse.

Written for the Make Spike Suffer contest.

Chapters (1)

Parents tell their foals that they can be anything that they want.
For me, however, it's a bit more literal.
At least it would be if my parents had said that.
Or if I knew them at all!
So what do you do when you can become anypony?
You become a spy, of course.


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My name is Smarty Pants.
I want to tell you about my friend, Twilight Sparkle.
She's my best friend. And I'm her best friend too.

Or, at least I was...

...for a while.

Chapters (3)

It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville. And Twilight Sparkle is on a mission to find out as much as she can about the subject of Love. She finds herself in Sugarcube Corner, observing the other patrons, and talking to Mr. and Mrs. Cake, in a effort to answer the most important question of her life: What is Love?

Chapters (2)
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