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Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood have always been a bit testy.
It comes to a head when they put their coin purse where their mouth is.
They compete to see who has the biggest balls in Equestria.

Things get a little nuts.

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Heh, I see what you did there

I swear I didn't read the story. Just after I saw the title, you made me dirty minded 💀

Got the AC/DC song stuck in my head now :rainbowlaugh:

I went into this thinking this couldn't possibly be about the balls I'm thinking of...and even then you still had me going there until the end. :rainbowlaugh:

Hillbe #6 · Apr 2nd, 2022 · · 1 ·

:moustache: Shall we go?
:duck: Shall we come too?
:unsuresweetie: It said foals eat for free
:facehoof: Another Burger King
:rainbowhuh: Where's the Dairy Queen?
:moustache: We'll have a grand ball
:trollestia: Cake?

Exactly one thousand words and packed full to the brim with innuendo and clever word play, for that you have my applause. 👏 thumbs up and favorite!

Bon Scott is laughing in his grave right now. Thank you.


Bitches be all out trying to out Martha Stuart each other while Luna was off picking her nose or seeing how many stallions it took to prolapse or oppressing the proletariat or some combination there of.

Is this what it feels like to be high on every drug at the same time?

Shining’s and Blueblood’s balls were too close together so nopony came, of course they’d prefer Celestia’s balls over theirs. :ajsmug:

You've got big balls, Shakes.

Charity and fancy dress are all well and good, but as we see here, Princess Celestia knows that the best balls to hold are the balls held for pleasure.

They should have invited the Hippogriff Navy, where there are balls there are seamen.

Wonderfull fic Shakes, i enjoyed it alot.

Not sure what I was expecting. But I came away entertained regardless

Wow, the balls of that mare!

i love it.

Oh my goodness *wheezing* Celestia would.

I knew exactly where this was going, and I still enjoyed every last word!

That was a real chain-yanker. You certainly left me satisfied and smiling!

I was hoping that you would pull in big balls, cuz it was obvious what this wasn't referring to lol

I did a fanfic reading of your story with a full cast for a special! I hope you enjoy it!

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