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"Where are my balls, Twilight?"


Three words: Best. Fic. Ever.

You did something! And it's awesome! :D

God, how did I not think of this sooner

Love the Rick and Morty parallel

Can't wait for a reading of this. :pinkiehappy:

anyone else get the rick and morty reference from the title alone?

"It was diffrent, I don't read many Spike storys"

Funny enough, there is a story where dragon Spike, while in his dog form, got so angry and berated everyone around him, Fluttershy stare him down and took him to get neutered.

So dog Spike here may get his if is quick enough.

Amazing. Aaaaaaaaabsolutely amazing. :rainbowlaugh:

This should be a hard cover book!

I was gonna make a Rick and Morty reference but I see I'm a little late to the punch, so I'll just say:

Nice job.

Oh my gosh, I had to read this the second I saw the title.

Admit, you read it because you watched Rick and Morty. "Where are my testicles, Summer?"

Scribbler, you did a horrible, horrible thing...and I love you for it! :twilightoops: :trollestia:

As the princess of lewd, balls are important and I officially side with our future dog overlords who will then decide which humans get their balls cut off. Good fic by the way ;D

Ya, others beat me to the punch, but ya. Rick and Morty reference all the way. Just missing the exoskeleton.

I thought this was based off that Rick and Morty episode.

I was sorely mistaken.

Anywho, it was a very good and funny story, yes indeed. Would have loved another chapter too.

Author Interviewer


Spike: Where are my balls, Twilight? Where are my balls, Twilight? They were removed, where have they gone?

Twilight: Oh, wow. That's an intense line of questioning, Spike.

Spike: Do not call me that! Spike was my slave name. You shall now call me Spyro, because my fur is purple and natural.

I giggled at "Look at it Twilight!"
Have a like and fav

Oh my. Scribbler! This was so hilarious! I just never thought of it from that perspective. I like to see how that story turns out!

Thank you for the funny!

So clearly they're going to need magic to make this fantastical wish come true.
Which probably means going to Equestria.
Which means this is now a search for the dragonballs.

Dude please continue the story!!!!


SPIKE EQUESTRIA! BUCK YEAH! fetch my bones and where are my balls?

:moustache: And I got nothing humping Raritys leg....
:raritystarry: That's not what legs are for Spokey poo
:facehoof: Yeah, try telling that to a dog...
:trollestia: being responsible is not mutilating you pet.

My voice in my head said this was stupid after ten words. BUT I DIDN'T LISTEN! I READ THE WHOOOOLE THING AND ENJOYED IT!!!

Dear Princess Twilight, does equestria have a spell for regrowing testicles on dogs? Love Twilight Sparkle

sequel please? you could parody the 420 episode of family guy with spike singing a song in the park about how dogs need their balls to be happy

Rick and morty anyone?

Yeah I thought of Rick and Morty too.

I was just thinking that, bit of a give away with the summery.

Yep, first thing that popped into my mind.

1) you don't talk dog anymore spike two, you just said there not cognitive so they won't understand what your talking about.

I have a worrisome feeling that Spike is somehow gonna get a robot suit, find a way to make other dogs smart, get them robot suits, and then try to take over the human race.

"Oh please. You regularly pick up my poop and forget to take the baggy out of your coat pocket before you go to class."

How do you forget that?

And twilight will be his pet because she was nice to him

8444948 Probably. And/Or Fluttershy. Twilight's dad however.....he may want to give him a "haircut."

That got a good laugh outta me. Have a like and a fav.

"So go to the vet's place and fetch them." He tilted his head to one side, "You do know fetch, right?"

A story about Spike losing his testicles shouldn't be this funny, yet this one is (probably because they're already gone, and he didn't mind for a duration). This line helps, as it shows he maintains his World Famous Snark.

Yes, that story is unfunny dogshit, and the author should feel bad.

Epilogue to the story: Twilight learned about Neuticles, and they were actually useful for once in their entire existence.

Note: if you are curious, but cautious about what I’m talking about, Neuticles are fake dog balls. Yes, you can buy fake balls for your dog after you neuter him.

My thoughts exactly.

"your balls? Yeah, they were a sacrifice to the powers that be for your continued acceptance and position on this society. At that point it would literally have been impossible to know you would eventually become sapient through other-worldly magic and conclude that such a sacrifice was unjust. Sorry about that, but that's life."

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