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Vinyl wasn't always Vinyl. Once upon a time she went by a different name and stalked the nighttime streets of Equestria looking for victims' blood to drink. That is, until she met Octavia. These days she lives as a mortal, happy in her relationship and eager to put her demons behind her - both literal and metaphorical. Unfortunately, when it comes to her family, her past just won't stay ... dead.

A full cast reading of this story can be found here. A new chapter will be uploaded on both Fimfiction and YouTube every Friday.

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'All the world’s a stage,
And all the mares and stallions merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one pony in her time plays many parts,
Her acts being seven ages.' ~ William Shakespony

In the aftermath of banishing her corrupted sister, Celestia is left to tend to a land ravaged by fear of their own rulers, political discontent, racial tensions between the three tribes and her own crushing loneliness. A thousand years is a long time to wait for the return of the pony she was closer to than anyone else in the world; long enough that she needs to make other connections with other ponies to prevent herself from going mad and following her sister into corruption. The question is, can one pony ever be strong enough to rule a land for a thousand years and be both a good ruler and a good pony?

Written as a Patreon reward for Echo Located, who asked for a first person story about Celestia during the period of Luna's absence based on the poem 'The Seven Ages of Man' by William Shakespeare.

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Pinkie keeps trying to throw Anon a Welcome to Our World party. Anon keeps getting injured during her attempts. But this time she totally has everything perfect. Nothing can go wrong.


Written as a patron fic request.

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After staying away from her friends for years, Fluttershy is stunned to discover Rainbow Dash on her doorstep looking injured and asking for sanctuary in her escape from someone she won't name.

Full cast audio reading with special word from the author can be found on my YouTube channel here, starring TheLostNarrator, Illya Leonov and Starryflame.

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Ten points in time. Ten randomly chosen songs. Ten mini fics. Ten pieces of Cadence/Shining Armor.

Utilises an old fanfic writing exercise by which you hit 'random' on your music playlist and have to write a vignette for each one, using only the timeframe of the song itself as it plays to write it.

Parts 1-8 written in 2013.
Parts 9-10 written in 2017.

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Scootaloo waits in a hospital bed for her father and aunt to decide her fate.

Pulls from the Hasbro novel Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe by Nicole Dubuc in which Scootaloo is revealed to live with her lesbian aunts in Ponyville.

OMFG Cloud9 did a full cast reading of this fic!

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Once upon a time there was a unicorn called Losty who went on an adventure ...

A birthday gift for TheLostNarrator.

Holy moly, KenzieVA and friends did a reading of this fic!

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Twilight shares a secret place with Rainbow Dash on her first birthiversary since they became a couple. [TwiDash]

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A collection of (mostly) unconnected one-shots all based around pairings as chosen by the Wheel of Shipping. Each day throughout March, I will spin the wheel to produce a pairing and then write a one-shot about that couple. Some stories will be long, some short, some comedy, some drama, some tragedy, some serious, some not etc.

Wheel of Shipping, turn, turn, turn, show us the pairing that we should burn ...

[Note: Not all tags are in all stories. They represent an overview of what the stories as a whole include. Check description for brief notes on the genre of each day's ficlet.]

Day the Twenty-Fifth: Derpy Hooves/Nightmare Moon
Day the Twenty-Fourth: Rainbow Dash/Princess Luna
Day the Twenty-Third: Trixie/Pinkie Pie
Day the Twenty-Second: Apple Bloom/Apple Bloom (grimdark)
Day the Twenty-First: King Sombra/Gilda (comedy)
Day the Twentieth: Trixie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/romance)
Day the Nineteenth: Discord/Sunset Shimmer (comedy/action)
Day the Eighteenth: Fluttershy/Spitfire (romance/uplifting)
Day the Seventeeth: Cadence/Nightmare Moon (slice-of-life/darkfic)
Day the Sixteenth: Photo Finish/Princess Celestia (darkfic)
Day the Fifteeth: Princess Luna/Gilda (sadfic/drama/uplifting)
Day the Fourteenth: Golden Harvest/Braeburn (sadfic)
Day the Thirteenth: Sunset Shimmer/Fluttershy (fluff)
Day the Twelfth: Noteworthy/Fleur De Lis (sadfic)
Day the Eleventh: Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon (darkfic)
Day the Tenth: Limestone Pie/Starlight Glimmer (comedy/slice-of-life)
Day the Ninth: Sapphire Shores/Countess Coloratura (fluff)
Day the Eighth: Rainbow Dash/Celestia (comedy)
Day the Seventh: Cadence/Tirek (grimdark)
Day the Sixth: Flash Sentry/Spitfire (sadfic)
Day the Fifth: Fleur De Lis/Big Macintosh (slice-of-life/uplifting/drama)
Day the Fourth: Marble Pie/Prince Blueblood (slice-of-life/uplifting)
Day the Third: Fancy Pants/Svengallop (fluff)
Day the Seconde: Rarity/Shining Armour (drama)
Day the Firste: Queen Chrysalis/Noteworthy (tragedy)

If you wish to spin for your own random pairing, the Wheel of Shipping can be found here.

Cover art of the author drawn by Tranzmute in lieu of something more appropriate.

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