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The thing is, sometimes in life there are things you have to do that are hard. Like, way hard. Harder than they should be. Harder than bucking storm clouds someone overfilled with lightning seeds. Harder than pulling off a sonic rainboom in front of a cloud of ponies who don’t believe you can do it. Harder than … other hard things. That are hard to do. Yeah.

Shut up.

Like you've ever tried to confess your feelings for a stupid apple-bucking farmpony.

Rainbow Dash narrates her own life. Because you just know she would do that.

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Comments ( 17 )

This was a nice little story, and I especially loved the part where Big Mac was really happy that AJ began making friends with the rest of the Mane Six.

You know it's true sibling love when one of them is willing to drop-kick you out the door to spend time with your friends instead of working all day! :eeyup:

Absolutely adorable and so completely in character. Let us hope Rainbow finally says a word, before Colorutura does.

Dash is a doofus. :rainbowwild: Adorable story.

nice story, I wonder how it went.

I think the conversation with Big Mac should have taken center stage for this story, rather than being mostly summarized, as that’s where the big twist is. The silly incident can serve as a funny background event.

Aw, shut up. Like you've ever tried to confess your feelings for a stupid apple-bucking farmpony?

We keep trying but she just can't hear us.

Georg #7 · 6 days ago · · ·

Mares! Who can figure them?

"But Rainbow, you're a mare yourself?"
"Yeah, but I'm not a stubborn stupid sexy applebucking Earth pony!"

the awesomest, most awesome flier in all Equestria

Heh. When in doubt, split the difference.

Hmm … I wonder what a jaxie is?

Whatever it is, it's usually great and powerful.

Nice touch with the Running of the Leaves motivating Dash to be more than just talk. Hadn't considered that angle, but I like it.

In all, excellent bit of first-person Rainbow, especially with Big Mac shining as an older sibling who knows Applejack better than she knows herself. Thank you for a lovely read.

Eh, not sure how to feel about this one. I gave a thumbs up since it was well written for the most part and I did end up enjoying it, but it doesn't really end up doing anything. It sort of meanders along for a while, she runs into Big Mac who proceeds to more or less spew exposition, and then it ends. Nothing gets resolved, nothing really changes, and by the end part of me was sort of wondering what the point even was.

Friend shipping is magic:twilightsmile:

Best of luck with number 20 Rainbow!

Heartfelt and cute :twilightsmile:

Very nicely done Scribbler. I loved it. Any chance we'll be getting a reading from you on Youtube for this one?

I Liked your story before, but I think it's deserved popularity is giving views to one of mine too. So here's an extra fav by way of thanks.:pinkiehappy:

wildcannon46 #16 · Sunday · · 1 ·

Considering the narrator, I’d say this way fit better. It felt, to me, as though Rainbow wrote this herself.

Great look into Rainbow's mindset. Appledashie ftw.

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