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Across time, space and universes, Twilight and Applejack will always find each other.

Each of these is a short look into the ways Twilight and Applejack could meet in alternate universes.

Cover art by the amazing Mindless Sketching.

Chapter 4 - The crew find themselves in an AU based around the infamous Countess Bathory.

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Twijack ain't my usual cup of tea...

... But you have my attention.

A well done story indeed. Short, to the point. I of course have questions about what happened and how it happened, but I suppose that doesn't really matter for this particular story.
Honestly, I prefer Rarilight and Appledash, but I definitely am not apposed to Twijack. I am quite curious as to where this series is going to go and I await further content fervorously

Well, you certainly catch my attention.

As Raven_MacBeth said, it's a well done story indeed. Short, to the point. I'm curious about what is coming next.

"Across time, space and universes, Twilight and Applejack will always find each other.

Each of these is a short look into the ways Twilight and Applejack could meet each other in alternate universes"

Me: Aww, that sounds cute.

Tags: Gore, Violence, Dark.

Me: ... uh... o.0

Curious concept. I enjoy your writings and I absolutely adore your readings. I'm on fimfiction in large part due to your yt.

Other prompts:
• both Apple and Twilight stay in Canterlot growing up & meet in primary school there.
• Applejack is sent to a farmers market/convention, twilight is there as an agricultural consult on the chemistry and soil health.
• Foreign exchange program between the unicorn schools and the earth ponies.
• Humanized AJ and Twilight meet at a dog park when Spike and Winona play together.
• speed dating.
• met through a mutual ex (I recommend rainbow).
• twilight doing charity work at a single mothers shelter (the tree house in Wichita KS is an example) and AJ comes in trying to learn all she can about taking care of a newborn Bloom. Two assumes it's AJs and gets all awkward and/or indignant about such a young mother. Personal story share time. Bonding. Love seedlings.
• age old college n coffee shop
• twilight moonlighting as a doctor in an er and AJ with a work injury.

More Twijack is always welcome in my book, though zombies really aren't my cup of tea. But I'll be definitely tracking this. I'm curious to see what you'll come up with next. :)

The Queen Bee of TwiJack shippping starts off with a solid short.

I love TwiJack and haven't seen anything new in a while. I'll definitely have to check it out!

Those are cute <3 Now I must read them!

I love your readings and comic dubs on YT <3 And now I get to read about TwiJack across the Multiverse? Win Win!

can you make this a story on it's own by Chance? i don't think there's enough Zombie Apocalypse Stories on here, (and yes, it is me from Discord, :3)

There's always a Twilight.
There's always a Applejack.

Love the story so far, cant wait for your other ideas ^^

Raritwi is forever my otp, but this is a close second :twilightsmile:

well... this seems interesting.
I shall grant you my reading time.

A more interesting couple then AppleDash.

My otp
My poor breaking heart!
This was great!

An unusual pairing for me but this has a great start, and a nice departure from OP Twilight.

A nice fluffy set of romance fics about Twi and AJ always each other.... With a gore tag....
God damn it scribbler.

That one zombie is surprisingly well-spoken for something without a lower jaw.

In any case, this isn’t my favorite pairing, but I do love whirlwind tours of pony probability space. Looking forward to seeing where you take us.

I like where this is going, I can't wait to read more and probably catch some feels. Keep up the work Scribbler.

An intense start, Scribbler. Good work. :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

Horrifying, yet hopeful. I can only imagine what the Internet arguments on the ethics here are like. Of course, the language barrier cuts both ways, so it's likely not apparent that the ponies are sapient, but still, this is several layers of distressing.

Reminds me a lot of the world backstory in the Monster Rancher anime.

Hope they manage to get out.

Geat concept, which there was more. At the end I heard the great escape theme in my head. https://youtu.be/MbsuAbTTsV8

An unusual paring which I haven't really seen much.
So far both Stories are really interesting. And Quality wise each of them could be the base for a great Story on their own.

"time of her horn"
Pretty sure you ment "tip" not "time".

Another good, albeit disturbing, chapter. I eagerly await the next the next ^_^

An Equestria where everypony is an alicorn and the ones who aren't are outcasts? Interesting idea for an AU. You know, I feel like some of these drabbles might be worth exploring more than just one chapter. This is definitely one of them. Overall, I really liked this chapter.

Just one note:

I’m sending a theme here, she thought.

Didn't you mean 'sensing'?

She had not even sensed that door and her extra sensory perception was the strongest of all her peers!

Does it still count as ESP when everyone has it?

In any case, fascinating premise. You don’t get a lot of happy endings in eugenic dystopias, but I have a good feeling about this one.

I like Twidash, but I am willing to give this a chance. First chapter, 4.5 out of 5.

... Geez. Why are all of these so morbid?

It's tagged appropriately, if this sort of thing isn't your cup of tea.

does this count as a harem fic if its only two ponies? 🤔

I know this is derived from the stories around Elizabeth Báthory, but I also got serious Zahhak vibes from it too. Well done.

Another chapter that feels it would make a great story. Nice work! Though none of these feel like Twijack stories. They're just in the stories. Nothing implies a ship.

BRO! These prompts are awesome! Each story feels like taking a peek into a world just itching to be unveiled, like reading the back of a new book at the library whilst browsing your favorite shelves.

And out of all of them, this one is by far my favorite so far. Whether or not it's because of how morbid it is compared to the rest of them so-far is beyond me. But by Celestia herself is this a glorious addition to this TwiJack anthology. It doesn't even feel heavily romantic like I'd originally assumed, just a tash/hint of it between the two primary ponies. And to me, that just makes these stories that much better.

It's got interesting characters, incredible world building, and a strong plotline that I'd love to see continued. Incredible work here Scribbler, incredible work! :yay:

i know you're working on a sequel to friendship is magic, but this chapter would be awesome fleshed out into an audio drama for month of macabre 2023

Coming from your youtube channel I can't help but hear you narrating like an actual video upload, good fic

Between the two pegasi, cradled in the knot of cyan and yellow as if they were cradling her, was the skin of a small orange pegasus filly, the smallest of them all.

Oh that is just crossing all kinds of lines. Dear lord! :rainbowlaugh:

This is so fantastically morbid and riveting, and I love it!
Beautifully written, as always, and by the time I reached the end, I really wanted more. On the edge of my seat for the entire read.
It has so many of my favorite elements for grimdark AU stuff, and it's definitely my favorite chapter so far! I would be so down for a complete story of this one.

She was so similar to the first grey mare in appearance that Applejack wondered if they were related

Lovely bit of metareference in the midst of horror.

Haunting presentation all around, really. Smacking the reader in the face with familiar faces long after it's too later to save them really drives home the horror of the setting, making the reveal that much more dramatic and uplifting. (Okay, "uplifting" may be getting ahead of things, but still.) I'm sorry I took so long to get to this one.

Interesting stories. This site can always use more Twijack.

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