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While walking by Fluttershy's house one night, Sunset hears what sounds like Rainbow Dash being tortured by a malevolent Fluttershy. When Rainbow Dash doesn't appear the following day, the girls decide to take a look at Fluttershy's house, where they find evidence that makes it appear that Fluttershy is not the gentle, harmless girl they know after all.

Now has a TVTropes page! And a dramatic reading!

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Well that was an... interesting turn of events...

Well... that was something that happened... at that place... at that time.
And you're using an overused reaction cliche. What that cliche is called, I don't remember, but it's done to death. Too. Much.
Hey, it's still a good story.
Agree with you there.


What. What. What. What.
:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you both. I was hoping this story would get some laughs. :twilightsmile:

Hopefully, you'll tell your friends about this.

Well I saw that ending coming from a distance. Still entertaining to read though, well done.

What about the humiliations the intrepid sleuths endured during their investigation? Also, did you happen to notice anything peculiar about the pratfalls that Sunset kept experiencing?

Oh just wait 'till Fluttershy finds out her other self was a vampire for a short time. Now THAT would make for an interesting roleplay!

7736801 I don't have any friends! :raritydespair:

My dirty mind was right! (I'm sad I have a dirty mind. I'M ONLY 11!:ajsleepy:)

Yeah, innuendos can be very misleading. What exactly did an 11 year old like you experience to have such an understanding of naughtiness?

Also, any chance you can recommend this tale to anyone you know on this site? I'd like to get a few more comments.

7748446 I was 9, and I searched for Bat-pony Applejack. I got Bat-pony AND Applejack. (I wasn't very affected, I just went 'Yep, that must be sex' and now I secretly understand sex-jokes, but I try to keep it hidden and pretend like I don't understand stuff. I also watch Markiplier Prop Hunt sometimes, and my favorite episode is Bonercast!)

Not usually a fan of Lesbian fics, but this was pretty interesting. Apart from the excessive use of the word "Unfortunately", it was a good read.

ending twist was obvious but still loved the story was great laughed my ass off

Did you catch any parallels to Sunset's lacerations with those that someone else experienced?

7750615 seemed sorta familer but i cant place it

Oh, it'll come to you at the right time.:raritywink:

7751952 just tell me please

Watch the episode "It's About Time".

7753467 *face hoof* oh god i cant belive i did not notice grah i feel so stupid

Well, I was a little subtle with it, so don't blame yourself. Still, like it was said, Sunset and the others ended up looking more ridiculous than Twilight did when her paranoia got the best of her.

Sunset shook her head. "I can't tell where my journal is in the dark, and even if I found it, I'd need light in order to write a message."

Uh...Your phones are still functional, right? Use the light to look for the phone!

Still, this was pretty hilarious. Although, I think Sunset has some bad karma or something. Seriously, who gets their hair ripped out from an opened window?! Either fix the bad karma or fix the window!

Great story and I actually thought Fluttershy did it, you know with the title being cupcakes...

Great story, but a lot of the sentences have no punctuation.


"Fluttershy, don't apologize!" Rainbow Dash said fiercely "They accused you of being a murderer and snooped around our house. They should apologize to you!"

On the contrary, Dash, do you not know how psychology works? Sunset thought she heard you getting mauled, you really think she'd walk up and ask the potential killer what happened? Yeah, they jumped to conclusions but they were going to apologize anyway I imagine. Besides, in a horrifying scenario like that, do you really think they'd stop and ASK, like, AT ALL!? :facehoof:

Fluttershy at least kept her cool and explained things, but Rainbow making them walk home covered in feathers as PUNISHMENT for being scared for her and their lives....ugh. I'm starting to wonder how far loyalty goes for human Dash? This is the second fic I've seen where she's been a freaking jerk just because her friends were worried about one another's safety in the case of a horror scenario. I'd be careful, Dash, karma like that could come back and bite you. :pinkiecrazy:

That's sort of what I was going for. Even though it was Rainbow Dash they were worried about, I wanted her to be the one that got the most upset about this.

Granted, I doubt Rainbow wouldn't have minded them doing that if that had actually happened to her (especially since she would've been dead), since it didn't happen here, they went through all of that for nothing. Besides, it was her girlfriend that they misjudged. How would you feel if someone you were dating was accused of a wrongdoing you know they'd never do?

You said this was the second story where you found Dash coming off as jerky in a Horror scenario. What was the other?

7881913 Okay, in cases where it was my partner, then it'd be mixed. In some cases, there is the classic blind love where you never expect your partner to do something like that and they do (making you one to talk by accusing your friends as liars) and others where the evidence they have seems just too convincing. I KNOW I'd be pissed if someone accused them with evidence that I know is bogus- which it really didn't seem to be here until all was explained. Like I said, though, they were panicked, I doubt they'd stop to ask the killer if they were as such.

The other fic I read is Twilight's Time of Terror. I really like it, but I hate Dash's character even more in that one- mainly because she was yelling and getting angry at her friends when SHE was the one who caused the scare in the first place.

Oh, right. That one. Now I remember. You know what's funny though? NintendoGal's story was actually my main inspiration for this story, but I decided to flip it that they believed it was Fluttershy who did something to Rainbow, not to mention make it more believable than just running off a Horror movie marathon.

7883466 I THOUGHT this seemed similar. Either way, Rainbow Dash antics aside, I think you did really well with this story. :pinkiehappy:

Way to keep the audience guessing.

This threw me for a huge loop! Wow! Really great job! Well done!!!! Fluttershy, a dominatrix...hahahaha!

You know, there's a feature that actually lets you post Youtube videos to the site.

Wait... Fluttershy and Rainbow cosplay as their friends? :applejackconfused::rainbowhuh::unsuresweetie: I'm pretty sure that crosses the line from 'fetish' to 'mental/psychological issues'.

Anyway, I don't usually play ball with shipfics, but this one was decent. The shipping part is only on the side and the rest was pretty good.

Though, I agree with Wahtiff. Rainbow is a douchebag here. :ajbemused:

Well, like I said to Wahtiff, that's what I was going for. Even though it was Rainbow Dash they were worried about, I wanted her to be the most upset about this whole thing, to make it that their concerns were for nothing, like 'they were actually worried about her?'. :twilightsmile:

As for the cosplaying bit, I did have Applejack did mention that the situation got freakier than when they thought Fluttershy was a murderous, axe-wielding psychopath. :raritywink:

8108608 I know that's what you were going for, but It comes off as more frustrating than funny, at least to me (Probably because I really like Rainbow Dash and hate it when she's a total jerk).

And yes, I know Applejack mentioned how messed up the cosplaying was. I simply felt that that it merited comment for how messed up it was. No one had made a comment about it, so I did.

I take it you weren't fond of '28 Pranks Later', then?

8108893 On one of my latest blogs, I did a top 10 on my least favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episodes. 28 Pranks Later is on there. Does that answer your question?

Thank you all for your comments and for liking my very first EQG story. Just to let you all know, I have recently written my second EQG story called "Going Backwards". I hope you will all check it out and that you'll like it as much as you liked this.

Hey, you got cover art for this, nice!

I swear I made a comment on this...

8154792 Already on it!

Hey, Eddy! I just posted my review of this story on my main page (I go into way more detail than I did in my previous comment). If you wanna read it, I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

Cool! Say, any chance you could take a look at my new story "Going Backwards"? I do believe you might like Rainbow better in that one.

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