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While running a Wonderbolts' message to Rainbow Dash, Soarin runs into his old friend Big Macintosh. To catch up on old times, Big Mac invites him to his regular game nights with the other guys. During his visits to Ponyville, a certain somepony catches Soarin's eye.

Being the old-fashioned gentlecolt that he is, Soarin feels obliged to ask her brother's permission before courting her.

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Comments ( 122 )

Y'know, as a guilty Soarinjack shipper, I was excited.

Now, I am only confused :rainbowlaugh:

This went exactly the way I expected it and it's still hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:


I should have expected that from you, Shakes...

Big Mac spat out his drink. "Wait! You mean THAT sister!?!?"

I guess you could say...

Something bloomed here. :coolphoto:

well... thats a foalcon out of left field...

And I was about to give this story a like . . .

I'm just joking, I'll leave a like, but you really threw me for a loop there! (This became kind of a troll story, just so you know, in case that's not the impression you wanted ):raritywink:)

That was a fast response! Nice to see some pony paying attention!

Already interested mostly because it's the legend himself! Screw work, time to read!:pinkiesmile:

EDIT: You smart ass, Son-of-a-bit..... I should have seen that coming, but amazingly well nonetheless!:moustache:

Wow that was a dark ending. I feel dirty from having read it. Good story!

*slow clap* well played.:moustache: :trollestia:

I'd rather ship him with any (or all three) of the stallions in the picture. But good on ya for getting me at the end there!

"I'll go pick her up from Miss Cheerilee's class tomorrow!"

Big Mac spat out his drink. "Wait! You mean THAT sister!?!?"

“Uhh. Yeah? Who else?”

“She’s a kid, you darn tootin’ weirdo!”


“Can I hook up with Granny Smith?”

“Oh god no!”


“Can I hook up with Granny Smith?”


Well Okay Then

Time to make a really confusing ship

Good fic, tho.

Hahaha, love it. That was brilliant :ajsmug:

freak got me on the ground laughing at the end..... I pry he is jokeing or else rainbow dash going to get a perment spot on the main team

A T rated story.

From Shakespearicles.

Without even a hint of-

"I'm getting mighty tired of this stereotype," Mac growled. "Just because we're all rural farmers don't mean that we're all just a rollin' in the hay with our kin!"

....actual incest.

What's going on with my head right now. Also this.

That sudden left turn there at the end gave me whiplash. Nicely done!

For the sheer (metaphorical, this time) balls you displayed, you get a favourite, a like and a comment.

.......is this to be continued? :fluttershysad:

Loved the twist at the end - I didn't see that coming.:moustache: :rainbowlaugh:



*sees art* isnt that a gay clop artist?

You know, i thought it was going to be this, but then doubted that as I read it.

I partially wonder if this was inspired by Stephen Lynch.

Great work!!!!

Actually, relistening to it, I am going to say it most likely was inspired by this...

He did get permission from one of her legal guardians.

Ohhh my goodness, you got me good with that. Excellent.

That was a different trap. Neat.

He only got permission because Big Mac thought that it was about AJ. But he didn't get permission for AB.

"If y'all wanna date... I... I 'spose that'd be fine by me," Mac said at last, drinking the rest of his cider.

"Really!? Thank's Mac! You're the best! " Soarin shouted gleefully as he took off into the air, flying a loop in joy before flying away.

Aww yay! A short and sweet little fic with a happy endi..

"I'll go pick her up from Miss Cheerilee's class tomorrow!"

HELLO. That came right outa left field. I was actually drinking something while reading that last part, I guffawed. I coughed it up through my nose.
Well done.

Big mac needs to dewing Soarin.

Perhaps he should have asked! It's not Soarin's fault that he made such an assumption.


Okay, that was... a very well executed rug-pull. I am not ashamed to admit that you one-hundred percent got me with that one. As such, I can't not give it a favourite.


I don't like you, but I respect you.

(Seriously, though, nice one.)

OH SH*T!! I didn’t see that coming. Just what have those Crusaders been doing in that clubhouse?!

You know... I kinda suspected it. Because you.

Though between your Soarin and my Thunderlane, I suppose it would explain why the Bolts don't have to worry about getting knocked up! :-p

Hey, if the flank ain't blank....

"Really!? Thank's Mac! You're the best! " Soarin shouted gleefully as he took off into the air, flying a loop in joy before flying away. "I'll go pick her up from Miss Cheerilee's class tomorrow!"


The ending is kinda fucked up, but I can stop laughing my ass off!!!

Start of story: HUh, :rainbowhuh: this seems oddly normal for his typical writing...
Incest joke: Okay, that's a little more in line with what I expect but, still pretty standard.
Ending: Ah. There it is.

I wanna story about how their date goes.

I haven't read it yet, but just looking at the way the description was carefully phrased I kind of guessed the twist, then I looked at the comments and confirmed it.

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