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Home on winter break from her first year at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, Twilight Sparkle decides that she is old enough to go present shopping all by herself... with her brother.

Written for Atom Smash for Jinglemas 2021.

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Hmm, you just so happen to draw a prompt with Twilight and Shining Armor in the contest that you oversaw, eh?


I wasn’t aware incest gave you the power to levitate without wings.

Wow, Shakespearicles wrote a story about Twilight and Shining. I wonder when-

"Hehehe! A bow tie!" she said, bemused with herself. "You're my present this year."

Shining almost choked on his coffee. "Wait, what!?"

"Velvet, wake up!" Night Light yelled. "That thing we were always afraid of is happening!"

There it is! :moustache:

"It's A Wonderful Knife!" the salespony said, pointing at random ponies in the crowd. "Everypony has one! It's in Bill's house, and Fred's house!"

Hey, I really enjoyed this. Merry Christmas! :yay:

What, Shakes made a Twining fic that is TEEN-rated and doesn’t contain incest or scenes of either of them using the bathroom. What a disappointment surprise! :pinkiegasp:

The story’s cute though. :raritywink:

how did you not reference Die Hard???

Didn't I? :ajsmug:

Now I know what frozen dinner feels like!

argh! Not one of the lines I’m familiar with. :) I should rewatch.

So many references! Awesome of you to post this today!

Wait. You do T-rated stuff? About the Sparkle family?

<< World's Strongest Writer.™

I guess all those years have imparted your arm with discipline as well as strength.

"Velvet, wake up!" Night Light yelled. "That thing we were always afraid of is happening!"


"Yeah! I'm gonna give you to Princess Celestia! I don't think she's ever had a coltfriend."


So when forced to write for all audiences, you sublimate the Sparklecest into puns.


So this is backwards but this is the second in a row new publication of yours that has nothing to do with hot pony sex. My arm is getting weak my dude

that was upsettingly good.

that or im still groggy, but better than junk food.

That was a good story.

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