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Whenever Luna asked Celestia to build a snowmare with her, they never seemed to have the time.

And then their time together was lost for a thousand years.

Written for Pen Stroke for Jinglemas 2022.

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"I have no idea," Discord said before munching on a bowl of popcorn.

"So, they borrowed yours then ... " (* giving Discord a stink-eye *)

A sweet reminder to spend time with the ones we love.


Come on Shakes, if you don't know that, you're just Pericles.

I do know that.
However, I made an intentional compromise between fully committing to classical Olden English, and approachable readability.
Also, good job not suggesting 'Doth'.

what is with this realistic orbital mechanics when celestia's job is to raise the SUN
you play too much ksp? celestia is an SSTO to you?

This is delightful. Happy Hearth's Warming, indeed. :D

Dost. Dost thou wish.

All we are is dost dost thou wish (all we are is dost dost thou wish)

Go home. Your drunk, also nobody's old enough to get your 'Dust in the wind' refrence.

Who cares, Shakespeare's was a hack.

You know what the messed up part of that sentence is? It's Discord, so you can never know if it's a bowl for popcorn, a bowl made of popcorn, it belonged to a pony or place named popcorn, or any combination there of

Shakespeare was his generations Alan Moore, though to his credit he at least admitted to it:applejackunsure:

That was a good story.

Oh my Goddesses, this was just perfectly emotional and warm! I loved it. Thanks for your writing.

Floating weightless, the droplets of Luna's tears floated off of her cheeks, freezing into tiny ice crystals as they left the magical shield surrounding her body. They glittered and twinkled in the blackness of space, joining the rest of the stars.

Now don't get me wrong, this is a very creative and poignant scene with a powerful moral. But it also makes me wonder what if someday somepony with Tim Burton hair comes on the TV and says "Is this giant snowmare proof that ancient Equestria was visited by aliens?"

This is a pretty nice and funny story.

"And cider!" Applejack said Rainbow Dash said at the same time.

I'm... not sure if this is a mistake or just an odd way of getting across that they spoke simultaneously, but I thought I'd bring it up just in case

As quickly as they had appeared, they ran off between a couple houses, leaving only the echoes of their giggles and laugher.


But Luna never did get a straight answer from Celestia about how she had spent Hearth's Warming in years gone by. And though she distained it, she took to asking others.

I think that should be disdained, but it could be another word that's not occurring to me right now.

She was still being pulled along by her wrist that miraculously hadn't been dislocated, let alone not been completely severed.

Don't need the not in there.

In a way that could only bee seen from the moon.




Apologies if pointing out errors was improprietous or rude. Goodness knows, after organizing Jinglemas, you're allowed to let a few typos slip through. Anyway, cute little story, with... a couple of definite curve balls thrown in. Very well done.

Very cute and sweet.

I LOVE this story! It feels like a show episode. Warning: Long read!

"Tia? Dost thou wish to build a snowmare?" - It's Disney's Frozen! (It's its own story but it gave me that impression, LOL.

And the national leaders making an effigy out of the very mess with which the Windigos nearly killed us would just plain be in poor taste!" - Oh, DANG yeah.

Politics, it's... it's all about public appearances." - Ain't that the truth.

"Of course. We are alicorns. Time is a luxury you and I have in abundance. It's just that now is not a good time." - Haha, so right and yet so wrong!

Luna gathered up some large mounds of cotton candy from the side of the road, shaping it into the vaguely amorphous shape of a pony. "Ta da!" - HAHA snow-candy!

"Verily, we can spare a moment along the way. Thou really must partake in the humor of such outrageous fortune!" - Tee-hee, lovely Luna writing.

Princess Celestia glared at her. "Shame on you! Our little ponies are suffering! We haven't even a second to indulge such foalish behavior!" - OOF, yeah, that looks bad.

The smile ran away from Luna's face and she nodded. "Yes... Of course. You're right, Tia. As always. Now is not a good time." - Ooh, the smile "ran" - I like that description, and it's never a good time, OOF.


Princess Luna shuffled her hooves in place, unsure of what to do next. She absentmindedly gathered a bit of snow together in a small pile with her hooves. - Haha, Crystal Empire snow.


Time was all she had now...a prison for them both...sister's voice echoed in her ears. - Ouch, that's sad.


"And cider!" Applejack and Rainbow Dash said at the same time. - HAHA, funny!


"Tis only natural for things to change, no?" - Unless you are stuck on the moon.

"Our little ponies, so prosperous. Nopony wanting for food or shelter. Free from strife in the cold months. To be festive even!" - Aw, that's nice for their ponies!

Luna gathered up a bit of snow in her hooves to form into a ball. - Here we go!

Celestia stiffened, and she felt her throat close up, anticipating the question.
Luna's smile faltered for a moment... - AW, Poor princesses!

I've kept the day clear for you. For us. To do whatever you want, Luna." - Aw.

Beside her bed, a cloaked figure stood, looming over her and staring down with the dark, empty eye sockets of a skull. "SURRENDER THINE WINE!" it demanded. - WOAH.

Princess Celestia shrieked in terror and tumbled out of the other side of her bed. - XD

"Tis an old Nightmare Night decoration!" Luna said. "We have repurposed it for the Zebrican Hearth's Warming tradition! Is it not delightfully macabre!?" - WOW!

"Indeed!" Luna said. "We visited many dreams last eve, to see what traditions yet be! Madam Zecora dreamt of Mari-Lwyd!" - DANG, that is interesting and creepy. I've never heard of that before. A monster that loves alcohol, LOL.

"Quite!" Luna said. "Mari-Lwyd is a spirit that visits homes and entreats entrance through rhyme, and the residents must deny entrance in kind! If they succeed, she is turned away. But if she wins, she may enter to raid the pantry and ice box for drink!"

- LOL, a Zecora/Zebra-worthy monster.

I carved them from wood myself! It's a Hearth's Warming tradition from Nethersland!"
"I don't think they're meant to be worn..." - Never heard of that before, cool!

"Come now! Up with the sun!" Luna said. "We've alcohol to pilfer!" - Haha! Luna caused the "sun" to rise in order to steal drinks.


"Well, if it isn't Mari-Lwyd. I told you my place you should avoid." - So calm.

"I haven't the spirits that you seek,
These potions are not meant for the meek."
If it's fire-water you wish to spit,
Then to you I yield. Here, take it."

Zecora gave her a bottle. Luna's hoof reached out from under the cloak and she drank it. A moment later she dropped the skull stick and cast of the cloak as she belched, sending a fireball off in a shallow arc before splashing down into the mud with a steamy hiss." - Some FIRE rhymes and "wines."

"And happy Hearth's Warming, Your Majesties." - Smart Lass.

In a flash, she vanished, replaced by Discord appearing in her place along with a giant crossbow. Luna immediately dove out of the way, and Celestia moved forward with a magical shield. "WHY do you have a ballista!?" Celestia yelled.
"A trebuchet wouldn't fit in here." Discord said.
"But why do you have a siege weapon!?"
"Home defense."
"From WHAT!?"
He glanced at the forest behind them. "Trust me. You really don't want to know how many answers there are to that question." He looked at Luna picking up the skull on a stick. "Oh, I get it. It's Mari-Lwyd. Well, unfortunately, Fluttershy keeps a dry house. So unless you want tea..?"

- THIS WHOLE EXCHANGE IS PERFECT! The weapons I learned about, Luna hiding from Discord, the "dry" house, and the fact Discord knows the tradition.

Apple Bloom promptly fainted. - Haha, I would, too!

Celestia stepped forward. "I'm afraid my sister gave yours a bit of a fright." - True that.

The princesses returned the sentiment and turned to leave. - Haha, got cider!

Luna looked at the bottle in her hoof and shrugged. It didn't feel like a genuine victory. - Wha?

"Might we roast some fermented cocoa beans?" Luna asked. - Yum.


The novelty of free alcohol wore off fast to the princess with a castle cellar full of wine almost as old as she was. - Hee-hee, great lore.


"Like I said, I really don't know," Princess Twilight Sparkle told her. - Wow, no one knows.

"I don't know either," Raven Inkwell told her.
"Nopony knows," Kibitz said. -I like how both Raven and Kibitz form the comic are here!

"It's a big mystery. I've been on her staff for over forty years. Every year, at Hearth's Warming she would disappear from her chambers. Never telling anypony where she was going, what she was doing, or when she would return...nopony was to ask her." - Dang, nice world building and servant backstory.

Free of obligations aside from whatever activity Luna desired. Until the day they retired, free of obligations for the rest of their days. - Haha, I hope they enjoy themselves.

"Twilight always was very punctual," Celestia said. "Did I ever tell you about the time she had a meltdown about being tardy with one of her friendship reports?"

Luna laughed. "You have! But I always enjoy the tale." - Hee-hee, funny, poor Twi's expense.

"Come with me. Let me show you." - Ooh, let's see!~

"Where are we going?" Luna asked.
"North." - Understatement.


Half a world away they flew, over Baltimare, over Ponyville, over Canterlot. At altitude, the cold air grew colder still the further north they went. Into the unnatural cold of the Frozen North. - WOW, worldbuilding and Equestria map memorization.

"Luna, I... I wanted to build a snowmare. A snowmare for you to see." - AW, so sweet!

Celestia extended her hoof. "Take my hoof, Luna." Luna did so, putting her hoof into Celestia's. "May I bind us for the flight? I don't want to lose you again." - Time for a bumpy ride!

Luna's vision narrowed to a tunnel as the blood rushed away from her brain in the intense acceleration. Nearly blinded, all she could hear was the roar of the wind rushing past them. She was still being pulled along by her wrist that miraculously hadn't been dislocated, let alone not been completely severed. Ahead of her, her horn glowed brightly, maintaining a small, conic shield to keep the brunt of the wind resistance off them. The air around them grew white as the compression waves in the air piled up, violently squeezing out the moisture into a strange cone of vapor. Luna's eyes watered from the wind and her throat hurt. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. But they outran the sound of her own voice as the smashed through the sound barrier.
Behind her, Luna could see the shock waves from their sonic boom disrupting the wispy stratus clouds around them. And then the boom as they passed Mach two, and three, easily beating Rainbow Dash's records in both speed and altitude. But Celestia didn't slow down. If anything, she only flew faster to The infinite heavens. - (Copy-pasting all of it would have taken too long.) SO awesome and descriptive; I could feel and envision these events!

I... Nightmare Moon was trapped in the moon, not on it. I've no memory of it. Of the time passing. - OOH, more lore! Poor Luna...

I know that now. But I wanted to show you that you're loved so much more than you know. - Lyric from the fansong Lullaby for a Princess. How sweet!

So I built you a snowmare. - How sweet! and 1,000 year old, un-melting snowmare!

But there, in the Frozen North, the massive, turquoise volcanic lake stood out prominently in the white snowfield with the obsidian black island in the middle. It looked just like an eye. A pony's eye. Luna's focus widened along with her eyes. The parallel rivers and mountains of ice glittered in the sunlight. The swaths of blue colors in the arctic landscape and the adjacent sea, dotted with snowcapped islands, twinkling like stars.
An entire region of the continent had been carved into a portrait of Luna. In a way that could only be seen from the moon. Such an endeavor would have taken...
Nearly a millennium.

- You're a great writer, and this is some great world building and memorization!

Floating weightless, the droplets of Luna's tears floated off of her cheeks, freezing into tiny ice crystals as they left the magical shield surrounding her body. - Aw, how sweet!

"I still remember every time you asked me to build a snowmare," Celestia said. "And all the times I had to say no, and broke your heart. But every time, I told myself, it would be okay. We would have time. And then that time was stolen from us. And it was my fault. How could I ever make it up to you?" - Wow, I have things to say about this entire story; how impressive! They really are great sisters!


"Yes, Luna?"

"Dost thou wish to build a snowmare?"

"Yes Luna!" "Yes! A thousand times yes!"

- Haha, there is the question and heartfelt answer!

Princess Twilight Sparkle was roused urgently from her sleep to the sound of the city alarms rising. "What is it? What's wrong?" she asked her captain. - Huh?

"SURRENDER, PRINCESS SPARKLE!" Luna's voice boomed from the distance. "WE HAVE THE CITY SURROUNDED! BEND THE KNEE OR ELSE OUR MUNITIONS SHALL BLOT OUT THE SUN!" Beside her stood Celestia, and behind them, an vast army of snowmares.
Twilight scanned the snowmare army with the telescope. "Are those... trebuchets!? Where did they get trebuchets from?"
"I have no idea," Discord said before munching on a bowl of popcorn.

- XD, I'm SO glad everything ended well and in a funny way, at least this "attack" is practice from the ex-rulers! Celestia is in kahoots with her sister despite being the sun princess, tee-hee!

The trebuchets, catapults and ballistae fired in a coordinated salvo. Thousands of snowballs rained down, pelting Canterlot Castle. - Twi has lost, XD.

"What are you all standing around for!?" She gathered up a snowball in her hooves as she bore a fierce grin. "RETURN FIRE!" - She isn't gonna take this defeat...SNOWED IN!

And so was born the traditional Hearth's Warming snowball fight.

- Haha, funny! Wonderful, show-worthy story with as lot of worldbuilding, heart-warming moments and great flashbacks. WONDERFUL!

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic review!

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