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My name is Smarty Pants.
I want to tell you about my friend, Twilight Sparkle.
She's my best friend. And I'm her best friend too.

Or, at least I was...

...for a while.

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GAH! Fuck! The feels, man.

I am sitting here, at a family reunion, on a couch, digesting a late lunch, weeping silently as the rest discuss the location for next year. My gods, this is weapons-grade feels, Shakes!

Wow... AN E-rated story from you... This is new.

I loved this fic please make more

Made me cry. Very good.:fluttercry:

WHOA! i don get it?

why do I find stories like this at times when I need them? and how do people always know how to make me cry?

A Toy Story: the tragic version.

Really puts reality of childhood toys

Nicely done.

This was a real tearjerker. I loved playing with my toys as a kid and thinking of them as being alive. I still like to keep some of them to remember those times.

So i'Ve just spend 3 chapters with tears in my eyes.

Great work. :)
I'm glad I still have the plushies I loved as a kid behind my bed.

This was adorably sad. But at least it had a happy ending.

"We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."
-George Bernard Shaw

Whyyyy shakes !!!! Why must you dredge up the feels!!!!!!:fluttercry:

Pfft, feels? I don't...!
My chest, eye- *tear* Oh shit.

So the regular version of toy story then?

This reminds me that I really wish someone would do a complete story of Smarty Pants becoming, and remaining a real pony. I remember their were a couple attempts beyond one-shots, but they never get more than a few chapters before being abandoned.
Who wouldn't want to real about a little filly or colt Smarty Pants being raised by a frantic Twilight thrown into parenting after a magic mishap? A monster, that's who.

:fluttercry: x :raritycry:

When sheeeee loved meeeeeee

This is iike toy story all over again much cry so sadness more tears :fluttercry:

Right in the feels.:fluttershysad:

7325743 Damn it! :fluttercry: Don't you get me started again

Well... now I really need to go find my old stuffed animal and hug it... I'm actually crying right now.

I need a moment.

You motherfucker, these were my feels :fluttercry:

I will never let go of my old stuffed animal now. EVER.

7329204 He's on the murder spree for everybody's feels. Call the cops!

i have no clue why man but i feel the need to somehow compete with this story......maybe

you know when I read this fic it remise me of listening to Cats it the Cradle :raritydespair: dame good song

Dammit. Reading this has made me wanna find my stuffed friend. And can't find him anywhere! :raritycry:

This was a great and enjoyable read. Thank you for tugging at my heartstrings.

this is a very underrated story, kind of shame, i had a stuffed animal when i was younger, that i'd take everywhere, i still have him to this day (even tho he's in my moms closet) lol

it least it has an happy ending...but this made me cry, thinking my friend in my moms closet..i've never forgotten about him...

So many feels, man...

:fluttershyouch::fluttercry::raritycry: This was so sad... I'm crying right now.

:pinkiesad2: A happy ending to such a sad story. Definitely one of my top favorites now.

Read through this in one sitting. God damn. I know the comic it's based off of, too. Ah, the feelings invoked. Wonderfully-done.

This is the first story of yours I've read so far. I almost wish I had done so later, since it will be a really tough act to follow.

The feels, man.
You got them right.
I always appreciate a good sad story.
Good job. Thanks.

Shakespearicles, has anyone ever told you they intend to hit you in the stomach for all the feels you inflict on us?

This was really sweet, and so was the comic this was based on. I like the quote at the end; most writers don't usually include such a suitable one. Is there going to be a sequel, by any chance? The ending to this one felt open enough, and it does seem to leave room for continuation, much like how in the comic Twilight passed on Smarty to her own foals.

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