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Howdy. I've been writing fan fiction for years (six or seven at last count) and I've never gotten better at it. However, if you can find some enjoyment here then more power to you!


Learning to settle and make do with what you have been given is a fundamental part of being an adult.

So is wishing things had turned out differently.

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Good story.

But it does give a little fridge sadness/horror to "testing, testing, 1 2 3" when you think about it.

Good story, and very sweet and sad at the same time. I suppose we've all had our childhood wishes that never came true at one point or the other.

Not bad. From her parent's death, to her not being able to fly, to Apple Bloom's insinuation that farm-work is a grueling time vampire, this story's Applejack comes across as someone who's gotten use to not getting what she wants. You can feel the underlining bitterness.

Heavy, but very well-written.

Shortstick meet Applejack.
Applejack, Shortstick.

And now I wonder how would pony named Short Stick be "blessed" ;)

"didn’t have much free"
"have as much"?

"these must be the stuff"
"this must"?

"it up on her head"

I appreciate the catches!

Something we all have in common at one time; a desire to be something impossible, we just don't believe it.

Author Interviewer

Damn, that was heart-wrenching in the middle. Good work!

Ha, I appreciate the review. I think this is the first one of mine I've seen you comment on.

When I was writing it, I felt like it was a bit brief and the main theme was contrived. Like, too forced. I still have trouble with proper pacing.

7392030 When you get to the point your happy no matter what, you'll realize wishes don't mean shit.

Yeah. Um.

Fuck, it's a familiar feeling. Unlike Applejack, I'm lucky in that my situation is a little different; I can be what I am, but I'll always have to live with the fact that for a long time, I was something else.

A very nice piece, and by 'nice' I do mean that I can just be happy on a different day.

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