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Fon Shaolin

Howdy. I've been writing fan fiction for years (six or seven at last count) and I've never gotten better at it. However, if you can find some enjoyment here then more power to you!


Applejack steals some peaches and Twilight helps her destroy the evidence.

I was going to update something else, but then this guy said I could do a peach story.

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Comments ( 3 )

Wow, that's some Element of Honesty. You had one job, Applejack.

Well, I suppose the thieving Honesty just gets to join the bipolar Laughter, narcissistic Loyalty, anger-repressing Kindness, and self-obsessed Generosity in the Elements of Dysfunction.

I think she has bigger problems than just thieving in this story. :pinkiecrazy:

Rarity stared. “In…in the prison ? Can you even imagine how my coat clashes with that dreary place?”

Just don't tell her how tacky prison wallets are.

I'm vaguely sorry.

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