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My Little Pony crossed with Breaking Bad:

Several years in the future, a middle-aged Twilight Sparkle is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Facing hospital bills and having severed all ties with Princess Celestia several years ago, and making a meager living as a magic kindergarten teacher, she realizes that she needs to make more money to be able to support Spike.

She sees her opportunity and teams up with Pinkie Pie to produce and sell the popular new illicit drug "Crystal Spark", but runs into difficulties keeping her activities secret, especially since Applejack and Rainbow Dash are leading the Ponyville unit of Princess Celestia's elite anti-drug task force.

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Holy Shit! A breaking bad crossover?

You sir have made my day!

Will read later...

i will read later..... reaction is same as>>819411's

I knew this was going to be good, and yet still exceeded my expectations. The dramatic intensity is just perfect, and nothing feels stale. More!

Here! Have my internets! You deserve them!!

OH SNAP Breaking Bad crossover. This is well written so far but I think you should flesh out the first two chapters particularly Twilight's motivations. Walter's drive to provide for his family and his sense of missed opportunity with his life is so important to his anger and actions. It doesn't come across that strongly with Twilight so her decision to start making drugs loses impact. I know you don't want to get bogged down just remaking BB shot for shot with ponies, but exploring the motivations behind the characters actions is what made the original so intense.

WAT... Okay, let's see what you got...

This got me watching the show.

When I saw the title of this fic, I started to laugh in a crazy way.:pinkiecrazy:
This fic is definitely be an awesome one and will continue to keep me entertained.

This is good. I like how you didn't just template BB (Twi=Walt, Pinkie=Jesse, etc.), but instead you took the elements of BB and mixed them with ponies, making something darker and more mature, yet distinctly pony. What I'm trying to say is: you're doing it RIGHT. Keep going!

Good job sir!

I have to say, I've never watched BB before, but I did enjoy you're crossover of it. Aside from some mild errors (spelling, punctuation, ect.) you did a fine job!

I'm tempted to continue to follow this and see where it goes!

Here, have a fav.


just finished reading the fic!


Pinkie the drug maker. :rainbowlaugh: knew that was coming

Don't worry, guys, many more chapters coming! I'm just writing this sooooo slowly. It's really tough trying to maintain a good balance between the cartoony world and characters of MLP and the darker story of Breaking Bad.

Well shoot. I've been writing a BB crossover, but you beat me to it. Guess I'll just have to track this one then.

Dun dun DUN!

Can't wait for the next chapter!

This is very entertaining so far. I'll definitely be watching this one!

Does Twilight have any hydrofluoric acid handy? Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one. Keep it up!

Twilight scrambled to get gas masks on herself and Twilight


Also, minor recommendation: you really should consider using "bucking" instead of "fucking", not because of any real filtering necessity, but simply because it's more...well...pony. And yes, I know Gilda is the one swearing and she isn't a pony, but still. :twilightsmile:

Bye bye goes the typo :)
And yeah, I was gonna use "bucking" but then I figured that if anyone in MLP was going to drop a real f-bomb it would be Gilda.


Still loving the story... this chapter was great.


dude. fucking ponies man. I was on a Breaking Bad kick today, and about five episodes in I was wondering if this story would update. THen it did. Fucking...fucking ponies man. shit.


I'm sure everypony here can appreciate this:

Update please? :pinkiehappy:

Trixie basically back-stabbed as soon she got set free, instead accidentally killing her, of course with little help from Twilight at end. Go on, I'm awaiting the next chapter :ajsmug:

Plate scene is now knife scene. :pinkiecrazy:
Trixie played the sympathy card well. :trixieshiftright:

Had me convinced...

That bitch.


So, Princess Celestia is basically an analogue to Gray Matter Technologies in this story, right? :trollestia: I wonder what happened between her and Twilight that caused this huge rift between them.

Also, I look forward to seeing more of the canon characters, and seeing what role they take on in this story - Luna, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, and so on.

On an unrelated note, it's wholly depressing how few views/likes/comments this story is getting. I would have thought it would get more, considering how popular Breaking Bad is, especially mixed with the pony fandom. Hopefully it'll get more readers in the future.

Even though I knew how the scene would play out from watching the show, I still believed Trixie for a moment there.

Fun fact - when I first started writing this fanfic I was trying to do a three-way crossover of MLP, Breaking Bad, and Skyrim.

About a chapter in I decided to drop the Skyrim part because tying all three together in my head just got way too convoluted. The land of Skyrim was supposed be the northern lands from the Hearth's Warming episode, and the dragon at the beginning of the fanfic was supposed to be Alduin. And instead of making up Crystal Spark I was just going to make it Skooma. And I wasn't sure how to write it in exactly, but one side story was supposed to be about Fluttershy being the Dragonborn. Yes, at some point or another, she was going to go :flutterrage: FUS RO DAH

But yeah, it was a terribly silly idea, so I stuck with just MLP and Breaking Bad :)

So far, this has been an interesting read. I'm utterly unfamiliar with the other half of the crossover material, but for what I am familiar with, I am finding it to be more and more interesting.

I was holding off on reading it until more was done, since I have this weird personal thing about not reading unfinished stories (I really just don't like cliffhangers, which is why television irritates me), but something possessed me to open a tab and read anyway.

All I can say is:
Please don't leave me hanging. :twilightsmile:

A new chapter! :pinkiehappy:
It's good enough, but the Pinkie party part confused me a little. :rainbowhuh:
Hmm, maybe you could fix it up? :unsuresweetie:

Anyways, good job. Keep on going.

Wow, you definitely turned up the psychological horror there. I don't think I'll remember "giggle at the ghostie" the same way again. The fourth wall humor was needed to break up the dark mood. I liked the apple dash bit :rainbowwild: Overall, a well crafted chapter. :moustache:


:rainbowderp: Dear God, you might be right about that...

Anyways, good chapter, even if it took me forever to get around to reading it!

Only 615 views? That's not good enough. This is good as hell.

Instead of chili powder, it's sarsaparilla. Wow.

...and the plot thickens. The story is great so far, I can't wait to catch up.:pinkiehappy:

Please tell me you are waiting for the finale and didn't abandon the story or even leave the fandom... :fluttercry:

Yeah Bitch! Magnets!

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