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Every year on the celebration of Hearth's Warming, ponies put on plays about the founding of Equestria. However, those only show a simplified, foal-friendly version. The actual events were far more dark and violent.

The peace between unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies only came after the worst war in recorded history, a war which would have led to annihilation if it weren't for the brave actions of a small group of ponies.

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My Little Pony crossed with Breaking Bad:

Several years in the future, a middle-aged Twilight Sparkle is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Facing hospital bills and having severed all ties with Princess Celestia several years ago, and making a meager living as a magic kindergarten teacher, she realizes that she needs to make more money to be able to support Spike.

She sees her opportunity and teams up with Pinkie Pie to produce and sell the popular new illicit drug "Crystal Spark", but runs into difficulties keeping her activities secret, especially since Applejack and Rainbow Dash are leading the Ponyville unit of Princess Celestia's elite anti-drug task force.

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