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After a talk with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle is left confused. The Sisters believe that there may be a way for her to become like them. A way for her to become nigh-immortal.

Twilight isn't sure what she wants.

With no idea how to move forward by herself, she looks to her friends for advice.

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Not sure if I've tagged the story right. Does Slice-of-Life cover stuff like this? I mean, it's sort of the closest one that works but :rainbowhuh:

I want to see where this goes.


Hopefully to a good place!


An excellent point, thank-you! I might wait to re-tag it once I've finished the second chapter though. :twilightsmile:

Oh whoops, just realised I forgot to add the cover image. :twilightblush: It's there now, heh.

7255050 Yeah either this or maybe drama. I think it depends on how you write the rest! Good story by the way!:pinkiehappy:

The idea of Twilight dealing with the possibility of living forever (or at least centuries) is interesting, which is why so many authors have covered the topic. However, this story doesn't bring much new to the discussion other than your headcanon backstory for the royal sisters. Also, Celestia and Luna are acting in a way that is inconsistent with "The Crystalling." In that episode they were shocked that Cadence gave birth to an alicorn, but here they know exactly how alicorn genetics work. In your defense, though, I thought it was a little silly that they wouldn't know more about how alicorns are born.


Yeah, I'm taking a few liberties with canon in that regard. :twilightsmile: I could try to justify it by saying something along the lines of 'it's been so long since any ascended alicorns have existed anyway and the thought that they might suddenly not be the only non-monster immortals hanging around hadn't occured to them' but *wafts hands vaguely*

Thanks for the comment! :pinkiesmile:

Aah, Rainbow. Always good for a surprise like that . .

I have to agree with Maran in terms of how this story does really bring that much new to the table.Rainbow's explanation is certainly a different but beyond that it was still the same immortality things really.

I think the story shouldn't have had Twilight tell her decision. I felt it better to leave the ending open because it feels like you're telling the readers that immortality is better than not living for ever.


Heh, she's smarter than she pretends to be. :rainbowdetermined2:


Yeah, I wasn't sure if I should put the letter on at the end or not. You think it's better without? I could go back and edit but right this minute I'm still a little burned out from staring at it the last couple of hours. :twilightsmile:

I mean, this story was mainly a way of moving through a block, and also having a go at interpreting what I think the opinions of the characters would be in this situation. Like I said in the AN, I have a pretty positive view on immortality and I think it might have come through a little bit heavily at the end. :twilightblush:

So, what do you think Twilight and Cadance are going to do?

WELL it's finally finished!

Well... I guess we'll never know what Cadance will do. :raritywink:



Oops! :twilightblush:

Princess Pinkhorse probably ended up saying 'no thanks'? Maybe?

Hm, now that might be a solution to the bias of Twilight's answer. I could include a similar letter from Cadance to contrast...

I think an ambiguous ending would suit the story better, but it's not surprising that she said yes.


Okay, I'm gonna edit out the letter. :twilightsmile:

Dang, that ENDING.
This was good, btw.

The ending as it currently is, is perfect. It doesn't need to be edited out, IMHO. Sometimes a cliffhanger ending works, but in this case, the story is really about Twilight's journey of self-discovery. The fact that she sends a letter just puts a cap on it. And while the choice is implied, it's vague enough that it's more emotionally satisfying the way it's presented.

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