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If a Slenderman falls in the forest, does anyone care?


This story is a sequel to What Lies Beyond the Dance

Season 5 Spoilers

In a place beyond time itself Celestia, Chrysalis, and Discord play games with the fates of mortals. But why? And what could have caused such games to come about?

Only one being knows the full answer. Luna, witness to her sister's fall. She alone has lived countless lives as her sister remakes the world time and time again.

Her tale is tragedy, her suffering endless. But she must remember, for is both arbiter and victim of her sister's crime. So she tells her tale again.

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That was wonderful! I wouldn't be surprised if it hit the feature box! :twilightsmile:

Wonderfully dark, but with a bit of hope at the end. I wonder, will you follow through with a third story?.

It's too much man I can't do it man, I can't do it....

Glad people are liking it! I did write this in response to requests for a sequel -- I might write more in what I'm tentatively calling the Immortalsverse KM, but I just churned this one out in two days between dying in Dark Souls 3. I'm a bit brain-dead but we'll see if inspiration hits!

Also, sorry if you guys are suffering there. Hope you at least found the story thought-provoking.

No problem, I can wait. I do have another question, how did Celestia come across these secrets in the first place? If an alicorn could do that then why dint Luna figure it out in some of the more peaceful timelines or any of the others in that all alicorn timeline? Did some third party help her along?

Without going into too many spoilerific details I might use in the future:

When you think about it, time travel is pretty easy to use. If Starswirl can figure it out and someone like Starlight can alter his spell, it makes sense that such magic can be used pretty easily by an alicorn. Why doesn't someone like Luna or Twilight use it indiscriminately? One word answer: morals.

And once you have time travel magic, you literally have all the time you need to research everything else. We could get more specific here, but then I'd have to start writing the sequel already.

If it comes down to research then Twilight is the best hope anyone has of ending the cycle. Morals or not she has to be smart enough to realize that being a player rather than a pawn is the only way to offer any meaningful opposition, even if it is three against one (or two if she gives the knowledge to Luna).

Also, I know that this wont be until way down the line or never, but if you ever bring the 'verse to a close with anything resembling a happy ending the absolute worst punishment you could give to Celestia is to restore her conscience.

This story is amazing. 'Nuff said.

This story had a kind of terrible beauty to it.


I think I have an idea on how to resolve this, except it'll require a self-insert.




Not worth it.


Never mind, I have a better idea.

That's pretty powerful and legitimately terrifying too.

My headcanon for what happens this story is that right after the end of Luna's POV here, suddenly Starlight Glimmer appears in front of her, having managed to remember her wiped memories, grabs her hoof and says, "You're not alone. We'll end this once and for all."

7126508 that line about all the time you need made me think of the Natuto cartoons, specifically the villain Orochimaru. he wanted to learn every technique /Jutsu in existence, but realized a normal lifetime would not be enough time to learn them all, so he became obsessed with achieving immortality...

My suggestion is that Luna could accept the time travel and immortality powers so she could use them for good. I mean, we have three undefeatable bad guys and one ever enduring good guy. One immortal ever enduring good guy. Luna could even out the playing field. Celestia's always going to hard reset so rather than playing the game, you should be making the game. Gives the world a better chance when one of the four leaders has a good heart.

But you know, good stuff was written here, however dark and depressing it was.

The feels man the feeeeellllls whyyyy

And so Alondro had to enter once again and... eh the hell with it.

This is just ANOTHER Evilestia, Tragic Misunderstood Luna fic. Been here since 2011, seen HUNDREDS, including this sort of theme with a God-Mode Puppetmaster Celestia manipulating everything.

I just snap my fingers and it all disappears! Why? Well, my OC has infinite power, of course! Because why the hell not? Your Power Creeps, mine EXPLODES!

People, this isn't an original concept, nor a clever one. It's a trope. An old trope used in comic fanfics since people began posting fanfics on the Internet... and then eventually in come comic's actual canon: you twist the 'good mentor' into the Supreme Evil and then make the villain the tragic, long-suffering hero because the poor once-was-a-villain can't defeat the Liar who is never revealed.

It's a very blunt form of character inversion. In fact, the title could be seen as a self-mockery of this entire trope's genre: 'because he/she/it can'. That's usually the ONLY excuse or rational for it all. And frankly, it's REALLY boring to essentially throw out a non-motivation as the driving force.

And the only way out of this endlessly morose scenario is an even greater level of God-moding. So, it's really a zero-sum game that's quite pointless and adds nothing of interest to any of the characters involved.

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