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Some might say that it was a Confluence of Magic. Others might declare it to have been the Will of Discord. Still more might claim that something in the Baker herself was to blame. And some would state that it was something about the dough. Truly, it could have been any of these factors, or a combination of them, but however it happened, its end result was a strange event so unusual, it changed Ponyville forever.

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love this one. It is truly heartwarming. At first, I thought Pinkie Pie was acting OOC with how she acted chasing Kitty, but her explanation for her behavioractually makes sense, so I don't think she was acting OOC any more. I love the ending too.

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An existential crisis story without the hallmarks of a tragic Grim Dark story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I approve and love it!:twilightsmile:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5398683 I tried to submit it, but I got a message back saying that it had been denied for reasons that they could not tell me due to the number of submissions. In otherwords, "Not good enough, and no suggestions on how to make it better". Thanks Equestria Daily for being Entirely useless in helping me improve as a writer.

This was extremely strange, but also strangely sweet in a sad sort of way. I like it.:twilightsmile:
Also, if you are unhappy about your cover image, then would this picture work?

cat shaped cookies

5715647 Thanks. I think I am going to stick with the current cover picture, though. It kind of shows better how Kitty is special. Those cookies in your picture look, in general, rather lifeless, so while I could claim them to be her sisters, they don't work for kitty herself.

I ate a cookie while reading the first part:fluttercry:

Pinkie Pie's first clone broke down in tears when she got caught between two options and came running back to Pinkie Pie like a scared and confused child.

5779464 This is true. However, the clone was not concerned about not being able to spend time with all of her friends, she was concerned about not getting to have as much fun as she could. She could not even recall her friends' names. She was magically programed to have fun, and she was not getting to. That is not an indication of there being a heart.

GREAT!!!!!!!! now I have to talk to cookies before eating them or I will hate myself THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Interviewer

What in the actual hell.

6040241 Oh. Wow. And here I was thinking Doctor Wolf had read it wrong in his Dramatic reading. Fixed.

Author Interviewer

That's how I caught it. :D

Also, lest my first comment dissuade you, I thought this was great, and it kinda fucked me up.

My god. This is both incredibly heartwarming and incredibly horrifying.

It is now standard practice to check to make sure that the food we bake here is not alive before we serve it. I think that you would approve.

This is the best quote to use out of context, like, ever.

6063480 Yeah. I also just noticed that at no point in the friendship letter does Pinkie actually explain what happened. I picture Princess Celestia reading it and having no idea about the context. LOL.

that was rather cute. poor pinkie pie though. got the pink scared off of her.

think twilight needs to cast a few extra spells on kitty though. make sure she doesn't get soggy.... or eaten.

Whatever drugs you were on that made you write this I want it.

6954661 No drugs, just fun inspiration.

This is so beautiful! :raritydespair: I'm not crying, it's liquid pride!

This story made me sooo hungry for cookies . . . .

. . . Delicious cookies . . . .

. . . Cookies that you can CHASE

. . . Cookies that flail and writhe as you bite into them . . .

. . . It gave me hunger . . . Not the kind of hunger where your stomach is empty, but the kind of hunger where your mouth is watering at the thought of teeth crunching goodness. . . .

. . . I . . . may have taken away the completely wrong thing from this story. . .


With a name like Crocoshark, I'm not surprised.

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