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Twilight breaks Celestia's doors.

But then, you'd be mad too, if your stupid brother got drunk and told you that you were adopted...

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That description.

Edit: All of my money... all of it! TAKE IT!

Damn, Celestia just got owned. Understandable for Twilight Twinkle, and understandable for Celestia, but I think both sides of this equation got blown to smithereens. Well, that DOES tend to happen when mortals and immortals cross paths on a more... intimate level. No one ends up happy.

Why must this be posted right as I'm about to leave the site for possibly the rest of the day whyyy:raritydespair:

Well can't wait to read it.

An excellent tale and an interesting take on the "Twilight is Celestia's daughter" idea

:fluttercry:You're going to make me cry at this rate...

Damn it, Device.

When you said in your last blog post that this one was going to involve the tear ducts, i didn't think you'd actually leave me sniffling by the end.

Though i can see why this was a challenge for you. I mean, you wrote a story about Twilight and Celestia... but it wasn't a Twilestia story. Those things are like, your favorites ever. Must have been hard.

Welp, rocket to the moon and back my friends: This thing's gonna get featured harder than a dog in heat around a werewolf (I don't know why I made that joke).

I think I probably would have stopped reading the instant I even suspected who the mother was in this if it was anybody else writing this story.

And it's a good thing I did finish reading, because it didn't disappoint. Now get back to work on Nocturne. :moustache:

Who disliked this story? What's wrong with it? Is it because Twilight is Celestia's daughter? It can't be because of grammar or something like that. Obviously, the only thing it could be is a troll.


1. Sadfics are often just downvoted on principle by some people.

2. I have a large group of people who fucking loathe me, not entirely unwarrantedly.

3. In all fairness, this is a pretty obvious story. I flatter myself to think it's written well though.

1098675 Dislike trolls gonna troll

1098675 Art thou speaking of me?

You know what? I give up. I now realise that it is impossible to come away from one of your fics unaffected. I recommend anyone who reads this and anything else from your pen have pictures of sheer D'aaawwsome to fall back on as soon as they finish.
If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to let my good friends Ben and Jerry help me forget all the feels that this evoked.

It's probably #2.

Poor DH. I've never seen someone have so many people go out of their way to mess with someone else over the internet.

:facehoof: Celestia, this is the mare who discovered a story you'd buried for centuries just in time to be present for its resolution. Who researched a whole species and learned at least one spell specifically for defeating them in the course of an afternoon. Who worked out a method to alter the appetites of an entire swarm of unfamiliar creatures on a whim. Do you really think she's never going to ask about her birth parents?

Finding out she was adopted was a system shock. It changes everything because no one told her, not because it changes anything.

Finding out she's yours (and she will find out) is going to change everything. The fact that you arranged it for the sake of her distance from you, but found a way to be close to her anyway- that you spent years by her side and never told her, not even in secret, not even when she was old enough to decide for herself whether to face the consequences of making it known... not even when she came to you already knowing half the truth, and you came within inches of telling her the rest...

A lifetime of growing up surrounded by Blueblood and his ilk wouldn't have damaged her nearly as much as that's going to.

1098711 I didn't even know you existed. But I guess it is the internet so anything is possible.




You hit me right in the feels man, and you did it hard. I'm honestly really sad now.

Well, you've made me feel bad for Celestia... Congrats.

This was so sweet. :heart::raritycry:

I never thought a Twilestia fanfic would turn out like this. :trollestia::twilightblush: ...I LOVE IT!! :derpytongue2:

Congratulations. Many a manly tear has now been shed. :fluttercry:

This story was very simple, a little predictable perhaps, but also very well executed. The moment where Celestia realized just how much she lost with her kneejerk abandonment was where the waterworks began.

Well, definitely wasn't expecting that. Certainly still enjoyable, though.


I'm considering the possibility that the story was written that way on purpose, that it was a meant to show that the "Celestia is Twilight's mother" scenario can be a really bad thing.

I'm confused by 'That you are not yourself also Luna's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter is irrelevant to the reality of the love you two share.' Is it implying eros?

This is one of those situations where all choices are bad and all options can only mitigate, not prevent harm. Twilight doesn't need to know who her biological mother is. She doesn't need to know why she's the most powerful Unicorn in recently recorded history. She doesn't need to know why she feels such a kinship for the Princesses. What she needs... is to be happy.

Celestia, as best as she knows how, is trying to achieve that.



Before featured! Yeah, its that good. I love this story, best of luck to you




Huh. I thought you covered that pretty well in Eternal, to tell the truth.

So sweet... :pinkiesad2: I love it!

This reminded me how few good 'Celestia is Twilight's mother' fics, we have.:fluttercry:

Celestia is secretly Twilight's mom, check. Only a couple more possible relationships to go!

"Dear Mom" really struck me. And the whole thing is very believable.


Eh, that'll do.

Anyway, I think you did a pretty good job with this. I can't really call it the best of your work, but I was able to detect all the feels you fit inside it.

This may just be the best thing I've read all damn month.

This is gonna make Twilight's suppressed attraction to Celestia even more awkward for the girl...

Hmmm... It's never just "happily ever after" with you, Mr. Heretic. Always a catch or a qualifier. Thumbs up, of course.

Honestly, there should be a lot more stories like this. They are heart touching and complex enough that you have to use your brain while reading, Even if the "Twilight is actually Celestia's daughter" part was somewhat obvious sooner or later the rest isnt.

Twilight of course WANTS to know who her biological parents are, a lot would want to. Dont know if Celestia's attempt to make her reconsider that will work, given twilights studious nature. Maybe she wont want to find out right away but she will want to know eventually.

And then Twilight settles down with someone, gets pregnant, genetically lucks out and gives birth to a winged unicorn. Angry questioning all around. :twilightoops:

I kind'a hate but also kind'a love that the big secret didn't come out. I'm not sure how to put how betrayed she'd feel into words without it being an understatement, especially if it's late in her life and it's apparent that Celestia intended her to remain ignorant of it throughout her entire life. I'd like to think that Shining Armor would come out and tell her someday, though. Preferably with some tact, i.e. not while drunk.

I honestly never expected this kind of story from you.

Not your best work, but certainly better than most of the other people who try to write it.

Make a sequel I want to see more

This was quite good.

Device Heretic
Your Feels

Flawless victory.

I'm given to understand that he took it on himself to see if the idea (which he...well you've all read Eternal[1]) can be made into a good story. It so transpires that it can.

[1] If you haven't, what on Earth are you doing here? Go read Eternal. Go on. I'll wait. Make sure to pack tissues and, possibly, an alcoholic drink of considerable potency. Chocolate also works well.

I refer the honourable gentleman to the comment I made some hours ago. :twilightsmile:

That is a bad place to be in.


Maybe that's why she tried to keep the secret hidden :pinkiehappy:

Well, Its been a while since I read a tragedy story that good. Very good DH, very good. Your stories never fail to bring some emotion to me, but they still have to bring to the ultimate expression of sadness. But I still have yet to read Eternal and several of your stories, so we shall see if you have the honor of finally completely breaking my emotional barriers.

Man, I was so hoping for a happy ending.

new pony words from device heretic! time to read aww yeah.


I really don't like the idea of Twilight being adopted and Celestia being her natural mother, so this is isn't even a contender for my favorite story by you. Nonetheless, it's (again) a good and very well written story. In a sense this story and its implications actually confirm my view that Twilight being Celestia's daughter would be a bad thing. So... well done, I suppose :twilightsheepish:
My favorite part has to be the beginning with Twilight being furious and Celestia simply defelecting and dispelling her rage (or at least making it look simple). I can totally see that happening more than once in all their years together.

Great job! Weitermachen :twilightsmile:

Oh come on. The end of Eternal was as close to happily ever after as is realistically possible for mortal beings.

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