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3 AM is a tough time to be awake. Thankfully for Spike and Rarity, though, they don't have to be alone as well. They write each other letters. Rambles from them both. Whatever it takes to get through the night.

Then the letters stopped.

[Cover by Theretroart88]

Dedicated to the greatest soul-sister a brother could ask for, RarityEQM.

This story was more for me than it was for you and I'm sorry for it. Give me some time and, when I'm better, I'll write a story that better reflects you. I miss you, soul-sister. And I love you. Could use your guidance on what I should do about you.

One of these damn days, I'll stop being so selfish, and find a better way to pay tribute.

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I feel for you man. I really hope you get through this. Sending my thoughts and prayers.

It takes a truly special fic to actually make me tear up a bit, and this is one of those.

Keep the memories you have of her. That way she’ll live forever in your heart

Every time someone you hold dear dies, it's like a part of you dies as well. You've just got to keep moving forward.

Whoever is downvoting every single comment, you’re a petty dickwad.

That's when we return the favor by upvoting every comment that deserves it. Positivity will triumph over the hatred.

I can’t speak for her at all, but I can say she probably wouldn’t want you clawing yourself from the inside-out over her she would want you to do the things that you wanted to do writing, drawing, living and growing and finding yourself all while keeping a place in your heart for her. She wouldn’t want you to only live and do things because of her memories but because you want to do them, do some art dedicated to her once in a while write more stories like this, of past interactions, tell some more stories of her but don’t be obsessive.

Your going down the rabbit whole to deep and asking questions you won’t get any answers to because the one to answer them isn’t with us anymore, we more the ones we love and keep them in our hearts and smile at the happy times and learn from the sad times and we pass on that wisdom when the opportunity presents itself not force it into the world.

You can’t live life tethered to a stone, you need to untie yourself and start moving again even if you don’t know where your going you have more than enough people who care about you that will help spin you in the right direction if you ask for help, she was closer to you than anyone else but I hope others can help fill that big whole and start helping heal the wound that has been left.

I consider you a friend that I havnt gotten to talk to here and may never be given the chance but I hope this strangers words helped you in way.

This was a fine story, B. Heartbreaking and touching, it makes me, and I'm sure all of us, feel the pain of losing Rarity and wonder how to cope. What would Rarity want us to do?

It's not selfish to feel sad or to wish for her to tell us what to do. That is natural and it only means you care. But at the same time, Rarity would be pragmatic and would tell us to be the same. Of course she knows we miss her and terribly so...How could anyone not, darling?! ( I can honestly hear her saying that, too!) But she would let us know that she would hope that we had learned from her and to be grateful for the time we shared. The most important things, though would to be better to each other and to ourselves.

And B, remember that you have friends here. I know it's hard. My heart aches and yearns for her words. But she will always be with us. The sadness we feel will ease, even if we always miss her. But she would want us to continue to show encouragement and generosity. That is how we can always remember her and have her near.

Thank you for this story. It spoke to how I've been feeling, too. Take care and be well.

Hang in there, bro.
I can only say it will all go up hill from here, but...

You have to keep going downhill until the track finally pulls up and out of The Valley of Sorrow. And a few flowers from that Valley shall be picked and added to your Bouquet of Memories, where they shall forever bloom and stay fresh. Other flowers may fade, but these are forever bound to your soul. And that's okay.

I feel for you man. But please, don't beat yourself up. Nobody wants to see that. Keep moving forward and show her and yourself how strong you are.

:moustache: :heart: :raritywink:

She'll always be with you, and someday it won't hurt so much.

Man, this was such a heavy read. I can tell how much heart and soul you put into every word. A beautiful tribute to a passed friends. Stay strong and please take time for yourself to grieve

The title alone is enough to make me think of this:

Reminds me of the last time I saw my grandma the night before she died...

Just know we're here for you, dude!

Imagine being so messed up inside you would actually downvote all these comments consoling somepony who just lost a dear friend.

It must be awful to be that person. :fluttershysad:

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