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Written in collaboration with a very close friend. Twilight Sparkle discovers at the last minute that her parents have arranged for her to marry Prince Blueblood! That's not all, there seems to be more to the marriage than first meets the eye, and the consequences leave a whole heap of responsibility on Twilight and her friends' laps that they may not be able to handle!

Whacky, adventurey, explorey yada yada shenanigans.

Chapters (3)
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But, but, what about... :twilightangry2: Sorry Twilight, I'll behave!

Very entertaining start! And Blueblood with some depth, who would have thunk it?

I feel sorry for her a bit.:ajsleepy:

"Night Light and Twilight Twinkle?" Pinkie Pie wandered outloud. <- "Night Light and Twilight Twinkle?" Pinkie Pie wondered out loud.

Poor Twilight.

Shit just got real....


Whacky, adventurey, explorey yada yada shenanigans. hmmm... ->read later:twilightsmile:


I want them to be happy together but at the same time I want Blueblood to burn in Tartarus's deepest pit.

Interesting idea, and you've presented it quite well. Your portrayal of Blueblood is very interesting. I'll be tracking this.

Oh, it's very nice to see this scenario without having Blueblood make a complete 180 in character. I've been bouncing this idea around on a number of boards for about half a year now, and I had yet to see any author make him express this very sentiment: "I like my life easy, so the very last thing I want is for the mare I'm being set up with to hate me." I think that nails him perfectly. It's clear that he can be charming if he wants to, but in many cases, he just doesn't. Twilight herself probably has little to no experience with physical affection from handsome guys (who aren't her brother); we'll have to see how she deals with it. She did say she didn't like the eroticism found in Red Midnight, but the real thing is a tad different than the book one.

It's going to be interesting to see whether her friends and family, in an effort to keep Twilight's husband-to-be in check, make things so uncomfortable in turn that it affects her life right back... Or sours things amongst themselves. After all, Shining Armor, in his position as Captain of the Royal Guard, is obligated to step in if anypony attacks a member of the royal family (a good thing too they could hold him back; I doubt the Princesses'd take a breach of trust like harming their nephew lightly, even if he is an ass)

It's moving a long a little quickly, but it's understandable if you want to establish the premises as soon as possible.

There's a question I'd like to ask you: In preparing for this story, did you try not to look at the works of other writers regarding this topic? I always wonder if reading as little as possible about how others have handled an idea is the right way to work out your own approach, or if it's better to do the opposite?

I'm lovin it, top of my keeping track list. Keep up the great work!

W-What is this? Blueblood written with realistic character depth? IMPOSSIBLE, I SAY!

Incidentally, I notice there is no "romance" tag. Care to explain? :rainbowwild:

In all seriousness, this is a wonderful idea, and brilliantly executed so far. I had to wipe away tears from my eyes at some points because I was laughing so hard. (Oh god, Twilight's dad will never live this down, will he?)

No one's OOC, especially Blueblood. There's a nice balance of self-importance and genuine courtesy there, and I love that you've written him in such a way that he's still a sort of regal jerk, but that's not ALL he is. Well done!

I eagerly await the next chapter!

988162 I actually didn't know if other fics like this existed, and was worried that I'd be considered a copy-cat or something.

I am a little worried because next chapter I intentionally speed things up very fast to get to the real meat of the story, and I worry some things will be lost in translation. Either way, working on chapter 3 right now, I'm proud of what I've come up with.

Haha! I'm not the only one who likes Bluelight shipping!:pinkiegasp: No longer forever alone!

But seriously, I like how you've portrayed Blueblood in this story. Still a bit of a snob but some decent character traits other than 'being a jerk' and all that. Faved and upvoted!

A most interesting concept. I look forward to the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

I have not read a story plot quite like this one. I hope you can explore Blueblood and Twilight without changing either character too much.

As much as I want to, I'm afraid I can't assuage your fears. In the end, it'll come down to what it is you'll be speeding past.

Saw the author and knew it would be good - But this exceeded my expectations by a long shot!

I imagine that if Twilight becomes truly unhappy and her family is unwilling to shoulder the debt that backing out would bring, then Celestia could come up with some creative laws and taxes that would make the Blueblood's lives miserable until they fixed things... :trollestia:

Or make Equestria blow up in her face^^

It's a ruse, I would probably think he'll beat her the second their honeymoon starts.

Neither of them want to get married. I wonder if they are gonna come up with a plan together so they don't have to get married.
Although, I see Blueblood is following the 'Happy Wife = Happy Life' logic. Smart thinking. It was also nice to see some depth to his character.
In a nutshell, I have no idea which way you're gonna go with this story. Will Twilight and Blueblood get married, or will they decide to come up with a way out of it. Either way... I'M LOVING THIS STORY AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE! KEEP GOING!:pinkiehappy:

Sweet Celestia do I love you Peroth, I'm gonna watch you as an author now and forever. After some thinking I realised that growing pains is a mathematically perfect fic for me, and this is going in a very interesting direction. Is Blueblood's reason for dumping Rarity because he is actually high maintenance (I have doubt of this since that doesn't fit the kind of character you're making him), or the standard explanation for fics where he's not a bad guy of seeing Rarity as some kind of excessive romantic and trying to let her down gentle, or possibly even something new and better? Is Blueblood as good as he seems? Damn son(/daughter), this fic got so many unanswered question's it's almost a cliffhanger.

Definetly a fic that warrants some more chapters.

Formatting snaffle. The final third is in bold, you need to close a tag somewhere.

Bwahahaha. Oh this is perfect. Queen Twilight in a realm near chaotic and wild magics. Will the elements be going with her too I wonder.

I'm disappointed in all of Twilight's friends and relatives. They know she's going to be unhappy and they do nothing. Not attempts to find a loop hole, no trying to convincing anybody to try and change their mind, and no attempts to sabotage the wedding.

November Rain - Guns n' Roses

This is all I got. And aren't relations in marriage "(blank)-in-law" rather than "step-(blank)"?

Looking forward to super powered Fluttershy.

I'm finding the interaction between Twilight and Blueblood to be somewhat cute, neither really wanted this but they are doing their best to make the most of it.

I gotta hand it to ya, this a promising story. :ajsmug:
I have track this.:twilightblush:

Well Twilight's pretty good at organizing, so I guess this can't go too bad right?:unsuresweetie:
*recalls the parasprite infestation :twilightoops:
Well, they're doomed,:twilightsheepish:

Wow, I would have thought you'd wait a bit for the wedding. Great chapter though.

Does Fluttershy really get super powers, or was that just a joke?
Anyway, I'm glad that Twilight and Blueblood got married. It is going to be really interesting reading how their marriage goes. Both the awkwardness of it, as well as, hopefully, maybe them actually developing feelings for each other over time. Its also fun to read about Prince Blueblood maybe improving his personality over time, maybe with Twilight's help. Maybe Twilight could also teach him to improve his magic while they're married.
This is a great story and I can't wait to read more!

I'm not seeing many similarities with Growing Pain's at all (Thus far, the one I've found is them getting a castle.)

But thus far, It's a good interesting. I wish you luck with the following chapters with both stories, and look forward to what comes next.

Fluttershy with superpowers? :rainbowkiss:
Can't wait to read more.

Wonder if Twilight's going to like being a trophy wife.

I personally can not see Twilight ... submitting .. to anything as important as an arranged marriage. :twilightangry2:
All the guards forcing a dress on her? the element of magic? Oh she could take em! without even trying hard.
After she throws a few of them into walls the rest should learn their lesson and keep hooves off Twili. :twilightsmile:

I agree. IMHO Arranged marriages are no less than legalized rape. With an illusion of choice. :pinkiesick:

In a place where love is so highly valued, you'd think forcing someone to marry would be considered anathema. Maybe if someone just went to the press and said that her family was being forced into this or be crushed by debt, it would shame the Blueblood's and force them to back off.


And it gets worse when you consider that she'll have to end her time in Ponyville because she has a state to run (although I bet Blueblood's father will hold the real power) and won't have time to visit.

The Elements of Harmony depend on her and her friends' friendship to work and everyone is just going to let them drift apart.

I have to ask: would Celestial potentially compromise her nation's security by letting part of her main weapon against dark gods and invaders leave the other parts in another location? Any leader stupid enough to let this happen should be overthrown for their incompetence.

Even worse (for me anyway) was when Celestia told her that the most important thing she could do was have babies.
Element of magic? Powerful sorceress? Most powerful unicorn in the last thousand years? meh ...
"Go have pretty babies!" ...
thanks Celly ...

1030611 Not really. Even when you're married, it's still illegal to force your spouse to have sex with you without their consent. So even though Blueblood and Twilight are married now, he still can't have sex with her unless she agrees to it. I agree that aranged marrages are wrong, but I wouldn't call them legalized rape.

1031650 But if there is ever trouble, Twilight can just teleport back to Equestria.

The places that allow aranged marriages also allow for the husband to force the wife to have sex. It is built into the contract. The marriage is not complete until the sex happens. The female has no choice in the matter.
I do not want to be an ass but what do you think Consummate the Marriage means?
The religions that practice arranged marriages tell the female that it is their responsibility to god and their husband to have sex anytime the husband wants it. Legalized rape? .. how about ... Institutionalized rape?

The original concept of the story sounded Funny! Comedy tag right?
Blueblood (fimfic's biggest D-bag) in an arranged marriage with Twily? Heck i aint watched Ranma in ten years! (i loved it!)
Then everyone decided to go along with the drunken mistake that Twilight's father made. Not a comedy anymore! not so much funny as tragic. Twilights life is no longer hers to live by her own choices. Her father suddenly has the power to give away her life, to force her to live a life not of her choosing.
no one tries to get out of it. no one tries to change things. Most try to tell Twilight that marrying a complete stranger is the best thing to ever happen to her and get upset when she is not happy enough to suit them.
Word of Celestia? "Live with it Twilight because its not going to change."

Why is everybody so sure that I'm going to have Twilight raped...?

Its the whole "arranged marriage" thing that gets me.
A fathers drunken mistake drastically alters his daughters life and he refuses to sacrifice his pride to protect his daughter. At any point (until Blueblood sr. started spending massive amounts of money) he could have stoped the whole process. Did he? Nope.Pride. He threw his daughter to the Bluebloods to keep his. Did he tell anyone so they could find a way to stop it? His wife? Son? His daughter? (heck the Blueblooods had to tell her!)
It was funny in Ranma because the (eventual) couple had years of adventures to get to know each other (and eventually did fall in love on their own). Two days and lack of choice makes me a sad panda.

I am not saying that things wont turn out well in the end. Blueblood at least is not all that bad.
the "drunken decision/mistake" forced on an innocent girl kinda rubs me the wrong way.


To be fair the story is very well written ( with a few basic assumptions about people blindly accepting arranged marriages).
One measure of a well written story is getting an emotional response from the readers. You know what? You did just that!
In Spades! :heart:
From the very beginning i wanted Twily to go all "Nightmare Twilight" on her father and dad Blueblood.
Maby she could go "Molestia-Twilight" pick both of them up by their horns and tell them "Prepare Your Anus!" :twilightsmile:

1040814 I have a plan and don't want to lollygag, and I'm intentionally moving things so quickly so they'll have a difficult time to react. There will be plenty of dissent later, trust me. I just needed to get the marriage out of the way.

i will trust you and keep reading.
I just want to see the Twily who single hoofedly challenged Nightmare Moon.
The Twilight that was the last holdout against Discord (all she needed to break Discords spell was a reminder of herself. Everyone else needed a spell to free them.)
The Twilight who stood up to everyone including Celetia, when she knew that something was wrong with Cadance.
The Twilight who stands up for what she believes in even when gods and goddesses stand in her way.
soooo ... no more Passive Twily. please? :twilightsmile:

1041213 Equestria's not in danger. None of her friends are being harmed. This is stupid laws at work.


Do you mean that Physically or Metaphorically? :twilightoops:


I think it's nice. Sure, Twilight's father acted a bit idiotic, and Duke used it well, but can you blame him? His son has potential but wastes it without good friend he can talk to, smart discussions and all that. Twilight is a perfect mare for him, so with little use of marriage laws and wine he ensures his future. Sparkle family will not be tricked either -they're nobility now, they've got money from Bluebloods and their daughter hardly suffers being wife.

For all those who think that arranged marriage is a rape - puh-leeze. It's just arranged marriage. For families to gain wealth and prestige. Love and pleasantries between mare and colt depend on them only. Stop demonizing Blueblood.

And Twilight is not passive. She just bid her time to learn more about everything and everyone, laws and Blueblood, instead of just rushing blindly with flashing horn because that's who Twilight is. She makes checklists. She plans ans learns. Then she acts. Not sooner, not later, just in time.

Good fanfic. Definetly fav and thumbs up. :twilightsmile:

Honestly, I'm surprised Twilight didn't cause more damage than she did. That's not a criticism of the writing at all, I was just getting some very heavy Lesson Zero vibes combined with extreme rage and it could have gone oh so many ways.

Loved how she handled the door lock. :twilightangry2:

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