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Celestia and Luna are both suddenly reverted to their younger years. Centuries of wisdom and intelligence are muddled by confusing hormones and urges, and are forced off the throne thanks to a rule setting an age limit.

Can Celestia and Luna cope with being fifteen again?!

(Yes they can.)

What are their plans to reclaim the throne?!

(Hint: it's party like they don't care.)

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Written in collaboration with a very close friend. Twilight Sparkle discovers at the last minute that her parents have arranged for her to marry Prince Blueblood! That's not all, there seems to be more to the marriage than first meets the eye, and the consequences leave a whole heap of responsibility on Twilight and her friends' laps that they may not be able to handle!

Whacky, adventurey, explorey yada yada shenanigans.

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Twilight wakes up with a serious head-ache caused by her horn spontaneously growing due to a sudden increase in her magical power. Nopony seems to have an answer for it, but it has attracted the attention of an unusually powerful militant foreign nation intent on her capture and execution. When a string of events lands Twilight before Celestia's father himself he tasks her and her newfound magic with tying up some loose ends he'd left behind long ago, ultimately connecting with this foreign nation's goals. With their powerful enemy baring down on Equestria, intent on taking it in a stranglehold, Twilight and her friends have little other choice than to travel the world and hunt for the rest of Celestia's family and end several thousands of years worth of feuding to prevent the war coming to Equestria before they themselves are caught.

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