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Celestia and Luna are both suddenly reverted to their younger years. Centuries of wisdom and intelligence are muddled by confusing hormones and urges, and are forced off the throne thanks to a rule setting an age limit.

Can Celestia and Luna cope with being fifteen again?!

(Yes they can.)

What are their plans to reclaim the throne?!

(Hint: it's party like they don't care.)

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Gonna read it later, no time nao.

Ah. So brilliant. MUST MAKE MOAR!

I feel like I've read this before. Still funny the second time around.:rainbowlaugh:

...really? No one's done it yet? ...okay then.

Too young! Too young to rule the kingdom!

YES!! I've been waiting for this!

Keys To The Kingdom - Motorhead

I am thoroughly okay with this.

funny cute but why did they need virgins and why was luna speaking german hoping for sexcapades

And this is why you NEVER, EVER, take control of a country from multi-millennia old teenagers.


I love it. Please make more. :twilightsmile:

As I believe I said in the blog, sweet Celestia YES!:pinkiehappy:

Pretty interesting start.

TrollLuna.... oops..
Happy Luna and Happy Celestia are best Royal Sisters!
I will keep reading!

Freeeeee!!!!!! Go be Free!!!!

No more laws. No nobles!! Have fun signing bills till you die Blueblood.
Wait, shouldn't Cadence be next in line?

1209314 NO! Stop applying logic to my ill-concieved fanfiction. It complicates things.


Wait, isn't Candance Princess of the Crystal Kingdom, not Equestria?:rainbowhuh:

1210920 I have no idea. I haven't read shit on the new season.


Cadence winged unicorn
From another country and in equestrian on an exchange program till she is of age
On her extended honeymoon with sa
Bluebloods line is actually designated as next in line as descendants of the royal unicorns

There's so many ways blueblood taking the throne can make sense. You got this.

Furthermore as long as extreme pinkie shenanigans wit the princesses occur I'm happy. More pranks more!!!

Luna's excitement about using public restrooms is likely to wane after seeing the usual state they seem to be in. I love having the Hooves family as royal servants.

Moar, please?

Ha! With all the other stories out there they can finally catch a break! :twilightblush:
Hope to see how Celly and Woona take some off time to them selves! :twilightsmile:

Are we going to get more on this story? I enjoyed the first chapter greatly. Please continue with this.

Oh this is too good a start to NOT track this story. Oh man this is good.

Just because I used the other one for the last story of yours I finished reading you may have this matching gif.

"Mein Gott, I can shit in a public restroom now!"

BRB, LOLing forever.

I hope to see plenty of both Tia and Luna enjoying themselves, AND Blueblood eating lots of metaphorical crow.

Hang on a moment...does it specify FEMALE virgins over the age of 20? If not, can't they use Blueblood? I'm pretty sure he's too snooty to pay for it, and there's no other way this side of the sun he's getting any when he acts like that.

Are you planing on continuing this?:rainbowhuh:

Well, this is a fine cock up blueblood got himself into.

More of this.


1209823 Ah but Cadance can't rule both Equestria and the Crystal Empire at the same time

Surely blueblood met the over 20 virgin condition

5512396 he was able to pay somepony enough to take it away from him


Just found the story but sorry to see that it's inactive.

Fun idea and it's great to see Blue Blood get hoisted by his own petard so early in.

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